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One of Worlds Richest DJs!!! Skrillex Net Worth of 70 million , Income, Lifestyle and everything you need to know about incredible millionair DJ.

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Skrillex Net Worth 2021: $ 70 Million!!!

Skrillex Net Worth

Skrillex Net Worth? Here you can find every detail about the life and income of American Electronic DJ and producer “Skrillex”. Skrillex’s Net Worth is estimated to be around 70 million dollars. This famous American artist is expected to earn up to 20 Million dollars every year without taxes and a license to travel. Apart from making his music Skrillex has also produced some enormously successful songs for huge artists such as Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga, Diplo, etc. He has also earned a huge amount of money by investing in real estate. All these are the reasons behind Skrillex’s Net Worth. In this article you can find out how Skrillex Net Worth of $70 million was built, his lifestyle, career, etc.

Check out the below article to know Skrillex’s Net Worth, Salary, Earnings, Houses, biography, etc.

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Skrillex Net Worth | Salary per month | Earnings overviews:

Skrillex Net Worth

  • Sales Record of 2014 – Approximate income from the album Recess is $65,000
  • How much he earned in 2013 – $16 Million
  • Sales Record of 2012 – Approximate income from the album Make It Bun Dem is $573,000
  • Sales Record of 2011 – Approximate income from the album Skrillex is $824,000
  • Sales Record of2010 –Approximate income from the album Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites is $2,400,000

Skrillex was Clicked on the 2nd of June in 2015, at his Los Angeles California Home.

Who is Skrillex?



Sonny John Moore, professionally known as Skrillex is an American Disc Jockey (DJ), Musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer who started in early 2004. Initially, during the beginning of his career, this popular American DJ was a part of the Post-hardcore group ” First to last “.  He recorded 2 albums from First to last. His solo career kicked off in 2007 When he embarked on his first tour and supported another artist on their tour. Some of those artists were All Time Low, The Rocket Summer, etc.

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He released his first solo studio project in 2009 using the real name Sonny John Moore. After that, he came up with his stage name Skrillex. After that Gypsyhook was released by him and he went on to four more. His only studio album “Recess” was released in 2014. This album turned out to be a hit and successfully secured number 4 position on the US Billboard chart among many other international charts. It was a debut for Skrillex on the US Billboard. Thanks to his word he is a winner of 8 Grammy awards and 2 MTV Video Music Awards and a Skrillex net worth of $70 million.

How Did He Get So Rich and Build a Skrillex Net Worth of $70 million?

Skrillex net worth

The reason behind his wealth is not only his solo career but also his involvement in duo and band music. Besides “From First to Last”, in 2012 he formed a side project with the Boys Noize titled “Dog Blood”. In the early 2010s, the duo released three extended plays since their formation. Later on, Skrillex formed another duo with his friend Diplo. They created two Jack U together. They also appeared in the “Mad decent Block party” during their first debut performance.

Few years into his career Skrillex became even more wealthy. That is because in the mid-2000’s he started portraying his talents by performing in concerts and tours, most notably the Vans Warped Tour. He came up with his stage name name “Skrillex” in 2008 as he started producing new projects.  After one year, his debut studio project was released, which had an extended play called Gypsyhook. Then he released his next EO by the name My Name is Skrillex in June 2010, which is another reason why his popularity was so highly boosted.

What made him so famous to bring up Skrillex’s Net worth of $70 million?


Skrillex Net worth is $70 million which means he must extremely good at what he does and is strategic about his career. He earned his popularity by becoming such an artist who changed the perspective of the dubstep genre and rendered it to become more mainstream. In early 2010 he was invited to a hard-core concert.

A few months after that he became a part of the post-hard-core group and “From First To Last” and became their lead singer. When he was with the band “From First to Last” he recorded two albums- “Dear dairy my teen angst has a body count” and “Heroine”. Both the albums were showered with positive reviews and the sophomore even made it to the charts.  It entered into the famous US Billboard 200 with a number 25 and it was on top of the US Heatseekers for several weeks.

What Makes Skrillex Net worth So High & Successful?

The DJ Skrillex started to became popular towards the beginning of  2010 after he found his groove and began releasing new music. Towards the end of 2010, his symbolic hit single was released and it was called the Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. This song was made into the single lead his second extended play, and this was also released in the same year. This particular EP  became his debut project to make it to multiple international charts in many different countries and collected an RIAA platinum certification for selling almost a million units.

It was because of the EP Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, Skrillex also bagged his first two awards – “Best Dance Recording Grammy Awards and “Best Dance/Electronica Album” for the same. All through the next few years of his life, three more EPs were released by him, a lot of which earned various platinum and gold certifications in different countries all over the world. His debut studio album Recess was at last released by the record producer in March 2014. For further promotion of his album, Skrillex started on an international tour, while continuing to make appearances in festivals and events on the other hand. The EP “Show Tracks” is his most recent project that was released in July 2019.

This is what makes Skrillex net worth so high and the musician so successful.

Skrillex Personal life and Real estate:

Skrillex real name was Sonny John Moore and he was born in Los Angeles, California on 15Th January 1988. He then took up the stage name Skrillex and that is what he is better recognized as. A family friend of his parents adopted him when he was born and he came to know about it when he was 15.

Skrillex builds a 1200 sq foot house on a land of 11 acres. With a stunning view of the pacific ocean, this home has six bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a cinema, a gym, and a lot more. The real estate business also plays a part in Skrillex’s Net worth is so high.

Frequently asked questions:

What is Skrillex net worth?

70 million

How much does Skrillex make per show?

He performed many live shows last year and earned an average of $291,000 a pop.

Is Skrillex a millionaire?

Skrillex net worth is 70 million dollars.

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