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Hinamatsuri Season 2: Is the eager wait finally over for all anime fans who were looking forward to the renewal of Hinamatsuri?

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Hinamatsuri Season 2 update:

Hinamasturi Season 2
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Hinamatsuri Season 2 is one such anime sequel that every anime fan is eagerly waiting for. Three years after the release of the first season we are finally seeing some ray of light for the sequel. The manga Masao Otake, on which the series was previously famous among anime lovers all over the world and after the release of the comic series, that too gained equal popularity and won millions of hearts. With the release of the eighteenth volume of the manga, the show makers will finally have sufficient content to make the anime sequel. And this news has made the die-hard Hinamatsuri fans go crazy.

What?? No Tomorrow Season 2 is CANCELLED? What about a spin-off series? All UPDATES are here!

This highly appreciated anime by Studio Feel was launched on April 6, 2018, in Japan. It was a slice of life comedy anime series which was adapted from Masao’s story. The first season of Hinamatsuri ran for twelve episodes. After becoming an overnight hit, the fans started insisting on font the season sequel. It has been three years since then and production has not yet given a final call which is making the fans all the more anxious.

Will Hinamtsuri Season 2 be renewed?

Hinamatsuri Season 2

The first season of Hinamatsuri managed to be a big hit globally. The viewers gave a very positive response and started demanding finamatsuri Season 2. Especially after getting premiered on Netflix, the series received worldwide exposure. The official team has not spilled any beans regarding Hinamatsuri season 2, neither have they canceled the sequel. Hence the fans are optimistic and are bouncing off the all for Hinamatsuri season 2.

The well-received anime series ran for twelve-episode where the first season covered the story of the first nine manga volumes. The season finale of the series ended at chapter 47 of volume 9. Hence it is expected that Hinamatsuri season 2 will pick the plot up right from there. Though the anime series did not cover all the chapters of all 9 volumes. Only 28 out of the 47 chapters were brought to life in the TV series. This was reported by Anime Daily.

Hinamatsuri Season 2 is expected to enfold 9 more volumes of the manga. Hence the manga must be published upto volume 18 for the sequel is to finally happen. The delay of the manga is one of the main reasons for the stalling of the series. Generally anime series have long intervals between their seasons contrasting to US TV shows who come up with a new season annually. It’s different in the anime world for that matter as most anime shows have a gap of three to five years between their season. So it’s only fair if Studio Feels decide on taking a little more time before beginning to produce the Hinamatsuri season 2.

It is for sure that Hinamatsuri season 2 will note canceled because, with the amount of success that the first season has attained, the makers are well aware the second season will also be extremely profitable for them. Apart from that, the demand from the end of the fans is very high too as numerous people have signed petitions for the renewal of this popular anime.

Why is the Hinamatsuri Season 2 delayed?

Hinamatsuri Season 2Masao Otake, the author and the illustrator of the manga has come up with the seventeenth volume and the eighteenth one seems to be on the way. The manga is assumed to continue for many more volumes in the future. The eighteenth volume was supposed to be published in March 2020 but was inevitably delayed. ThisMagnaa range had a very specific release pattern in the past i.e. two volumes each year at an interval of six months. Volume 18 and 19 were expected to be released in the year 2020 itself but to the disappointment of all the fans, none of them appeared. With the delay in the novel, the Hinamatsuri Season 2 was also stalled.

The very evident reason behind this hold-up was the recenCoronavirusus outbreak. Just like any other business or industry, the entertainment sector has also massively been affected by the pandemic, hence delaying all the pending releases. So naturally, the bring-out of the manga was also obstructed, but with the situation slowly recovering the release date might not be far away. After the release of the manga Hinamatsuri Season 2 might also get a green flag.

What is Hinamatsuri Season 2 all about?: Plot and Spoilers!

Hinamatsuri Season 2
Source: TheCinemaholic

The protagonist of the show, Yoshifumi Nitta is a mid-level Yakuza of Ashikawa-Gumi. His life is turned upside down when a girl from the future appears in his life out of nowhere without notice. She had some incredible psychokinetic powers and her name was Hina. Thereafter, post her mysterious appearance things began to change in the life of everyone who lived in the city. Things started to get even more out of hand when similar girls from the future started arriving in the city, either to take Hina back or stop her.

Now, Hinamatsuri Season 2 is likely to have a three years time lapse. It will be based on the plot of volume 10 and onwards of the manga. We will se Hina and Nitta moving to a new neighborhood posing as father and daughter. Hina becomes a high school student and might pick up a part-time job herself as well. On the other hand, Nitta tries to hide his identity as a Yakuza thug from people and focuses on being a single father to Hina.


The plot will take a very interesting and crazy turn when Hina meets her expected boyfriend Hitoshi Maeda. Coincidentally he too is a son of a Yakuza. Apart from the regular touch of comedy as we have seen in season 1, Hinamatsuri season 2 will bring a hint of romance and Yakuza action too. This makes the wait for Hinamatsuri season 2 all the more fun and exciting.

Hinamatsuri Season 2 release date

By the latest update, the creators of the series have not given any official date fir the release. The source material is ready with 19 volumes already out as of June 2021. Based on the current situation new episodes are not expected before 2022 or 2023. However, we are very very excited for season 2 just like you guys, and promise to let you know about any new updates regarding the same.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Will there be a season 2 of Hinamatsuri?

Yes, the sequel will be here soon with the source material of 19 volumes already out. Though the makers have launched no official statement regarding that, it is expected to be out by 2022 or 2023.

2.I s Hinamatsuri a good anime?

Viewers and critics all over the world have well appreciated the anime and it is highly praised by thousands of people.

3.I s Hinamatsuri a romance?

Season one is mainly based on comedy the season 2 will have a fair share of comedy, romance, and action.


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