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Can Ultramarine Magmell season 2 has a future? Discover all you need to know!

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It’s been nearly two years since the fans have got their eyes on Ultramarine Magmell. The first season nailed it and fans were stunned by the kind of adventure shown in the show. That is the reason fans can’t keep their curiosity hidden. They are eager to watch Ultramarine Magmell season 2. Though the ratings were not appreciating fans did like the show. The adventurous genre of season 1 is still holding the fans. Will fans be able to watch Ultramarine Magmell season? Or will they be disappointed? Let’s go down to the details.

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Ultramarine Magmell season 2

Is Ultramarine Magmell season 2 canceled?

For the time no official words are out by the makers. So it is quite uncertain to say something with a hundred percent.  But for the fans, it is a 50-50 situation. No renewal updates are given but the good thing for fans is that no cancelation announcement is done either.

Ultramarine Magmell season 2: renewal status?

Ultramarine Magmell is also known as Gunjo no Magumeru. It is a Japanese adventure anime series. The series was adopted under the Studio Pierrot. Ultramarine Magmell aired on April 7, 2019, and the last episode of the season was aired on June 30, 2019. It was a 13 episodes long series. But after the last episode, there is no such update provided by the makers to satisfy the quench of fans.

The first season of Ultramarine Magmell had a different adventurous story in each episode which did not have much relevance with the last episode. It did not have a typical plot.

Instead of a new plot, the show could not make to have good ratings which are assumed to be the reason behind the delay of Ultramarine Magmell season 2. But the fans are willing to watch the second season and are hoping to watch it soon.

Ultramarine Magmell season 2 

Will Ultramarine Magmell season 2 hit the screens?

Ultramarine Magmell season 2 could not get the renewal from Netflix or the creator studios (Studio Pierrot and Studio Signpost). A good amount of time is consumed in renewing a series. So it can be assumed that the makers are taking their time to come up with the best. But as there are no leads of the renewal, it is not soothing to say but the chances are quite low. 

The show was not as popular as other anime series which were contemporary to it on Netflix. 

Ultramarine Magmell season 2

Plot of Ultramarine Magmell

This Japanese series belongs to a Manhua series. The series somehow follows the manga series. Out of nowhere, a new continent named Mangmell appears in the middle of the ocean. This new continent is having hundreds of new species which are not identified to anyone.  This new continent is also dangerous though as many researchers who went to research never came back. It had unknown natural resources. For the explorers, it is a whole new opportunity. There is this huge variety in flora and fauna. 

Ultramarine Magmell season 2

Are the makers out of content?

Ultramarine Magmell is based on a Manhua series with the same title. The author of the Manhua series has published eight volumes of it out of which only four have been used in the first season of Ultramarine Magmell. So to the makers still have four volumes to create a series on. Apart from this also the makers are not lacking any kind of content. They have enough of it to satisfy a whole season. So content is not a hurdle between the sequel. 

Ultramarine Magmell season 2


Despite not-so-good ratings, the fans had a special corner for the series and are eagerly waiting for the sequel. And as the makers have an abundance of content, and if the demands from the fans remain high as are now, the makers would have no other choice but to bring the anime back on the screen. And I believe that Ultramarine Magmell season 2 deserves a chance and it would be worth it. 

When will Ultramarine Magmell season 2 air?

Ultramarine Magmell aired in April 2019 and Netflix streamed all the episodes of the anime the same day. Despite having individual stories in individual episodes where the protagonist goes to rescue a different person in different episodes, the series was still good for the sight and fans loved the idea of execution. 

Though no dates have been given by the production as the first season was not fully concluding, there might be another season of the series. The rest of the Manhua series content is still left untouched by the production. If everything goes well, there are chances of streaming of Ultramarine Magmell season 2 in mid-2022. 

Ultramarine Magmell season 2

English dub of the series

Netflix has Ultramarine Magmell dubbed in English as well. So for the fans who like to enjoy anime in English now have a platform where they can be comfortable regarding language. 



Ultramarine Magmell season 2

You are a young boy and are the protagonist of the show. Despite his young age he has proven himself to be the best and most successful among other Anglers. He has a calm and kinda carefree attitude around everything but he is extremely brilliant in his job. He not only runs the rescue missions but also manages a lodge that serves as a residence for the Anglers.

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He also has this special quality of ‘Rakt’ that gives him immense physical powers. He is sensitive to his loved ones. He has a proper professional attitude with his clients. He is usually seen in khaki uniform during the entire series.


Ultramarine Magmell season 2

Zero is a young girl who works in Inyou’s assistance and gives him a hand during his rescue missions and other adventures with her charming knowledge of Magmell. She is not as experienced as In you but undoubtedly she is above her age. Like Inyou she also possesses a professional attitude.


He is Inyou’s master and has a mysterious personality. He wears a khaki uniform and most of the time has his face covered with a cap

Questions that might help you get some catch

1. How many episodes are there in Ultramarine Magmell?

There are 13 episodes in the first season of Ultramarine Magmell. 

2. Is Ultramarine Magmell having season 2?

As for now, there is no such official statement from the makers but cancelation is also not announced. As soon as the production gives any statement we will update you with a reliable source. 

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