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My Girlfriend is Shobitch: Worth a shot?? Good for 10 episodes?? Everything you need to know!

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My Girlfriend is Shobitch is a rather small anime with only 10 episodes.  So if you happened to stumble upon this article and My Girlfriend is Shobitch is on your list, this one is for you. Most animes that are smaller than 15 episodes tend to be either too good or too bad. My Girlfriend is  Shobitch is a… skeptic statement. Here is everything, including the plot, summary, characters, and much more, and spoiler alert!!

The plot of My Girlfriend is Shobitch

The story is based around Haruka Shinozaki, a shy guy who musters up the courage to ask out his long-time crush Akiho Kousaka. The problem comes on the part where Akiho doesn’t know how relationships work. Being the class representative, she was in habit of noting everything down, over-evaluating things, and overthinking stuff. The series is a comedy with sometimes subtle, sometimes clear sexual references and it can make you laugh and regret laughing at all.

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The Series is a stitched-together version of many sub-stories and it’s almost like a compilation of many stories. Haruka strives to contain the sexual perv around him but often fails and seeing his failure yet understanding and love towards all of his friends is enough for most people who like this genre. Keep in mind this is an ecchi and it is preferred to watch this either alone or with people who are comfortable with this genre.

My Girlfriend is a Shobitch
Still from My Girlfriend is a Shobitch


Haruka Shinozaki: Shy, calm, caring, and popular. Yet the embarrassment comes before him in different shapes and each time he shrugs it off. That’s how good of a character he is for an erotica comedy. He tries his best to be understanding and making sure his girlfriend doesn’t get distressed and tried to control the lust thrown around him. He has a younger sister and a childhood friend, whom he considers as an older sister and calls the same, that is, nee-san.

My Girlfriend is a Shobitch
Haruki Shinozaki in a still


Akiho Kousaka: Stiff, stoic but intense with her first boyfriend and willing to do anything to be the “ideal” girlfriend. Since she is new, an avid overthinker, she is easily influenced by other types of sexual traits around her and is pretty straightforward, which leads to his boyfriend jumping in to save her from misunderstandings. She was taught such things since she was a child and that is probably why she is so straightforward.

My Girlfriend is Shobitch
Akiho Kousaka in her first date


Shizuku Ariyama: Haruki’s childhood friend, lively, and very conscious of her body, Shizuki was seen as a sister to Haruki until recently when she developed romantic feelings for her childhood friend. She acts as a spice in the comedy with her being close to both Akiho and Haruki and often saying things that make stuff complicated for Akiho and frustrating for Haruki. In all sense, she is a great character and often proves to be in opposition to Akiho.

My Girlfriend is Shobitch
Shizuku Ariyama in a still from My Girlfriend is Shobitch


Kanata Shinozaka: Haruki’s younger sister has a brother complex and often shows jealousy whenever he is around other girls. She can be seen wearing cat ears and messing around in the school. She loves when her brother pats her on the head.

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My Girlfriend is Shobitch
Kanata from the first few episodes of My Girlfriend is Shobitch

Reviews of My Girlfriend is Shobitch

Honestly, this is one of those series that would make you chuckle and occasionally bursting out laughing before regretting and contemplating everything. The sexual references do not go out of the way with almost no nudity shown and the ones shown are censored. It’s worthy of a one-time watch and if you’re into the genre maybe twice or thrice too.

Some clips in the series may and would trigger you but that’s just the part of the fun. Several characters are shown to be perv but are well-written. In parts the jokes become excessive and it gets overwhelming but in the end, it all comes down to whether you like this genre or not. It has received equal amounts of love and hatred for various things from the public but the show goes on.

It also portrays a few characters visibly biromantic or bisexual and occasionally even homoromantic. Slight references to the love between MLM and WLW but it is not quite sure whether it diversifies them or stigmatizes them since the reception varies from fan to fan and viewer to viewer

In a gist, My Girlfriend is  Shobitch is a great and decent ecchi-comedy with a strong main and jokes that aren’t necessarily bad.

It is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video

Season 2 for My Girlfriend is Shobitch?

Season 1 of My Girlfriend is Sho bitch aired from October 12 to December 13, 2017, and since then there has been no news regarding My Girlfriend is Shobitch Season 2. The manga was public from 2015 to 2019 and there were eight volumes with the sixth one being limited edition. For the first season, the studios used about half of the source material. So there can be a season 2 but the Diomedea Studios have been pretty hush about season 2, whether about its renewal or total cancellation.

It received a rating of just 6.28 on MyAnimeList and as mentioned before, it got a lot of mixed responses whether from the common public, fans, or critics. This could also affect season 2 of the series. Fingers crossed at whether the show will be released or canceled. Personally, it wouldn’t affect me much in whatever the outcome may be, but whether you’re a fan or someone who loves the ecchi genre, fingers crossed.

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