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Heaven Official’s Blessings Season 2 Gets Spectacular Welcome!! Check The New Updates Here.

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Heaven Official’s Blessings Season 2

Heaven Official’s Blessings Season 2:Heaven officials blessing is a series compiled within antiquities, Fantasy, Xianxia and, Romance. It is a Chinese novel full of imagination, fantasies, charming characters, well-themed, and contributes equally to be a blockbuster. The first season made fans go fervid for its nest season too. The series have immortal heroes “Xianxia”.  The series is a Chinese novel that gets deeply connected to our souls. Nowadays Chinese novels are banging the doors of Netflix.

Fans having a stand back to know more about the latest updates coming for Heaven Official’s Blessings Season 2 as it has been seven years since they are deprived of it. All eight chapters have given a romantic, romcom, and nostalgic effect on the viewers. When will season 2 arrive? When will it release? Where is Heaven Official’s Blessings Season 2 streaming? and much more questions will be answered. Fans are also waiting to know much more about Heaven Official’s Blessings Season 2. The recent updates will consulate you. Stay tuned to the article to know more about Heaven Official’s Blessings Season 2. Fans are willing to know the release date of Heaven Official’s Blessings Season 2. Here are the most awaiting questions answered.

Heaven Official's Blessings Season 2
Heaven Official’s Blessings Season 2

Credits: heavenofficialsblessing. fandom

Heaven Official’s Blessings Season 2: As of now the series is completed with four volumes. Heaven Official’s Blessings is a Chinese novel scripted by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu and directed by Li Hauling. This series is a Chinese animation (Donghai). It was first released on a Chinese video-sharing website called Bilibili and an American entertainment company named Funimation in October 2020. This novel was first released in 2017 on a Chinese website that publishes fiction called Jinjiang Literature City.

Heaven Official’s Blessings comprises 244 chapters with an addition of four more stories compiled in eight chapters. The series is all about antiquities. It carries fiction, romance, fantasies, and great immortal heroes. There is also a Chinese comic “manhua” for Heaven Official’s Blessings. The series is produced by Bilibili while illustrated by STARember. Bilibili has announced that the second season is going to come up soon but no official updates are out yet.

The story of Heaven Official’s Blessings revolves around antiquities. It runs eight hundred years back where there was a crowned prince of the Xian Le kingdom. The name of this prince was Xie Lian. People in the kingdom used to love their prince a lot. He was appraised as the darling of the world. Due to the unfortunate circumstances he passes away to heaven and again re-exiled to the mortal realms. After many years, he rises again just to get banish again after a couple of minutes of his ascension.

Then the story moves to eight hundred years ahead, where Xie Lian takes off to heaven thrice. The first task was a mysterious task where he meets the ghosts who made heaven terrific. Heaven was fully ruled by Ghosts. The king of the ghosts was waiting and was having his eye on Prince Xie Lian for a very very long time. However, Prince Xie Lian was not known about this.

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Do You Know The Characters In Heaven Official’s Blessings Season 2?

The humorous with romance characters in the series have played an important role in Heaven Official’s Blessings series. This brings a hope that we will get entertained with the same gesture by the characters of Heaven Official’s Blessings Season 2. Alas, the characters are not out yet. As soon as we get any official update regarding the same, we will convey you. Until then let’s enjoy and recall the romcom characters from season 1.

The main characters in the series are:

Xie Lian: (Voiced by Jiang Guangtao in Chinese and Kamiya Hiroshi in Japanese). Xie Lian was considered a protagonist. He was an unlucky god who used to collect scraps for a living.

Heaven Officials Blessings season 2
Heaven Officials Blessings season 2

Credits: artstation.com

Hua Cheng: (Voiced by Ma Zhengyang in Chinese (donghua) and  Fukuyama Jun in Japanese ). He was a king of ghosts. This is an interesting character in the series who is loved by the audience.


Heaven Officials Blessings season 2
Heaven Officials Blessings season 2

Credits: pinterest.com

Characters In Heavenly Court:

Heaven Officials Blessings season 2
Heaven Officials Blessings season 2
  • Ling Wen: Voiced by: Huang Ying in Chinese (donghua) and Hikasa Youko in Japanese.
  • Feng Xin: Voiced by: Wen Sen in Chinese (donghua).
  • Fu Yao: Voiced by: Hu Liangwei in Chinese (donghua) and  Chiaki Kobayashi Japanese.
Heaven Officials Blessings season 2
Heaven Officials Blessings season 2
  • Nan Feng: Voiced by: Wen Sen in Chinese (donghua) and Makoto Furukawa in the Japanese dub.
  • Mu Qing: Voiced by: Hu Liangwei in Chinese (donghua)
  • Shi Qingxuan 
  • Shi Wudu

Four Great Calamities: 

Heaven officials blessings season 2
Heaven officials blessings season 2
  • Qi Rong: He was first amongst the ranking of supreme.
  • He Xuan: He was the powerful dangerous and thrill to watch character. He is a water demon.
  • White No-Face/Bai Wuxiang: He is the eldest of the four most calamities.

Ghosts Characters: 

Heaven officials blessings season 2
Heaven officials blessings season 2
  • Banaue: Voiced by: Tao Dian in Chinese (donghua) and Hanazawa Kana in Japanese.
  • Xuan Ji: Voiced by: Kaida Yuko in Japanese.

When & Where Can One Watch Heaven Officials Blessings Season 2?

Heaven officials Blessings is an anime series. You will not have a single reason for disappointment watching the series. It is full of adventure to watch it again and again. Heaven officials Blessings is available on the world’s best platform Netflix. You can enjoy watching the series whenever you want. The series is all about, antiquity, fantasy, romance, and thrill. The exciting part of the series is the theme builder. The characters in the series make an antagonistic bond due to which every part seems to be in a flow.

Despite that Netflix has released Heaven officials Blessings, there are no updates related to the Heaven officials Blessings Season 2 renewal. The blockbuster eleven volumes have shaken the doors of Netflix, so we can hope that season 2 will also get released soon on Netflix. As there are no official updates about its renewal we still have to hold our breaths. Till then you can enjoy watching season one.

Credits: Anime Made by Bilibili

Frequently Asked Questions

1} When is Heaven Official’s Blessings Season 2 releasing?

Ans: There are no official dates announced but we can hope the season 2 in 2022.

2} Where can we watch Heaven Official’s Blessings?

Ans: Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix. Enjoy watching!!

3} How are Heaven Official’s Blessings?

Ans: Yes. It is antiquity, romantic, and full of fantasy series. Keep Watching!!

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