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Baka and Test Season 3 Confirmed for 2022! Release date and Spoilers

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Baka and Test is a Japanese novel series by Kenji Inoue and illustrations done by Yui Haha who got fame after the manga. Enterbrain has published 18 novels from January 2007 to March 2015. Out of the 18 novels, 12 were having the main story and 6 contained the side story collections. The making of The Baka and test season 3 is the topic of discussion.

The main setting of the novel has been set in Fumizuki academy which is not like any other typical Japanese High school rather it has classified students into different classes based on their academic results. Students were divided into classes from A-F. The classes were categorized in terms of the available facilities also.

Baka and test season 3

A class had the best of all the facilities including an air conditioner, huge spaces, fancy seats, etc. Whereas F was the least by the intelligence of the students and quality of the classes as well. F class had rotten tatami mats, broken tables, outdated equipment, and worn-out furniture. The school also permitted students to summons avatars like virtual beings. The power possessed by the students depended upon their academic scores. Students to gain more privileges used their beings against other classes via the school’s examination summon battle system.

Akihisa Yoshii is considered not so intelligent in the school which resulted from his seat being reserved in F class. Yuuji Sakamoto, one of Akihisa’s friends is also befitted in the same class which was a thing of relief to him. Another girl named Mizuki Himeji also falls in the same class despite being highly intelligent but the reason was the fever that happened to her on the day of the test by which she couldn’t perform the best out of her

The Baka and test would make a return on screen or not?

 The audience is waiting for the Baka and test season 3 for a very long time but they always got disappointment in their hand as no satisfactory statement is given by the makers. The previous seasons of the series led to the excitement for the Baka and test season 3. This show was in my personal view one of the best comedies of the time. The collection of compliments and appraisals says it is all about success. The good news for the viewers is that the makers haven’t canceled the Baka and test season 3 but on the contrary, have not even been convinced to make another shot. 

True fans of the anime are still waiting and are hopeful for the Baka and test season 3. The reasons assumed for not making the Baka and test season 3 is that the Silver Link Studio, the makers of the series are not left with much content to out it into a whole the Baka and test season 3 as they have shown in the previous seasons. 

Baka and test season 3

Baka and Test Season 3

The release date for Baka and Test’s third season has not yet been announced. However, we did give you some good news earlier this year when it was revealed that they would be returning after an extended break from animation!

I’m sorry to say there is also bad news in store–the show hasn’t given us any hint about what could happen next or when episodes might air so our guesswork isn’t helping anything here at all…

It’s been ten years since Full Metal Panic finally got its third season, and it is an miracle that they even began production on another one. The chances of this happening again are not zero but pretty unlikely due to how rare successful TV series have become these days with most getting canceling after two or three seasons under their belt nowadays

The likelihood may be small, yet we can still hope!

Current assumptions about the renewal of the Baka and test season 3?

For now, there are minimum chances of the return of the series with the Baka and test season 3 because of the limited content the makers are having, and also throughout these couple of years, the popularity of the show has degraded to some point. But as it is still not canceled, the fans of animes can still have a light of hope to stand 

Which character caught your eyes the most:

The characters of Baka and test are adorable, quirky, and are relevant to the storyline. It includes romance in the last of the series which would attract a keen audience. Anime has a large fan base but at the same has many do feel it is stupid and unrealistic. 

Baka and test season 3

 Akihisa-  He is considered to be the most idiotic character of the series. Though he is a kind-hearted person with a jolly nature and always wearing a smile on his face. In general, he is lazy but the moment his friends need him he becomes willing to do anything despite thinking of the consequences. It’s not like he doesn’t know about his idiotic behavior but he prefers to live a carefree life. He uses his nerves when he finds his friends in trouble. He possesses pure heartedness and is an honest personality which sometimes takes him down to the troubles. 

Baka and test season 3


Mizuki Himeji- She is one of the main female leads in the Baka and test. She is a student at Fumizuki Academy in the class with Akihisa Yoshii and friends i.e. class F. Mizuki is a well-behaved and mannered girl and she was the first love of Akihisa since their elementary school. She liked him back but was unaware of the feeling to be termed as love or not. But she got the assurity after the summoning exams. 

 Mizuki in the Baka and test is simple and easy to handle the girl. She gets in others’ words easily. Initially, she thought that Akihisa was doing everything out of his humble nature which took her too much time to realize that it was in fact out of love. She is very new to this love thing so she is out of the blame. 

The second season of the Baka and test showed the kiss between Akihisa and Nomani Shinanda which turned Mizuki into anger as she wanted to be the one to exchange the kiss with him. Being kind at heart Mizuki in the entire Baka and test series gets easily jealous whenever there is any female around Akihisa. Mizuki can not handle alcohol so she easily loses control over herself.

Baka and test season 3

Minami Shimada- Minami in the Baka and test is a tsundere personality which means a person who is soft-hearted and caring from inside but tries to portray herself as strict and violent. So she is one of those kinds of personalities. 

Her summoned being is shown wearing a military outfit. Her shoukanjuu, the summoned being acts less like her own self. In a scene in the Baka and test, she attacks Akihisa to restrict her feelings from coming out. This was against the nature of Minami where she never wanted to hurt Akihisa. 

Baka and test season 3

Yuuji Sakamoto- He is a dear friend to Akihisa. He is more intelligent than his other classmates and is the one who plans all the strategic ideas for the battles. Despite being an intelligent student how did he fall into class F? The answer to this is he has a laid-back personality which doesn’t allow him to study for the placement test and eventually had to settle in class F. But through the Baka and test series, his grades are seen improving because of some events. His personality also included the traits of kindness and compassion. 

Fans can show their love in multiple ways:

As fans are not getting any clear response from the makers of the Baka and test about the Baka and test season 3, they have filed petitions in the court to know the current status whether there would be any renewal or not. It is hard for a true fan to wait for so long for their favorite show but they are still doing it and are relying on the very last hope. Hope you all get a lot of details in Baka and test season 3, If you want to know more about Baka and test season 3 just comment below. We will update more articles about Baka and test season 3. 


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