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Would Mirai Nikki Season 2 appear on the screen soon or the fans will have to wait for longer?

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Mirai Nikki season 2 expectations:

Mirai Nikki season 2

Mirai Nikki is also known as Future Diary is an anime series that can be handled by those who do not feel put out by graphic nudity and the outrageous scenario. Mirai Nikki is a whole package that includes action, comedy, drama, horror, mystery, and much more. Mirai Nikki season 2 is according to our best assumption has fewer possibilities of coming into existence because of the ending of season 1 which has concluded the story somehow. It has been dubbed in English and those who are willing to watch can watch it on Funimation or Crunchyroll. 

Mirai Nikki Season 2 Plot summary:

The main character of the show is Yukiteru Amano who is an introverted personality and usually spends his time writing a diary on his cellphone. He has an imaginary friend whose name is Dues Ex Machina, the god of time and space. Yukiteru is a 14 years old teenager who writes about his daily events in a diary. He also befriended Dues’ assistant Muru Muru. These were the only ones to whom Yukiteru felt comfortable.

Dues turn his cellphone into a Future Diary which could predict the future upto 90 days. Yukiteru finds that he is not the only one in the game but there are other 11 also in the survival game constructed by Dues. The game was planned to decide who will be the next god of time and space after Dues and that could prevent the apocalypse.

There was another classmate of Yukiteru who was protecting him whose name was Yuno Gasai who was a kinda psychopath who used to stalk Yukiteru because of an event that took place a year ago.
There were some other major players in the survival game. Mineme Uryu was a terrorist who wanted to destroy all the regions after the death of her parents in a faith-fueled war.

Another was Keigo Kurusu who was a police officer who wanted to end the game. Later in the game, Kurusu betrays Yukiteru and Yuno after getting to know that his bedridden son was suffering from a fatal disease, and on the detection, he withdraws himself from the game out of shame.

The story goes on with many ups and downs but eventually leads Yukiteru and Yuno to be the gods of the second world and get started to fulfill their promise to go to stargazing with each other which they made a year ago.
The story is quite interesting and pulls us into its dark life by the very talented characters. The way story has been presented with innovative violence and a bold and loud form, has made its place in the audience’s hearts and therefore fans are demanding and waiting for Mirai Nikki season 2.

Sometimes it happens that when we enter into something dark and supernatural there are chances that one stops making sense to the other. Some same stuff has happened with the Mirai Nikki as well which I think has been stretched which was not much needed. Though it does not affect the quality of the same a keen observer might find it a bit irrelevant in Mirai Nikki Season 2.

Mirai Nikki’s season 2 would stream or not?

Mirai Nikki season 2

The first season of Mirai Nikki streamed on October 9, 2011, and ended up on April 15, 2012. The first season had 26 episodes.
It can be assumed that Mirai Nikki’s season 2 was never on the list because as season 1 ended it wrapped all the plot along with it. The sequel of the show i.e. Mirai Nikki: Redial was quite enough to answer all the unanswered questions. Usually, the series which ended up with an epilogue does not possess more seasons. Mirai Nikki season 2 according to me has a very low rate of being streamed.

Is Mirai Nikki season 2 a dead end?

No, I would not say it’s a dead-end because it is not officially stated and unless an official statement from the makers does not pop the fans can still hold to hope of its release.

Lack of content in Mirai Nikki Season 2?

The part on which the first season ended seems that the content of the show has been rounded up and there is less scope of the content that can form an entire Mirai Nikki season 2. 


Personalities we were attached to:

Yukiteru Amano


Mirai Nikki season 2

He is the protagonist of the series and was the first to use the diary. He is a middle school student whose nature is quite introverted and he is anti-social. He loves expressing his thoughts by writing them in a cellphone diary instead of talking to anyone. He unknowingly becomes a part of the 90 days battle which is set up by Deus who was an imaginary friend of Yuki who turns out to be real and it gave Yuki a shock. He did not want to kill anyone or even be a part of the game but had to do to survive. This game was aimed at the new heir of the god Deus. Deus personally wanted Yuki to win.

Yuno Gasai

Mirai Nikki season 2

She is the female protagonist. She was the second to survive in the game. She was madly in love with Yukiteru Amano. She has a sweet, shy, and feminine personality. On the contrary, she also has a cold, dark side and bloodshed, and usually deals with situations in a violent method. She has lost her parents two years back before the starting of the game which is the main factor that has affected her personality. 

Mineme Uryuu

Mirai Nikki season 2

Mine also known as Ninth, is a fatal character in the series. She is a master in both offense and defense. She is the one who has the knowledge about all the types of bombs and she has been seen using those whenever she needed them to survive. She had a horrible childhood which has made her not believe in God at all and she is playing this game to remove even the name of God from society. She is quite powerful among all the contestants. 

Who should watch it?

My personal opinion of the show is that show possesses great characters and a storyline but the only thing I could marginalize is the ending parts of the series which seemed to be exaggerated to stretch the content. One should be strong-hearted to bear all these bloodshed scenes which are highly given importance in the Mirai Nikki Season 2.

Mirai Nikki season 2

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