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The Emmys: Reese Witherspoon shares about her dress code with Kerry Washington on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”. Click here to know the details

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The Covid-19 pandemic has already affected our life and the biggest hit is on the entertainment industry. But this could not stop the celebrities from enjoying their “The Emmys” Award show. Like every year, the show is going to take place but in a different style. Jimmy Kimmel, the show’s producer as well as the host has shared his emotion and announced that this is going to be one of the best.

But before all these, the excitement has already begun in “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show. This included Reese Witherspoon along with Kerry Washington who was serving as the guest host. The Jimmy Kennel who is also the host of the upcoming award show brought Kerry to continue the live program in his absence.

The Emmys: When it will happen?

The Emmys like every year is going to happen during the month of September. As per now, the date has been finalized on 20th September 2020. The producer, Jimmy Kimmel revealed that the show is going to take place virtually and everyone will be shooting live from their room. Jimmy even clarified that there is no need to come to Microsoft Theatre in LA, rather the best camera and lighting will be provided for shooting.

The Emmys: Dress code

Every time the audiences used to enjoy the award show from the comfort of their home. But for the first time, the nominees and the guest are going to attend “The Emmys” from their preferred place. As per the report, although the dress code is set as “formal” but there are no strict policies. Anyone who is joining the live at the late hour is free to wear whatever he/she likes.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Reese talks

Reese Witherspoon who is an American actress, producer and entrepreneur was present at Jimmy Kimmel Live. She was accompanied by her co-star Kerry Washington who is also hosting this live program in Jimmy’s absence. The show which was held on 17th August revolved around the upcoming award show and the dress code. As “The Emmys” is going to be virtual, Kerry asked Reese what she is going to wear. Reese who knows nothing about the show except about the host reveals that she has not decided anything.

This live program was conducted by Kerry Washington and both of them were missing Jimmy who went for a vacation.

Reese definitely knows how to make the show interesting in Jimmy’s absence and hence clarified if they can wear “pajamas” on 20th August. She believes this is going to be a different experience for everyone as all of them will be sitting behind their screens.

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