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Damson Idris’ Wife! Did Damson Marry in 2022? Is he GAY? Who is his mysterious wife? Discover everything!

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Who isDamson Idris’ wife? What is his net worth? His age, height, weight, career, and much more stuff about the British actor. Continue reading to be updated on his steps!

Damson Idris' wife
Source: theguardian.com

Here you will get all the answers regarding Damson Idris’ wife. But first, let’s know Damson Idris a bit better. 

Damson Idris

Damson Idris was born on September 2, 1991. He was born in Peckham, South East London. He belongs of Nigeria descent. He has five siblings among whom he is the youngest. He used to play football and his idol was Cristiano Ronaldo. He had rugby as well. He got the chance to shake hands with Queen Elizabeth at her golden jubilee where his team took part in 2002

Damson is a British actor and producer. He gained popularity through the film “Snowfall” in which he played the role of Franklin Saint. He has been featured in multiple films. He also does theatre. 

Who is Damson Idris’ wife?

Damson Idris is currently single and also not married to anyone. He might have had relationships in his past but for the time he is single and is seen focussing more on his career. He would like to concentrate his energy on his work rather than sticking to any relationship. 

Damson Idris' wife
Source: theguardian.com

Damson Idris education profile

Among his five siblings, three are brothers and two are sisters. All elder than him. His elder siblings had chosen law, business, and IT as their professions. Damson found it difficult to build his career in the sport football. So he was finally took admitted to Brunel University, London where he studied drama. He got his bachelor’s in arts degree in Theatre, Film, and Television studies.  

The career of Damson Idris

Brunel University, London gave him several opportunities to reach his dreams which he grabbed very wisely and today he has started his journey towards success. In his University he met Cathy Tyson, an actress, she supported him to meet Ade Solanke. He auditioned Damson and he got selected for the play named “Pandora’s box”. From there he started performing in various plays. 

He performed at the Royal National Theatre, London. Then Damson decided to move a step ahead and tried for television. He got some roles in British series like Miranda and Casualty.  

Damson Idris' wife
Source: thenativemag.com

Then he got the biggest catch of his time when he got the role of Franklin Saint in Snowfall. Snowfall debuted in July 2017. Snowfall is an FX crime drama. His role as Franklin Saint is a 19 years old boy who becomes a drug dealer in Los Angeles. It is set in 1983 when the United States was on the verge of the crack cocaine epidemic. 

Damson had worked in many films like City of tiny lights (2016), Megan Leavey (2017), The commuter (2018), Astral (2018), Farming (2018), and Outside the wire (2021). His television shows include Miranda (2013), Casualty (2015), Doctors (2015), Snowfall (2017), The Twilight Zone (2019), and Black Mirror (2019). 

He became a sensation overnight for his role of Franklin Saint in Snowfall. Franklin Saint is a drug dealer of nineteen years who eventually becomes a drug kingpin. 

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Damson Idris relationship rumors

Damson Idris' wife
Source: liverampup.com

Who is Damson Idris’ wife? Last year there was a girl who was presumed to be Damson’s girlfriend. She was Montana Brown. The rumors spread as both of them were spotted while taking sunbath in Cannes, South of France. Brown was seen in a navy blue color bikini in which she was flaunting her curves along with a hat and sunglasses. 

Whereas Damson was spotted in a pair of black beach shorts. He flaunted his beautifully toned physique. Both Damson and Montana were seen enjoying the day of their vacation together. Though there was confirmation from either side. 

She was presumed to be Damson’s girlfriend until the day she posted a picture on Instagram with a guy who is not Damson, captioned “my rogue love”. This made everything crystal clear that they are not dating each other. 

Damson Idris Net worth

Damson Idris' wife
Source: cheatsheet.com

Damson has not revealed his actual salary earnings. His source of earning is his acting career. He has been in this acting career since the last decade so the nearest estimate we can make would be $70, 000 p.a. 

Damson Idris age

Damson was born on September 2, 1991. His age as of 2021 is 30 years. He was born in Peckham,  South East London, and was also raised at the same place. By birth his zodiac sign is Virgo. Virgoans are generally quick thinkers. They are self-effacing, humble, natural, and sympathetic. 

Is Damson Idris a gay? Who is Damson Idris’wife?

Damson was presumed to be gay after the release of his series when he did some intimate scenes. But soon after another news flew that he has a wife. Who is Damson Idris’ wife then? 

Damson Idris' wife
Source: liverampup.com

A rapper named Dreamdoll posed with Black Mirror famed Damson Idris in the Oscar event, 2021. But let’s be a bit rational! Is it enough for us to assume that she is Damson Idris’ wife. Hell no right! Fans who must be waiting for Damson to have a wife jumbled this outline. There is no doubt that they look adorable together but does that mean they are made for each other. 

Frequently asked questions

1. How are Damson Idris and Elba Idris related?

Many people think that they are a pair of father and son, but this is not true. Damson Idris and Elba Idris are not related at all in any way. 

2. Does Damson Idris has siblings? 

Yes, Damson Idris has 5 siblings and he is the youngest of six children. 

3. Where is Damson Idris living now?

When he got the role in Snowfall as Franklin Saint, he has been dividing his time between London and LA. He spends almost four months at his home in London and the rest of the time in California, working on the crime drama. 

4. Is Damson Idris Yoruba? 

Damson is of Nigerian Yoruba descent. He is the youngest of six children are all of them were raised by a single mother. 

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