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School-live Season 2 Back With Zombie Strike!!!Are You Ready For Eyebrow Raising shock?? Click Here

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School-live Season 2

School-live Season 2: School-live Season 2 is a series compiled within Psychology, Horror, thrill, and slice of life. It is a Japanese novel full of imagination, fantasies, charming characters, well-themed, and contributes equally to be a blockbuster. The first season made fans go fervid for its nest season too. The series has many psychological factors that excite the audience.  The series is a Japanese novel that gets deeply connected to our hearts. Nowadays Japanese novels are banging the doors of Netflix.

Fans having a stand back to know more about the latest updates coming for School-live Season 2 as it has been seven years since they are deprived of it. All eight chapters have given a slice of life, romcom, and nostalgic effect on the viewers. When will season 2 arrive? When will it release? Where is School-live Season 2 streaming? and much more questions will be answered.

Fans are also waiting to know much more about School-live Season 2. The recent updates will consulate you. Stay tuned to the article to know more about School-live Season 2. Fans are willing to know the release date of School-live Season 2. Here are the most awaiting questions answered.

School-live Season 2
School-live Season 2

Credits: Amazon.com

School-live Season 2: School-live Season 2 is a Japanese series. This is an eye-raising horror film. School-live is an adaptation of a manga series by  Norimitsu Kaihō. It was released by American film production Universal Pictures and Regents in January 2019. The series is directed by Masaomi Andō. Directed by Kei Fukura, Asuka Yamazaki, Takema Okamura, and Satoshi Fukao. School -live series carries a bulk of 12 episodes.

Yuki Takeya is a bright high school girl from Mrgurigaoka High School. She was habitual to spend time with her school living club who had her fellow friends as members Kurumi Ebisuzawa and Yuuri Wakasa. After some time there struck a zombie attack in their city. Due to this hilarious attack, the school teachers and other members get infected. Yuki’s one of the classmates tries his best to safeguard Yuki as she is fond of carrying out school activities daily. Yuki wasn’t aware of this, that her school teachers and classmates are infected at first due to this zombie attack.

Later on, her mother Megumi Sakura learns about this hazardous attack in the rest of the city. Yuki was still unaware of the situation. She takes a school tour to the mall which was also struck by zombies. There was a survivor man called Miki Naoki, who understands the delusions of Yuki and also understands the existence of her mother Megumi. Yuki was still in the delusion that the Megumi who founded the School Living Club and sacrificed herself in the protection of students from zombies and others are still alive.

Miki, later on,  understands everything. Each move of Miki was unbelievable. Yuki becomes a trial member of the school living club and it is an adventure to watch this series. Once a day, Yuki and her fellow friends find out that there is a biological weapon inside her school to safeguard themselves from this kind of attack.

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Do  You Want To Meet The Characters Of The Show?

The series is an adventurous novel directed and scripted by Masaomi Andō and Norimitsu Kaihō respectively. The characters in the anime make the series amazing and full of thrill. There is a kind of antagonistic relationship between the characters. It fully satisfies the need. Every aspect of the series is making fans amaze. The flow of the episodes is proper.

As we are not known to the characters in School-live Season 2 due to the unrevealed official information. As soon we will get the official update we will spontaneously notify you about the same. Till then the time we can have a look at the characters who made the first season exciting. The list of characters includes:

Yuki Takeya: (Voiced by: Inori Minase Japanese and Brittney Karbowski English) Yuki was a school-live member. She was a bright girl from her school. She was a girl, who had a mental outbreak due to a zombie attack. She created a delusion that everything is alright and there is nothing wrong with the city.

School-live season 2
Yuki takeya

Credits: gakkou.gurashifandom.com


Kurumi Ebisuzawa: (Voiced by: Ari Ozawa in Japanese and Juliet Simmons in English) Kurumi was a twin-tailed girl. She was a dashing girl. She was always sent for such dangerous missions from her school-live club.

School-live Season 2
School-live Season 2

Credits: gakkaou-gurashi fandom.com 


Yuuri Wakasa: (Voiced by: M.A.O Japanese and Luci Christian English)

School-live Season 2
School-live Season 2


Miki Naoki:

School-live season 2
School-live season 2

Credits: gakkau gurashi fandom.com

Other Characters in the series:

School-live Season 2
Megumi Sakura, Tarōmaru, Kei Shidō, Akiko Kamiyama
  • Megumi Sakura
  • Tarōmaru
  • Kei Shidō
  • Akiko Kamiyama
School-live Season 2
School-live Season 2: Takae Yuzumura, Rise Ryougawara, Takahito Tougo, Shinou Uhara
  • Takae Yuzumura
  • Rise Ryougawara
  • Takahito Tougo
  • Shinou Uhara

When Where Is School-live Season 2 Going To Release?

School-live Season 2 is an anime series. You will not have a single reason for disappointment watching the series. It is full of adventure to watch it again and again. School-live is available on the best platform called Crunchyroll. You can enjoy watching the series whenever you want. The series is all about horror, adventure, and passive thrill. The exciting part of the series is the theme builder. The characters in the series make an antagonistic bond due to which every part seems to be in a flow.

Despite that Crunchyroll has released School-live season 1, there are no updates related to the School-live Season 2 renewal. The blockbuster twelve episodes have shaken the audience with thrill and adventure, so we can hope that season 2 will also get released soon. As there are no official updates about its renewal we still have to hold our breaths. Till then you can enjoy watching season one.

School-live Season 2: If you want any more information related to School-live Season 2 tell us we will bring many new updates about the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the School-live Season 2 release?

ANS: As of now there are no recent updates about its release. As soon as we get we will update you.

Where can we watch School-live?

ANS: Akudama Drive is available on Crunchyroll, Hulu, etc. websites.

When can we expect School-live Season 2?

ANS: School-live Season 2 can be expected next year that is in 2022.

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