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Tsurezure Children Season 2: The hardcore rom-com fans are in for a treat and much more things you shhould know that in this season

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Tsurezure Children or Tsurezure Children Season 2 is on your watchlist? Are you in for a heart-throbbing rom-com that would put you through a laughing rollercoaster and a temporary but amazing state of UwU? Tsurezure  Children is for you. With a whole lot of characters and a whole lot of sub-stories, you’re in for a treat from the first episode.

Tsurezure Children Season 2 Character

The story revolves around a bunch of teenage high-school-going characters with personalities all across the spectrum. We have Akagi Masafumi, the extrovert, mixed-emotional school president with a good heart who falls for Ryouko Kaji, a delinquent who smokes, never gave a crap about her exams and now she is focused and willing to go college if it is with Akagi.

Or a classic example of tsundere, With Kana Ijima, being a sassy awkward when it comes to physical touch but eager to have a start and Chiaki Uchumira, weird, definitely not Kana’s type but loving and warm and at the end makes you smile. They go through tough times and after the tears, they end up going on a date again.

Takeru Gouda is tight, intense, and always overdoing everything but did manage to get a special moment with his love Ayaka Kamine, who is the opposite, needy, scared of messing things up but adorable. Chizuru Takano is apathetic and a stranger to love but feels her chest when she later sees her classmate Takurou Sugawara, who liked her back but kept his distance for the fear of losing her as a friend.

Love goes through a million colors in this show with tons of interconnected but separate stories which would make you realize that love, does exist. From sassy to soft to mesmerizing, you would get butterflies every second. Although this breaks the usual norm and pattern of flowing of a generic anime, the untraditional and warm would make you want to be in the place of those characters.

Other Characters Tsurezure Children Season 2-

Furuya Jun: From getting annoyed at his crush, to being the class representative of class 2-1 and a member of the broadcasting club, Yuki Minagawa is the epitome of a male tsundere and a classic example of hot and cold.

Tsurezure Children Season 2
Jun Furuya in his classic blush

Credit: Zerochan


Yuki Minagawa: When she is not teasing Jun, she is making sure to confuse him further and further about his feelings for her and of course, love him. “I like you. I like you. I like you.” In three separate accents and ways, she tells Jun that she loves him and doesn’t.

Tsurezure Children Season 2
Yuki Minagawa

Credit: Fandom-wiki

Hosokawa Kazuko: All over Katori Shinichi, whom she fell for after he saved a kitten from a tree, this duo is comedic. Love with a twist of laughs always cheers up the mood of anyone around and these two certainly do a great job.

Katori Shinichi: The president of the drama club, which he proves spontaneously but perfectly, and appears whenever love advice is needed, he fits his title of the God of Affection. His duo with Kazuko is something to fall for.

Tsurezure Children Season 2
The drama infused duo of Kazuko (right) and                                        Katori (left)

Credit: Reddit

Satsuki Sasahara: She joins the astronomy club for her senior or senpai and shrugs every day with the “I like you”. Her senior is pretty apathetic but ends up confessing to her in the very first episode as they watch the stars for the final time. Sad, because the senior Hideki Yukawa ends his final year of school and goes off to college, leaving behind Satsuki as the only member of the club

Tsurezure Children Season Two
Satsuki Sasahara with a friendly-with-a-twist smile.
                             Credit: Youtube


Tsurezure Children, See its Stunning Cast and crew and much more. All the latest updates of 2021!

News about Tsurezure Children SEASON 2?

Tsurezure Children Season Two Credit: MyAnimeList


The first-ever episode dropped on July 4th, 2017, and ended on 19th September. It has a ton and tons of reference material to form newer seasons to drop and the fanbase is eager to know more of the stories of our characters including their future life, the funny moments of course, and the awkwardness which ensues and in the end, love.

My estimation would be around mid or late 2022 to 2023. It can be wrong and it can drop earlier or would take longer. Studio Gokumi aired 12 episodes and the likelihood of abandonment and adaptation by another studio isn’t zero. Fans have their fingers crossed at release.

What to like about Tsurezure Children SEASON 2?

As mentioned before, it mixes two very popular genres of rom-com and drama into one in a 12 minute per episode banger which is pretty underrated. Supporting characters play an important role in some scenes where you feel that yes finally they fixed their relationship, it’s gonna be okay. If you have been into rom-com young adult novels and are new to the anime, as in, not willing for a long-term commitment and still trying stuff, then you’ve found the best ones.

Every character in the show understands the necessities of consent, not being overbearing and basically, they aren’t toxic. The show is on the soft side and you can almost watch it with your parents, or with your friends.

You may find a sense of relativeness to some characters, with extrovert-outgoing to introvert-awkward personalities all mixed in a soup of amazingness. It might serve as a nice stepping stone before you venture deep into the anime world.

Conclusion Tsurezure Children SEASON 2

In the end, I would suggest you watch Tsurezure Children at least once because it’s short and it’s amazing. Every episode would take you on a separate perspective on love and how things work out between teenagers but in a friendly and less sexual way. Something I enjoyed watching.

Tsurezure Children Season 2 might be a farfetched idea but it’s worth hoping for. Fingers crossed and stay tuned for more updates.

Hope you all find a lot of things about Tsurezure Children Season 2 If you want to know more about Tsurezure Children Season 2 just comment below we will upload more articles about Tsurezure Children Season 2.

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