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Girls’ Last Tour Season 2 will be more Heartbreaking? Release date and Spoilers.

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Fans are eagerly waiting for Girls’ Last Tour Season 2, and as time goes by, they are getting more curious about it.

The show ended in 2017, and since then there has been no news for girls’ last tour season 2. Many fans loved the vibes that the show provided them, Animation and soundtracks were all well-balanced and successfully created a melancholy yet warm feeling in the stomach…

The producers of the show seem to forget about it.

So, what happened! Why there is no girls’ last tour season 2 yet?

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Girls Last Tour Season 2

Girls’ Last Tour Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the Girls’ Last Tour ended in December 2017, it’s been four years now. But still, there is no news regarding the girl’s last tour season 2. So it’s always one of the reasons or both, that an anime sequel either does not have enough source material, or enough sales, or the ratings were just bad.

Many anime have the same plot that all Iyashi-Kei genre shows have, but many people believed that this show is underrated and find this particular show unique, heartwarming, and fans of this series said that they were left with an empty feeling. And that is the reason fans are eagerly waiting for girls’ last tour season 2.

So for the Girl’s Last Tour Season 2 to happen, its first season should have good viewership, enough sales, and proper source material. Unfortunately, the anime just don’t have enough source material. The White Fox Studio might not make Girl’s Last Tour Season 2 and hence, there will be no release date for the show.

But, there is hope! Since the White Fox Studio can make OVAs or some other studio can take up the series and move the story ahead, and with enough source material to make Girl’s Last Tour Season 2.

Girls’ Last Tour Season 2 Trailer

There is no announcement regarding Girl’s Last Tour Season 2 trailer or its related new projects. White Fox Studio has officially ended the series in December 2017. The studio did not provide any information regarding the series sequel and fans are waiting to hear some updates about their favorite show.

Girls’ last tour got a great viewership rating and also got positive reviews from the audience, but the show’s producers are not ready for girls’ last tour season 2. Despite doing great and receiving great responses, Girls’ last tour cannot have another season.

Those who have read the manga must have already known that the series has covered 4 volumes in its first season, so only 2 volumes are left. You should read the manga to know the ending.

The question here is that even if White Fox Studio agrees to do Girls’ Last Tour Season 2, Will there be enough source material for making Girls’ Last Tour Season 2? Can they make 12 episodes season?

Well, the answer will be no, as it will affect the studio financially too, Why would someone invest in a 6-7 episodes season?  It will be much better to take up long new projects. As we discussed earlier, the studio still can create OVAs or any other anime studio can take this project further.


Girls' last day season 2

About Girls’ last tour

Girl’s Last Tour is a Japanese Iyashi-Kei(aka “Slice-of-life” as it’s a genre, which means providing healing and comforting people) anime show, The show was produced by White Fox Studio (The studio behind many successful anime adaptations like Steins; Gate, Re: Zero). Girls’ Last Tour is a post-apocalyptic, “Slice-for-Life” anime series

Girl’s last tour season 1 manga adaptation came on October 6, 2017, and ended on December 22, 2017, directed by Takaharu Ozaki.

The anime television show has 12 episodes in its first season, which are about 25 minutes each. The show also won the award for the “Best Slice-of-Life” anime category, in 2018, Crunchyroll Anime Award. The manga also won Seiun Award for Best Comic in 2019 and was nominated in various categories.

If we talk about its manga which was written and illustrated by Tsukumizu, the manga was published in Kurage Bunch Magazine. It was published in the magazine from February 21, 2014, to January 12, 2018. The manga has 6 volumes, and in its television show it covers 4 volumes of the manga

Girls’ Last Tour Plot

During the post-apocalyptic period, where all the civilizations have vanished from the surface of the earth due to wars, two girls, Yuuri and Chito, travel around the burned down buildings, destroyed roads, and barren lands, to find food on their Kettenkrad gun tractor and talk about simple things of life and explore the world in which they now live in.

They are content despite knowing the reality that they now live in a hopeless world, they seem like they don’t care about it and are just grateful for the small things they have. During their journey to reach the top of the city, they met other survivors too.

girls' last day season 2

Girls’ Last Tour Manga Ending(Spoilers)

“Simply Existence Is Not Enough,” I think that girls’ last tour manga ending wants to convey this message and also that simply living and avoiding the fact that you will die one day, and sacrificing all your happiness, worrying about small things, cursing when the things don’t go your way, is all just a waste in the end. Living a meaningful life is more important than just surviving.

Here in the anime, it shows two girls who despite being in the worst possible situation they still want to be happy and instead of dreading things and clinging to hopelessness and loneliness, decided to live their life to the fullest.

Yuuri and Chito, reached the top of the city, and to reach there they lose everything, in the end, they were left with empty barren land.

Chito after she saw that there is nothing but a large lonely land, gets confused even though she knew there was no hope to start with, but for a Girls’ Last Tour Season 2, when they both climbed the dark staircase that led to the top of the city, she thought there would be at least some food, she started questioning their choices and start wondering that if they choose another path would the situation be different.

Yuuri with full of content told her that no matter how it ends at least they have fun together, they were happy, they were living and moving forward with a purpose. Both then lay down on the barren land, ate all the food that was left, and then took a nap.

Some say that both the girls die and some say there is still a chance of them surviving. It is up to you to decide!

Now it’s sad that to know the ending of the drama you have to read the manga, you can’t see it in animation form. Girls’ Last Tour Season 2 cannot be just about its ending, you know!

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Girls’ Last Tour Characters

Let’s look at the main characters in the show Girls’ Last Tour Season 1. I must say that this series includes the most realistic character and here I have given one-liner information about the characters, find out more about them by watching this melancholy yet humble series…

  1. Chito:- One of the main protagonists, calm, and she knows how to read.
  2. Yuuri:- Second protagonist, a little insecure and more easygoing than Chito. She is illiterate.
  3.  Kanazawa:- A cartographer who wants to draw a whole map of the barren world in which they now live.
  4. Ishii:- A scientist who helps Yuuri and Chito with their Kettenkrad.

Girl’s Last Tour Box Set

You can buy a show’s box set on amazon, they are about $14-$15, all six volumes. In India, Amazon has the girls’ last tour box set available for Rs913-Rs 1000. You can check that out.

Girls’ last tour death? 

Yes, both the girls reached the top of the city, but there was nothing, so they took a nap, ate. Well, the manga ending was left upto the readers. Some say they die and if you think about it this is a perfect ending, although it’s sad and you don’t want them to die but say they survive and lived for 30 years, it would be meaningless! There is nothing left on the planet, at least they were happy and had a meaningful goal, i.e., to reach the top of the city.

Where you can watch Girls’ last tour Season 2

You can watch the series on IMDBReddit, Amazon Prime Video

Girls’ Last Tour Season 2 FAQS

Q1.Will there be a second season for Girl’s Last Tour?

Ans. There is no announcement of Girls’ Last Tour Season 2, also the possibility is low. Maybe, due to lack of source material.

Q2. Are Yuuri and Chito related?

Ans. They both are sisters.

Q3.Is the girls’ last tour completed?

Ans. Yes its first season is all completed and fans are waiting for Girls’ Last Tour Season 2, but there is no announcement for its new season.

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