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Free! Season 4 and all latest updates when it’s released date and the cast, plot, and alll things

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Free! is Japan’s one of the most famous and admired sports anime series. The series is based on the light novel and both have been running together since July 13. The anime has had 3 seasons yet and 2 movies out whereas the novel written by Kouji Oji and Futoshi Nishiya has two volumes. Kyoto Animation and Animation Do have produced this great and spread franchise. Free! Season 4 is awaited by the fans.

Free! Season 4

Would there be Free! Season 4?

The last season i.e. the third season hit the screens in September 2018. Later the makers had made an official announcement of releasing Free! Season 4 in 2020. Though the announced dates could not meet because of the pandemic which has shaken almost every sector. But after that, the makers have not interacted about Free! Season 4 and no official statement has been there in the light. We will provide you with the most precise and appropriate data. 

Free! Season 4 renewal status

Right now the Kyoto Animation is busy with the other two projects under it which are Free! Take Your Marks and Free! The Final Stroke. And these projects have been in working with proper release dates

The ending of season 3 back in 2018 was with the words which said ‘see you in 2020’. So fans were waiting for the series in 2020 but with all the pandemic stuff, it was difficult to stick with the dates so it could not go the way it was planned. But the makers should have given an update on the renewal to satisfy the thirst of the fans. 

This pandemic has made things difficult for the makers in the form of lockdown and severe health issues. But we can set our assumptions that Free! Season 4 would be out soon. 

Free! Season 4

Release date of Free! Season 4

The release date of Free! Season 4 is in a kind of a mess right now because it was supposed to be released in 2020 as the end of season 3 gave the glimpse.  But 2020 release, after bearing all the issues during a pandemic, was not a possible date to release the fourth segment. 

Another two projects that we talked about have definite dates of release which are September 2021 and April 2022. So now we can estimate that if the show is released before the movies then the entire order of the franchise would be jumbled. So the most possible date of the release of Free! Season 4 would be in late 2022.

The plot of Free!

Free! Season 4

Free! is a Japanese sports anime series that is a sequel to the light novel High Speed! written by Kouji Oji. Season 1 of Free! aired on 4 July 2013 and was loved by all within a very short period. The first season’s success led to the renewal of the second season and then the third season and in the chain Free! Season 4 was also about to be added but due to pandemics, it could not join the franchise. But we hope for its earliest renewal. 

Free! is based in a hypothetical town of Iwatobi in Japan. It is a swimming competition. The story is centered around a boy in high school named Haruka Nanase. He is continuing swimming since elementary school with his friends which have separated from him with time but now all the friends are reunited at the high school. His friends included Makoto Tachibana, Nafisa Hazuki, and Run Matsuoka. Rin was still holding the grudge of being defeated by Haruka and has still in his heart to defeat Haruka someday. Whereas Haruka, Makota, and Nagisa were overwhelmed by this meet. This mixed reunion resulted in the formation of a Swim Club at Iwatobi High School whose ultimate goal was to settle all the disparities between Haruka and Rin at the swimming competition. 

The second season of the show comes up with a challenge of hiring recruits as they did not want the Swim Club at the Iwatobi High School to be shut. Makoto and Haruka are diced whether they want to opt for swimming as their career. 

The third season shows the changed relationship between the friends. Haruka has his college in Tokyo. 

What could be there in Free! Season 4?

As we watched in the last season that Haruka was training himself harder to become better and gets himself enrolled in international competitions. Tokyo Olympics were to be held at the time so it’s quite possible that the plot takes a turn and Haruka might compete in the higher level.

Animes usually surprise us with the twists and turns in their storyline so it would be charming to watch what the next step could be. 

Characters in the plot

Haruka Nanase

Free! Season 4

He is the main protagonist of the show. Haruka is a restricted and quite kind of a personality. He is a professional swimmer which he continuing since elementary school. He lived with his grandmother as his parents used to work in Tokyo. After the reunion, he gets an idea of recreating a swim team and he becomes nostalgic for the joy he used to get in swimming. He wanted to adopt swimming as a profession. 

Makoto Tachibana

Free! Season 4

Makoto and Haruka were childhood friends and classmates as well in high school.  He is an outspoken teen and usually defends Haruka in difficult situations. He wanted to train children in swimming and the third season he takes his dream a step ahead and starts coaching professional swimmers.

Nagisa Hazuki

Free! Season 4

Nagisa is a year junio to Haruka and Makoto. Nagisa is specialized in breaststroke. Nagisa joins the Iwatobi High School Swim Club in a hope of swimming with Haruka again. Nagisa remains an important part of Iwatobi High School Swim Club after graduation too. 

Questions people would ask

1. Is Free! available on Netflix?

Yes, Free! is available on Netflix.

2. Is Makoto in love with Haru?

Makoto is shown to be in love with Haru. The character songs of Haruka and Makoto releases on the same day. 

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