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When she found out her dead husband was cheating on her! Click to read the whole story!

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Will and Elle are known to be the best pair among all the other couples in society. People give them the term “Perfect Couple.” 

But are they one? There is a famous quote which is somewhat like “All the glitters are not gold.” which is entirely relatable to the so-called perfect duo. 

Let’s read about them!

The “Perfect” Will and Elle 

Will and Elle live in one of the residential areas of Paris which are also known as ‘City of Love’. They are married for 15 years but unfortunately, no kids until now. They do all the things that every couple do; Live together, eat together and sleep together. When Will goes for office, he will hug Elle before going, and Elle smiled back at her. They never fight and always look happy. 

Neighbours and their family members were pleased looking at the pair. 

Death of Will 

Unfortunately, Will died after one month of their 15th anniversary. He had stomach cancer, and it diagnosed at the fourth stage. Elle was devastated. She stopped talking to her family and friends. They tried to keep a check on her, but it all goes into the vein. She then started to suffer from bipolar depression, making her situation even worse. She was left all alone in the house. Maybe, if she had a kid, the pain would be felt less, but now nothing could be done. 

But one day, it all changed. Everything changed. 

She was cleaning Will’s wardrobe and found something surprising. Elle couldn’t control her tears. Were her tears because she was missing her or for some other reason? 

A perfect couple

While cleaning the wardrobe, Elle found a blue box. She was shocked when she opened up that item. WILL WAS CHEATING ON HER! 

The box contains the pictures and letters of a girl named ‘Michelle’. Elle has met Michelle quite a few times as she works in Will’s office. Will introduced both of them. He told Elle that she is her coworker, and we both works on the same project. But there is more than a mere coworker. There are a lot of solo pictures of Michelle and duo pictures of them getting cosy with each other. The letters contain all their chats which were full of “I love you’s”, “Secret places to meet” etc. 

Elle switched on his laptop and logged in his email account where she found more of their texts. Few of them were intimating. 

She was numb. She loved Will more than anything, and this is what she gets in return. 

She tried to contact Michelle after that, but she got the news that she left Paris and there is no information about her where she is. 

Elle life afterwards 

Elle was indeed surprised and devastated. She didn’t know what to do. But maybe this became a turning point for her. She realised that she ignored the clues as well as her gut feeling. There were times when Will came late from the office and acted strangely. There were times when he used to hit Elle when she tries to read her emails. She used to ignore that because she felt that she is doing wrong. 

Elle realised that few of it were her faults as well. She was ignoring her instincts because she loved Will a lot. 

Now, Elle came back into her senses, of course, it took a lot of time, but she is fine now. She started writing again, which she used to a long time ago. Not only this, but Elle also began teaching in a school in her neighbourhood. She is now financially as well as mentally stable. However, she still doesn’t have an answer to “If Will loved her or not?”

( This is a work of fiction)

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