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Dimension W season 2: Is the Renewal Confirmed or Not? Interesting Updates about the hit anime series!

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Searching to know updates about Dimension W season 2? Well, this is the right place for legit details of the anime show. All anime lovers are immensely familiar with one of the most exciting series ‘dimension w ‘ which was released on January 10, 2016. The anime is a Japanese manga series that is based on a science-fiction genre created by Japanese anime maker Kanta Kamei. It was written by Yuji Iwahara and published under Square Enix.  The quite fascinating anime show was also then released in English by Yen Press and thereby has a total of 12 episodes each episode of 24 minutes.

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Studio 3Hz was the producing company of the anime and the series was broadcasted on channels namely Tokyo Mx, KBS, SUN, and many others.   Dimension w was profoundly a popular anime series that was highly appreciated by the fans. Moreover, the fans expect an update regarding the launch of ‘Dimension W season 2’ and are desperately waiting for any official announcement for the release of the anime. Can the audience then expect a ‘Dimension W season 2’? When will it release? Let’s discuss all the details further.

Renewal updates about Dimension W season 2

dimension w

Although season 1 of the anime series was widely celebrated and it was somewhat assumed that there definitely would be a release for Dimension W season 2. In reality, the fans thought that  Studio 3Hz and Orange would begin with the planning and plotting for the creation of Dimension W season 2 since there was such great feedback given by the audience, there certainly had to be a season 2.

Unfortunately, there is still no confirmation about the creation of the anime, it is neither clarified to be canceled nor is there any updated confirmation about the renewable of the Dimension W season 2. However, the fans can only wait for the official statement by the makers of the anime about whether Dimension W season 2 will happen or not.

Is there a possibility about the release of Dimension W season 2?

There were numerous rumors regarding the return of Dimension W season 2 however, the anime only has one season and as it was mentioned earlier too currently there are no updates about the confirmed release date. Precisely, the anime has a rating of 7.1/10 on IMDB which certainly shows that if the makers are clear with the further storyline of the show then we can expect an update. Until then all fans can at most hope that season 1 is certainly not the last one and expect Dimension W season 2 soon to be launched.

Release date of Dimension W season 2

Since the fans have impatiently waited a lot for the update which is quite understandable enough that there should be an official announcement soon for the eagerly waiting audience. The creators must already clarify whether there would be a second season or not. However if the makers confirm that there will soon be a season 2 for the show then the viewers can undoubtedly rely on the information provided and wait for the release of the Dimension W season 2, also if everything goes well with the plan then the release can be expected in the year 2022.

Plot and casts of Dimension W

dimension w season 2

The anime series occur in the year 2072, where humans have discovered a new form of energy called the Dimension W which mainly focuses, on a new alternative energy source specifically known as the Fourth Dimension energy. dimension can carry an infinite power within it. To control this energy a Cross dimensional electromagnetic induction device called “coils” was created.

Coils were used to draw out the inexhaustible supply of energy present in Dimension W,  indeed these coils provided electrical power supply to all the things but gradually everything falls into the wrong hands which mainly comprise of the corrupt association who used dangerous unauthorized coils for illegal purposes and the whole industry is monopolized which results for market exploitation and the illegal issue of coils.

While the government and New Tesla Energy were mainly involved to balance the energy and Dimension generated to supply this power to the whole world. Kyouma Mabuchi, a coil-hater loner who still uses a gas-powered vehicle started to work as a “Collector” who was responsible for searching for the people that were promoting such illicit coils, later he was accompanied by Mira Yurizaki. Moderately as he tries to discover about all the humans who are constantly encouraging the use of such forbidden coils, he finds himself closer to all the secrets about Dimension W.

Cast members of the series include

dmension w season 2

Main characters-Kyouma Mabuchi, Mira Yurizaki

Kyouma Mabuchi- He is the main character of the anime who has short black spiky hair with a small braid at the back of the head also a small beard. He has a very different sense of clothing too which includes both western as well as traditional Japanese outfits. He completely hates the idea of coils which are used to harness energy from the energy of Dimension W moreover he despises almost everything and is considered as a rude and unsocial kind of person. He is quite passionate about vintage cars since his father was a car mechanic.

Mira yurizaki-Mira is a robot who works with Mabuchi, she looks like a teenage girl with short light green hair and big eyes. She is supported by a brain the same as that of a human brain. Moreover, she doesn’t consider herself any less than a human and completely hates when Mabuchi addresses her as a “piece of junk “.

Supporting Characters

Illegal Coil Collectors- Mary, Koorogi

New Tesla Energy staff members-Albert Schuman, Shido Yurizaki, Seira Yurizaki, Ichigo Yurizaki, Claire Skyheart, Shiori Skyheart

Easter Island employees- Julian Tyler Smith, Haruka Seameyer

Islero- Salva-Enna-Tibesti, Lawai-Aura-Tibesti, Lashiti

Other characters- Elizabeth “Ellie” Greenhouse-Smith, Miyabi Azumaya, Tsubaki Azumaya

What will be the Parenting Rating suggested for the Dimension W season 2?

Season 1 of the anime was highly recommended to be only for adults since the show included improper language content, sexual activity content, and other graphic content. Therefore season 2 will also be exclusively for adults and would limit the show to children under the age of 17. Meanwhile, let’s hold back and wait for all the details to be specified by the creators. Any further details about the release will be notified soon, stay tuned for more updates.

Frequently Asked Questions(faqs)

Question: Did Dimension W season 2 get canceled?

Answer: There is no official announcement about the cancellation so nothing can be predicted! It is all dependent on the creators of the anime series.

Question: Will there be a season 2 of Dimension W?

Answer: Well since the fans are eagerly waiting for any update regarding the show there is a possibility for the launch of season 2! However, there is no clarification on this. If the show gets renewed then dimension W season 2 can be expected in the upcoming year.

Question: What can be the expected date of release of Dimension W season 2?

Answer: It all depends on the creators, if they give any confirmation about the release then the anime can be expected in the following year.

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