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Get ready to discover everything about Griffin Musk, son of the world’s richest person!

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Griffin Musk, born on April 15, 2004, is a native of South Africa and is popular among people as the son of Elon Musk (aka Elon Reeve Musk). Many pictures have highlighted Griffin Musk with his father. Elon Musk is a business tycoon and also the founder, CEO, CTO, and chief designer of Tesla and Space X. Elon took the limelight in 2018 by being selected as the Royal Society.

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Griffin Musk


By the birth, Griffin Musk is now 17 years old star kid. He was born in South Africa only. His birth indicates his zodiac to be Aries by which we can generalize some of his traits.

Aries is spontaneous and courageous. They love to indulge in adventurous lifestyles and explore. They’re determined and bold. They have high energy and can do not step behind from initiating anything new.

Griffin Musk

Griffin Musk                    Wiki/Bio

Full name                              Griffin Musk

Popular as              The son of Elon Musk

Age                                                  21 years

Gender                                                Male

Birth                                    April 15, 2004

Birthplace                              South Africa

Ethnicity                                            Mixed

Zodiac sign                                         Aries

Nationality           South African/American

Height                          App. 5ft 4in (1.63m)

Weight                                          App. 50kg

Marital status                                      Single

Mother                                      Justine Musk

Father                                            Elon Musk

Siblings                       Xavier Musk, Saxon,                                             Damian, and Kai

Grandfather                               Errol Musk

Grandmother                            Maye Musk

Hair color Brown

Eye color Brown


Griffin Musk is among the eldest children of Elon Musk and Justine Musk. He was born in South Africa but was raised at different places just like other star kids. He tends to spend his childhood in different places like Canada, United States, etc.

His father Elon Musk needs no words to be described and his mother Justine Musk is a famous Canadian writer.

Griffin Musk

Among his siblings, Xavier is his twin brother. He had an elder brother who could only make it to live for 10 weeks after his birth. He was having Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). He could not survive.


Parent’s life in brief

Professional lives have been mentioned above. Talking about their personal lives, his parents met while attending Queen’s University and tied the knot in 2000. But something went wrong in their relationship and hence they ended up divorced in 2008.

Elon Musk, his dad dated another girl who was an English actress named Talulah Riley. He married her in 2010 but this marriage also couldn’t resist a divorce for long and they were separated by the end of 2012. It was an unpleasant recurrence of events when he remarried Talulah Riley in 2013 but again ended up getting a divorce in 2014 though the legal formalities were done till 2016.

2018, Elon dated a Canadian musician named Grimes and had a child 2020 named Kyle Musk. Though this was not his initial name, he was initially named as X Æ A-12 but as we can see it was quite unknown to people how to pronounce it and also it was under an illegal act in California that states that any name having characters that are not in modern English is not acceptable.

Is Griffin in a relationship?

Griffin Musk has always been a person who does not believe in exposing his personal life to the world. We are saying this because he is least active on his social media platforms and also he believes to keep a low profile of life.

Till the time his relationship status is single which would give an invitation to many young women out there. He is quite young to indulge in a serious relationship and he is more concerned for his career at this time.

Griffin Musk’s net worth?

Griffin Musk

Griffin Musk is too young to earn money. Moreover, Elon Musk has made his fortune with PayPal’s $1.5 billion sales to eBay in 2002. He succeeded in taking his name to the Forbes billionaire list in 2012 with a net worth of$2 billion.

Initially, in 2020 he was ranked 35th richest person in the world. And 2021 proved to be lucky for him as he surpassed Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, and became the richest person in the world.

All you want to know about Griffin Musk!

Griffin Musk

As he is quite young, he has not started working and he is focused on his studies and if he continues this way he would follow footsteps of his father.

Musk had to face some criticism during pandemics due to his misinformation about the virus. He also claimed that death statics were manipulated.

Griffin prefers living a low limelight life as he is nowhere active on any social media platforms.

His father said once that he does not believe in the US government. He told that they should provide subsidies to companies.

Elon Musk traveled to Moscow once back in 2001 to buy refurbished Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) which were capable of sending greenhouse payloads into space.

Griffin Musk

Errol Musk, Griffin’s grandfather was a well-reputed person and was an owner of a huge property. He used to spend his vacations inexpensive and luxury houses. Elon and Errol did not have much in common when talking about thoughts.

A statement of warning to not trust his father was made by Elon to Ashlee Vance who was an author. Ellor also retaliated by saying that Griffin Musk’s father is a spoilt child.

His grandfather was arrested once as he was accused of killing three burglars but was freed after proving that it was an act of self-defense.

Justine Musk, Griffin’s mother was born in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. She obtained a degree in literature from Queen’s University in Kingston. And here only she met Elon and later they married in 2000. Through IVF Griffin Musk and his twin brother Xavier were born.

Griffin Musk

Elon Musk is called area Tony Stark because of his involvement in so many advanced technologies like Tesla, Space X, and now also in solar City and solar packs that people use in their houses. Elon is asked frequently if he is trying to save the world to which he replied that he is just trying to do good things.

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