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Tsugumomo Season 3: Everything you need to know about the most fascinating anime show and much more

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Tsugumomo season3 is the most awaited by anime fans and there is a possibility of the occurrence of the Tsugumomo season 3. Not confirmed yet. The show fundamentally revolves around a normal kid named Kazuya Kagami. One day he meets a beautiful young lady Tsukumogami Kiriha, his life turns upside down when he met her.

Kagami is an untouchable who tends to draw extraordinary powers towards him and accordingly he got a few orders from Kukuri, the divine force of the land. Kagami needs to overcome every one of the malicious powers to turn into an exorcist and in this manner, the fight took place between him and Kiriha.

To know more Kagami and his friends open a guides club at their school with the goal that they could discover more with regards to the powerful creatures. While researching he additionally had the option to reveal a significant plot to kill Kukuri. However the circumstances around were most exceedingly terrible, numerous young ladies from the school needed to join the Kagami Franny. #animecharacters #entertainment

Tsugomomo season 3

Tsugomomo season 3:

The second season of the show was debuted on the second of April 2020. It’s been over a year since we haven’t caught wind of the report on Tsugumomo season 3. Large numbers of the fans accepted that chief Ryoichi Kuraya will bring season 3 of the show extremely soon yet the assumptions are getting fizzled. Ryoichi Kuraya doesn’t have exceptionally incredible involvement with making anime. In any case, despite what is generally expected, Tsugu Tsugomomo was cherished by all the anime fans throughout the planet and that is the reason the makers brought the second period of the show. Presently the prevalence of this light light-hearted comedy is expanding step by step.

Characters that made the series special:

Kazuya Kagami- He is the protagonist in the show. Initially, he is like any other guy in the Japanese school with no specialties. He is considered not so ideal and similar to the crowd. But after meeting, Kiriha strange things started bumping into him, and finally decided to create a group where he would be the one whom other students would be seeking in case of any problem.

Kiriha- She is the second most important character in the plot. She is the spirit of Obi who has involvement in Kazuyu’s life. Kazuya is taken up as a servant for Kiriha to whom she does not give any chances. She is a mean, tempered spirit. She does take orders from anyone and always manages to fulfill her wishes. Her life is quite simple and sorted, she relaxes, plays games, and does not get bothered by anyone else.

Tsugumomo season 3

Kasumi Kagami- She is the elder sister of Kazuyu. She is overprotective of her brother which somewhere is not liked by Kazuya. She is seen in the plot running to her brother’s room by taking a frying pan or something. She shares a beautiful and special relationship with her brother.

Tsugumomo season 3


Kanaka Kagami- She is the mother of Kazuyu and Kasumi Kagami and the former owner of the obi Tsukumogami. She was an unprecedented exorcist of enormous force until a specific occurrence that brought about her being moved by an amasogi, turning into a variation simultaneously.

Tsugumomo season 3

Kukuri- she is the resident god of the land of the Hakusan shrine. Kanaka defeated Kukuri when he took his fight to the next level where he did not even bother to surpass the god. Many fans were scared if Kukuri would come back or not but she succeeded to make a back after her wounds were transplanted.

Tsugumomo season 3


Azami- Kazuyu Kagami created her, she is a black obi tsugomomo. She is an uncommon case among tsukemono in that she is isolated into equal parts, the two of which go about as isolated elements yet address the equivalent tsukemono Azami.


Season 1:
• Episode 1- The scent of cherry blossoms
• Episode 2- The library and the childhood friend
• Episode 3- Kukuri hime
• Episode 4- Trial of the land god
• Episode 5- Training
• Episode 6- Memories and childhood friends
• Episode 7- Kanayama- San
• Episode 8- A certain day in the Kagami Household
• Episode 9- Letter
• Episode 10- Nude in the futon
• Episode 11- Duel
• Episode 12- Partner

Season 2:-
• Episode 13- The trouble shooters’ office
• Episode 14- The false fiancee
• Episode 15- Shirou-Kun’s big day
• Episode 16- Swapped!
• Episode 17- Sunao and kotestu
• Episode 18- Mayoiga
• Episode 19- Versual the romantic quiz board game
• Episode 20- New club members
• Episode 21- Assassin’s
• Episode 22- Revolt
• Episode 23- Total war
• Episode 24- Decision


Tsugumomo season3 has been eagerly awaited by the large fan base of anime. Though there is no official statement about the release of the Tsugumomo season 3 as the second season ended it is quite clear that season 3 is on its way. The ending of the last season left everyone amused and the thirst for the new season became intense and fans are biting their nails while in wait for the Tsugumomo season 3.


Will Tsugomomo have season 3?

The season 1st was broadcasted in 2017 and the 2nd season after the wait of 3 long years in 2020 so it can be assumed that 3rd season is on its way.

Does Kiriha return?

It is confirmed that Kazuyu’s powers allowed her to set a comeback.

Does Kazuya get his memory back?

Yes, Kazuyu’smemory is regained and he appears to be at the same level if greater can’t be said as he was before his memory loss.

Who is the director of the Tsugumomo series?

Ryoichi Kuraya is the director of the Tsugumomo series.

Who gave the music in Tsugumomo?

 Yasuharu Takanashi gave the music in all the seasons of Tsugumomo and is expected to direct music in the next Tsugumomo season as well. Stay tuned for more updates and much more. 

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