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How Tall is Dream, Wiki, Relationship, Networth, Where is Now? And 10 Amazing facts about him

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People must have seen this Youtuber live streaming Minecraft videos with his mask covering his face, he called himself “Dream”.

He has gained more popularity in 2019 and 2020, his videos started gaining millions of views, he has seven channels on Youtube, he currently has 25.3 million on the main channel and 36 million views combined. He had also won Streamy Award in 2020.

Fans have always been curious about him, he always does his video while wearing a mask made of Repreve.

Questions like how tall is Dream, his dating life, and many more can be seen on a social media platform and they have remained unanswered as there is not much information about Dream.

Fans become more interested as this Youtuber is very private about his life and does not reveal much.

So keep on reading and let us discover more about Dream Height, scandals, girlfriends, and many more.

How Tall is Dream, Wiki, Relationship, Networth, Where is Now? And 10 Amazing facts about him 

How tall is Dream

Dream Age

The dream was born on August 12, 1999. He is 22-years-old.

How tall is Dream

Many were curious about how tall there is a dream as he looks so tall, so here is the height of this gamer:-

In Feet- 6’2

In Cm – 183cm

Dream Net worth

Dream net worth is estimated to be $13.67 million. It is said that his real net worth is still unknown.

What is Dream Real Name?

Dream’s real name is believed to be “Clay” revealed by a YouTuber Karl Jacobs.

Dream Face Reveal

The dream has been faceless throughout his youtube career and many fans were curious that about his face. A dream has posted a teasing 9-second video of teasing his face while showing a little part of his face.

In an interview in June 2021, he said he does not want to remain a faceless youtube content creator and he planning to do a face reveal in near future.

His fans who provide him continuous support can’t wait to finally see the face of this 22-year-old.

How tall is Dream

Dream Career

The dream started his youtube journey on February 8, 2014. He started his career with the first video of him playing Minecraft.

Since his channel was new and his views were not that good, he decided to play Minecraft, and to generate more views he thought that it would be more fun if he played the game badly on purpose. Then the video cannot grab much attention, but in January 2021, the video has 10 million views.

In November 2019, Dream uploaded a video “Minecraft, But Item Drops are Random and Multiplied” which in January 2021, has got 32 million views on it.

In December 2020, Youtube released a list of their top-trending videos and creators. Youtube ranked Dream’s “Minecraft Speedrunner Vs 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE” video as of 7th “Top-Trending Videos”.

He was also ranked as number two “Content Creator and number one “Breakout Creators”.

In his most famous and most-watched series in Minecraft Manhunt, he came up with a strategy as after uploading every Minecraft Manhunt Hunt video, he would also release additional scenes where he talks with the hunters.

In December 2019 he posted the first video of Minecraft Manhunt, titled, ” Beating Minecraft But My Friends Tries to Stop Me”. He did this for every Minecraft Manhunt video which led to an increased number of views.

Dream SMP

Dream while creating his youtube channel and releasing his most-watched video series of Minecraft Manhunt. He with some other YouTubers like Sapnap and GeorgeNotFound, they all were the member in Dream Team.

Dream Team decided to make a Dream SMP, a private Survival Multiplayer Minecraft server.

The server centered around the roleplay and with some scripted events, they also do improvisation, if required.

How tall is dream

Dream Song

A dream is not only a gamer or a Youtuber, he also sings!

Yes, this Twitch streamer, not only plays the game but also has a great voice.

He had released three songs- “Roadtrip” on February 4, 2021, in this song he collaborated with PmBata. It has received a good response from the audience and gained 24 million views, his second song was released on May 21, 2021, the song was called “Mask”. Mask also received a good response as it gained 22 million views.

On August 19, he collaborated with the singer Alec Benjamin and released a song, titled, “Change My Clothes” and it has had 7.4 million views till now.

Dream Dating Life

The dream is currently single since he did not confirm anything regarding his dating life after his relationship with Sam ended. The dream was in a three-year relationship with Sam. But in 2021, many things happen between the couple.

Both accused each other of cheating, fans were surprised at what Sam said about Dream. She said that Dream rape her beat her, and used to starve her. But later, she denied the rumors. She had been going positive and negative about Dream in public and in private.

Many speculations were going on and many people believed Sam, so the dream decided to come clear as it was just too much for him.

He twitted on Jan 8, 2021, he provided a link in his twit. In that twit, he discussed his rumors and his relationship with Sam. He also talks about how his ex-girlfriend’s allegations are wrong. He also talks about how she has Borderline Personality Disorder, self-harm, and other issues.

Dream said that one day she decided to not take her medicine anymore and after that things went downhill. As she starts cheating on Dream and starts being abusive to him. He also revealed that at first she was really good and caring and he appreciate her for all her support.

In this long twit, he addresses all the rumors. You can check it out on his Twitter account.

How tall is Dream

Dream  Scandals

Dream after getting immensely popular has also got stuck with numerous scandals. One of the scandals was about a Speedrun, Dream in October 2020, who submitted his entry to one of his live streaming Speedrun in Minecraft.

It was said that he cheated in that game and since he was awarded 5th place, it become a trending topic. Dream denied all the rumors and said he was falsely accused. His speedrun was removed from the list.

There was another scandal in early October 2021, it was after Minecraft announced this year’s poll for a new mob to be added to the game. Dream twitted, “I’m going to rig it”, which led to numerous hate comments. He address his haters on October 14 saying that it’s funny how some people take a joke as deathly serious.

On a mob voting day, Twitter suspended Dream’s account for 24 hours and he couldn’t twist anything. Besides being suspended, haters were still commenting about Dream rigging the vote.

But fans of Dream showed a lot of support, every time he gets into meaningless rumors and scandal, they were always there for him and supported him.


1. How tall is Dream?

Ans. 6 feet 2 inches ( 183cm)

2. How Tall is George vs Dreams?

Ans. George’s height is 5’9 and Dream is 6’3

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