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Netflix deals for students! Recent Netflix update!!!

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Still a lot of questions arise about Netflix deals for students. Lots of people wandering to know about discounts given by Netflix for students. Nowadays, most of the students are Movie freaks. They always like to watch movies after release as soon as possible. Nowadays, movies are first released on the OTT platform.

That was fully payable. But it is so difficult to watch movies by paying money. We can’t fully reduce the cost of paying for Netflix. But we can reduce the cost by choosing the best subscription plan and by some gift vouchers given by Netflix itself. Here are some tips and tricks to reduce your cost for paying Netflix.

Netflix – An introduction

Entertainment is the most wanted thing in today’s engaging world. People would like to relax their minds from work stress and relationship stress by entertaining themselves. Movies, series, TV shows become entertainment for people. Netflix is the best platform for entertainment. It is the king of the streaming network. Netflix is streaming movies, TV shows, Series all over the world. Simply, Netflix is a library for movies, TV shows, and series in so many languages. There are lots of streaming options worldwide. But Netflix is one of the best. Because of its varieties in entertainment. Netflix is best in the way of giving lots of choices.



Reason for asking deals for students

Nowadays, schools and colleges are more stressful. Students need some entertainment and fun to make themselves relieved. As we said, for entertainment, Netflix is the best choice. Netflix streaming all language movies. So, students mostly wander to know any deals to reduce their subscription amount. Netflix streaming not only the latest and trending movies but also streaming old and famous movies. So, subscribers enjoy even old movies.

Netflix Deals

We can’t say wholly that Netflix doesn’t offer any deals. Netflix gives some coupons and vouchers to reduce some costs in subscription plans. The minimum and basic subscription cost in Netflix is $7.99/month. This is the least cost subscription plan. If anyone wants unlimited access to Netflix, then this is the best and most low-cost plan.

Netflix deals for students

Even Netflix offers some deals for its subscribers, Netflix doesn’t offer any student deals. But don’t worry. Go for the dive into this article. Here are some tips to get a Netflix subscription at no cost and almost free cost.

Netflix 30 days free trial

For new users, Netflix gives 30 days free trial. For these 30 days, you need not spend even a single penny. So, grab the free trial version to save your money. Enjoy your 30 days with a hand full of popcorn and your favorite movies. Use mails that are not used before for Netflix subscriptions. So, you can enjoy your 30 days without spending any cost. But, at the end of the 30 days, you must close the subscription plan.

  • Install Netflix app
  • Go to the app
  • Create a new account with an email address
  • Enter your name
  • Create your new password
  • Click TRY 30 DAYS FREE

NETFLIX discount

One of the most important to remember is that you have to cancel the free subscription before 30 days. Netflix doesn’t offer multiple free trials. But, if you do not use Netflix after a free trial, Netflix itself offers another free trial. This will be sent to email by Netflix. But it takes a long time and so many months. After enjoying these free trials, the rate of subscription amount for your account will reduce to a certain amount. So, not as Netflix deals for Students, there are some ways like this to save money.

Sharing account

You can save your money by sharing an account. Maximum of 5 people can use a single Netflix account. So, only one subscription plan can be used by 5 people. Sharing one’s Netflix account for 5 others and sharing their money make more profit. Sharing accounts and passwords is legal in Netflix. Netflix itself allows sharing one’s account and password to others to use the account. Only because of increasing its users. Netflix probably said ok to share one’s subscription plan to reach more to the younger generation. Now, Netflix has around 148 million paid subscribers all over the world.

Netflix – Alternatives

Netflix deals for students is a recently most repeated question among students. If your hands become empty due to paying subscription amount for Netflix, then end this. There are some alternatives to Netflix, so you can entertain yourself free. They give special deals and offers for students and sometimes fully free. They were such as blessing for students for their entertainment. Here are some lists.

  • Amazon prime
  • HBO
  • YouTube Premium

Amazon prime

Unlike Netflix, Amazon prime gives so many offers specially for students. Amazon prime gives a 6-month free trial in the place of Netflix gives a one-month free trial. subscribers can cancel their free trial at any time. Like Netflix, Amazon also has a huge library of movies and TV series. Users can enjoy their language movies and TV shows by home set-up. You can give a treat to your eyes by waiting for movies on 4k and HD resolution.

Amazon prime

Does Netflix have a student discount !…..Is it real? Get Latest Trick of 2022


HBO is also one of the streaming services. It gives 30 days free trial on the first usage. After that, this gives the best student discount offer. The common membership for HBO is 14.99 USD/month. But if you are a student, you will get a membership at only 5 USD/month. This offer is valid only if you prove yourself as a student.



YouTube Premium

YouTube is one of the most used streaming services. It also gives student discounts. YouTube Premium gives ad-free videos so that users enjoy movies without any disturbance. It gives both family discounts and student discounts. After verification only, you can use student discounts. This verification occurs annually.

YouTube premium

Netflix deals for students Conclusion

Netflix deals for students


Some of the Streaming services give student deal offers. But Netflix doesn’t offer any discounts for students. But it gives some gift vouchers and coupons for its users. This makes some reduction in the subscription cost. But won’t mostly reduce the cost or make it free. Finally, it is concluded that Netflix deals for students are completely a myth.

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