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Flying Witch Season 2??! Will the anime welcome another season?? Everything You Need to Know

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Flying Witch Season 2 might be around the corner or a dream far off from reality. But before that, here’s a recap or a review of season one and all the news you may wanna know about the possible Flying Witch Season 2.

Also, if you haven’t finished season 1 or haven’t started the series at all and happened to stumble upon this article, heavy spoiler warning!!

Plot: Generic supernatural or….?

It’s different than most animes or even books involving the presence of supernatural creatures such as demons, elves, or in this case, witches. The story revolves around a girl named Makoto Kowata, a witch from Yokohama, who moves in with her relatives in Aomori. The story, rather than a full-fledged supernatural action as most animes tend to be, is a slice-of-life with a tint of comedy mixed as a wholesome amalgam.

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The story is basically about the daily life of Makoto as she struggles but strives to survive in the human world. She fails, she fights but she never gives up her polite, calm, and gentle self.

Characters: Well written…?

Makoto Kowata: Forgetful about directions, and as mentioned before, calm, gentle, and friendly, Makoto is new to the world wary of witches and often finds herself being the odd one out. Such as the time when she flew on a broom and Chinatsu, stared at her with shock. Or when she decides to gift Nao a Mandrake for her kindness in walking her home.

If you don’t get the reference, mandrakes, as described in folklore, scream a high pitch squeal when pulled out of the ground. But that doesn’t mean that Makoto isn’t well-written because she is and she passes well enough. She has a 17-year-old black cat named Chito, whom she can converse with easily.

Flying Witch Season 2
Makoto in a still from Flying Witch


Kei Kuramoto: Makoto’s cousin, and pretty familiar and good with cooking but is afraid of ghosts. He is old-school with a heavy interest in farming, cooking, and taking care of people.

Flying Witch Season 2
Kei Kuramoto from Flying Witch


Chinatsu Kuramoto: Kei’s younger sister, who is curious and often scared of things she doesn’t know much about. Initially, she was scared and avoidant of Makoto, whom she found strange and occasionally creepy but started getting close to her after they spend time together and Makoto takes her on a flight on her broom. Her interest in magic only grows from then as she gets amazed by seeing Makoto perform even the simplest of spells and slowly wanted to learn magic too.

But even after that, she is just a child and has child-like tendencies such as her extreme love for sweets and her disliking of Bakke, or bog rhubarb/giant butterbur, since it is bitter and she considers it to be for adults. All in all, she is a very lovable character and makes the series worthwhile to watch.

Flying Witch Season 2
Chinatsu Kuramoto with her curious persona

Reviews: Good or One-time-watch?

Flying Witch is good. That’s it. There aren’t any scenes that would hype you up or make you want to replay that scene over and over again, except a few comedic scenes but even those are for only a few times. It has been rated 7.52 on MyAnimeList and ranked #1557 among the top animes by the same website.

Personally, it is great anime for healing and a dose of positivity. There aren’t any mature scenes or graphic violence and thus, it is suited for all ages. It is just about a girl, who is a witch, and her daily life in a world she is unfamiliar with. And that is exactly what makes this anime unique. The animation isn’t the best but it is not the worst. I rate it 8/10.

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But the mainstream animes in the industry set a standard that near-perfect animation, a plot full of plot twists and scenes that would give you goosebumps. That is why this anime is under-watched and underrated. While, yes, the tastes and preferences matter and they play a key role, this anime is worth a shot and if you’re into the genre Iyashikei (healing), then definitely.

Flying Witch Season 2: Coming soon?

The manga, to which the anime had stayed loyal throughout. Chihiro Ishizuka started the initial publishing back in August 2012. He has released nine volumes/books with the latest one released in June 2020. The anime stopped in between the fourth volume. So technically, the JC Staff, the Studios that host the anime, have a five-and-half worth of source material. So Flying Witch Season 2 might not be that far.

Flying Witch Season 2 might give off hints later this year and it has to be in a few months or years. Because, as like with other anime, the longer the studios or the production or the author draw off without a word, the farther it gets from reality. Considering that the anime and the studios drop off hints regarding Flying Witch Season 2 later this year or the starting of the next year, Flying Witch Season 2 will most probably come around 2023.

The possible plot for Flying Witch Season 2 can be based around the life and things that unfold next for Makoto and her friends as she and Chinatsu work upon the powers and secrets of the witch world.

Flying Witch Season 2, would remain on many watchlists and it is hooped that the producers decide to release the hints or Flying Witch Season 2 altogether. It is great for healing, as mentioned before, especially if you’re trying to heal from a traumatic incident or phase.

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