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UQ Holder Season 2 will be more adventurous? Release date? Renewal updates

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Here is the news update for the show, UQ Holder Season 2. This Anime series is a pretty recent one. Its first season received many positive reviews from the audience.

Fans of UQ Holder are getting curious, as the producers of the show did not give any hints to UQ holder season 2 or regarding its new projects and are still waiting for the renewal status of the show.

There are many speculations about UQ Holder Season 2, some are saying that there is not enough source material left or the series was done in a rush.

BUT! Many people admired the show’s story, animation, and soundtracks. Viewers’ heavy demand, can change the minds of the producers. So, Will we get ‘UQ Holder Season 2’ or NOT?

UQ Holder Season 2 is confirmed? Release date? Renewal updates

UQ Holder! Mahou Sensei Negima! 2 - 01-12 vostfr (1920x1080 x265 8bit AAC) :: Nyaa

UQ Holder is a Japanese manga series written by Ken Akamatsu. It is a fantasy and action anime drama. It also follows the Ecchi Harem genre. The manga has 25 volumes, it was released in a monthly magazine, Weekly Shonen Magazine and after some time, it started coming out in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. The manga was adapted into a television series and was released on 2 October 2017, the series ended on December 18, 2017.

Ken Akamatsu has taken a character from, Negima, an anime that was adapted into 26-episode anime television series, this was his previous work which was hugely popular, it was then again adapted into the second series which also include 26-episodes, four different sets of an OVA, animated films have also been produced.

Later on, he did a spin-off of Negima! Magister Negi Magi, with the title UQ Holder. In UQ Holder, the main character, Tōta Konoe, who is the grandson of Negi Springfield was one of the main characters.

Now, let us look at the storyline of UQ Holder.


The story is about Tōta Konoe, a 14-year-old, who after the death of his parents in a car accident, lived with Yukihime, she was a vampire and was an immortal, she did not tell Tota about it. Tota always wanted to get out of his village and he desired to go to Shin-Tower, which was very tall, it ends into the space.

When he decided to go up there he was attacked by the bounty hunter, his guardian Yukihime was hurt, tota while protecting her, got hurt but nothing happened, tita was immortal too. Later he joined the UQ Holder, which was a group of immortals, led by Yukihime. There he met the other members of UQ Holder. 

UQ Holder Season 2 Release Date

There is no information regarding UQ Holder Season 2 release date, it is said that the show can have its second season in around 2023.

The show’s first season was released in 2017, so it’s been 4 yrs and we still have not heard about it.

UQ Holder Season 2 Trailer

We all have been waiting for the updates of UQ Holder Season2, but there is no news. However, the possibility for UQ Holder Season 2 is good. The show got good viewership from the audience. 

There is no announcement of the UQ Holder season 2 trailer, yet, but there is the prediction that it will be released in 2023.

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Will we get UQ Holder Season 2?

UQ Holder is popular among the viewers and had a pretty good run.

Since it was the continuation of the anime series, Negima! Magister Negi Magi, the characters that were in this previous series made an occurrence in the new spin-off drama  UQ Holder, so the show already got his fan following and the show producers can experiment with new things with characters.

BUT! it was said that the anime series hurt many manga fans. Since people have read the manga, their expectation was high and was not met. They have made a complaint about the last ending episode, as it was different than the manga.

Manga fans believe that the series was done in a hurry, as in its first season it has already covered upto approx. 140 chapters of the manga and there are a total of 185 chapters.

They surely were moving at a fast pace, therefore, there might be a problem regarding the availability of enough source material. So, let’s see how well the story of UQ Holder Season 2 will unfolds.

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UQ Holder Characters

The show has a lot of characters from the Negima anime series. Here is the main character in the UQ Holder Season 1:-

  1. Tōta Konoe:- He is a 14-year-old boy who is a vampire and an immortal. He is the seventh member of the UQ Holder.
  2. Yukihime:- She led the group of immortals, called UQ Holder, she is a guardian of Tōta Konoe, after the death of his parents in a car accident, Tōta lived Yukihime.
  3. Kurōmaru Tokisaka:- A immortals hunter who wanted to kill Yukihime but after losing to Tota, joined the immortal’s group. Have a feminie side too.
  4. Gengorō Makabe:-  He is a sixth member of UQ Holder. He can generate extra lives by doing good things for others.
  5. Karin Yuuki:- She is the fourth member of UQ Holder. She is very fond of Yukihime as she saved her life once.

Above, we discussed some of the characters of UQ Holder.


UQ Holder Voice Actors English

  1. Tōta Konoe:- His voice is dubbed by Brittney Karbowski. She is an American voice actress who had the voicing for many anime characters, anime films like Black Star in Soul Eater, Yuri Nakamura in Angels Beats!
  2. Yukihime:-  Her voice was dubbed by Shanae’a Moore. She is known for voicing Tomoya Kanzaki, Eiko Adachi, and Kuon.
  3. Kurōmaru Tokisaka:-  The voice actor behind this character is Kalin Coates. She is known for voicing Ange Kuroki,  Jin Russell, and Grunhilde Serenity.
  4. Gengorō Makabe:- His voice is dubbed by Houston Hayes. He did the voicing of anime characters like Miroku Fujima, Kazuki Nagai, Tadashi Yagi, and many more.
  5. Karin Yuuki:- The voice actor behind this character is Molly Searcy. She is an American actor and voice actor who worked for Funimation Entertainment. She did the voicing of Akame, Isuzu Sento, Centorea Shianus.

These are the voice actors who did the English dubbed for some of the main characters.

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Where you can watch UQ Holder Season 2

There is no announcement of UQ Holder Season 2, you can watch its first season on Amazon Prime Video, IMDb Crunchyroll, 

UQ Holder Season 2 FAQS

Q1. How many episodes does UQ Holder Season 2 have?

Ans. In UQ Holder Season 1, there are 12 episodes of it.

Q2. Is Yukihime in love with Touta?

Ans. Yes. She loved him very dearly. Her feelings for him grew stronger in each episode.

Q3. How many seasons are there in UQ Holder?

Ans. For now, only one season has been created. Ware still waiting for its second season.

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