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Who is Heidi O’Ferrall?…Her Husband, Net Worth, Age, Career, with 4 Shocking facts that you don’t know about her.

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Heidi O’Ferrall is an award-winning cosplayer, talented costume designer, Youtuber, and model. She started her youtube channel in 2011, she display her designs on her social media platform.

People loved her designs and her cosplay. She has those big blue eyes and she also does modeling for her designs.

She is also the ex-wife of the youtube content creator, gamer, Jared Knabenbauer. Fans have been curious about Heidi O’Ferrall, her education, her divorce, her achievements.

So keep reading as we will discover more about Heidi.

Who is Heidi O’Ferrall?… Her Husband, Net Worth, Age, Career, with 4 Shocking facts that you don’t know about her.

heidi o'ferrall


Heidi O’Ferrall was born on April 1, 1988. She will be celebrating her 33 birthday in 2021. She started her career in 2011, and she worked hard to pursue her love for fashion. Many fans would have already realized that most of her social media profiles are usually under the name Heidi Atelier.


Heidi O’Ferall height is as follows:-

Height in cm- 168 cm

Height in m-1.68 m

Height in feet – 5’2″

Net Worth

Heidi O’Ferrall is a famous costume designer with a net worth estimate of USD 350k, in 2021. Heidi has gained huge popularity from her youtube channel

Her channel currently has 25.4k followers, she also has her clothing line. She also attended 26 conventions and sold 100 prints per weekend.


Heidi O’Ferrall has graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatrical Technology and Design, from the University Of Texas in Arlington.


Heidi was born in Dallas, Texas. The information about Heidi O’Ferrall’s family is not available. She has not revealed much about her parents and her siblings.

Zodiac Sign

Heidi’s zodiac sign is Aries.

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heidi farrell

Heidi’s House And Flood

In 2018, Heidi O’Ferrall’s house, located in LA, was destroyed due to some uncertain events in her house. Heidi explained to her fans on her Tumblr and also share the news on her Twitter. She also started a fundraiser stream. It was when Heidi was away from her house and her ex-husband ProJared was also not there. She went to attend the Dragon Con, for one week. So no one visited the house during this period.

Heidi explained the reason for this flood in her house. She said that the flood happened because hot water gushed from a busted pipe in an upstairs bathroom. It flowed across the floor and soaked through the ceiling of the room below. When she came back and saw that it was raining inside her house. Everything was destroyed by water.

After a few days, it was informed that the drywall in their house tested positive for asbestos, which means that everything that was exposed got contaminated. The ceilings also collapsed due to which her equipment also got destroyed. The vast majority of her supplies and equipment were destroyed.

She then said that she and her ex-husband were staying in a friend’s house. Also, they were planning to move to Seattle, so it will be fine, but she lost all her equipment and her workshop.

She also shared pics of her house. Fans were shocked when they saw the pictures and quickly move to provide some help by donating to Heidi’s fundraiser stream.

heidi o'ferrall

Heidi O’Farell Career

Heidi started her career in 2011, she first began her career as an intern at God Save the Queen Fashions. She later worked with Solstice short film’s art department which was released in 2013. After this, she started doing cosplay for the video game. She appeared in The Game Chaser in 2013 and Asagoa Academy: Normal boots club, a video game released in 2016. She designed her costumes and fans loved her creativity.

Heidi debuted as a cosplayer for Nintendo at San Diego Comic-Con in 2017. She attended SGC in 2013, 2014, 2015, Anime North Texas in 2014, World Cosplay Summit Preliminaries 2015. And many more conventions. It is said that she has attended 26 conventions and also participated in many events.

She also created her Youtube channel on November 21, 2011. She posts her videos of speed painting and many more.

Heidi O'Ferrall has been created : r/AtelierHeidi


Heidi is a very famous designer and has won many awards for her beautiful design. She won the Judges Award at Oni-Con 2012, First Place at Suikoden Day 2012, and Best in Show: NIS America Cosplay at A-Kon 24.

Heidi O'Ferrall

Heidi O’Farell Husband

Heidi started dating ProJared AKA Jared Knabenbauer. They both dated for two years. Jared is a Youtuber and a Gamer.

After dating, they both decided to get married. The couple became Husband-Wife in 2014. However, things got bad between them. Heidi accused her husband of having an affair.

According to Heidi, he was cheating on her with another cosplay. Things became ugly in 2019, Heidi decided to reveal that her husband’s affair is with Holly Conrad.

Holly Conrad is also a Cosplayer, a youtube personality, and a host known for hosting events like Polaris, Marvel. She has also made costumes for conventions worldwide.

Then, ProJared posted about divorce on his social media account. He also mention that despite his efforts to make the marriage work, the couple was filing for divorce. He said that he is doing this for Heidi’s happiness.

He also asked his fans to observe their divorce proceedings very keenly and then decide on their own who is right. Jared mentioned that he and Heidi were attending couples therapy and the divorce thing happened after their couple therapy.

Heidi saw the post and responded by stating that she had proof of her husband’s affair. She said that there are photographs and videos of her husband cheating.

After this Holly Conrad also jumped in between this, she defended herself and said that whatever she said they were just hyperbolic statements used to demonize her.

heidi o'ferrall

Heidi O’Ferrall FAQS

1. What is Heidi O’Ferall Age?

Ans. Heidi O’Ferrall was born on April 1, 1988. She is 33-year-old as of 2021.

2. Who is Heidi O’Ferrall?

Ans. Heidi is a famous costume designer and a very experienced cosplayer. She has won many awards for her own designed costume.

3. Does Hiedi O’Ferral has her clothing line?

Ans. Yes, she currently runs the Forest Girl Clothing Store in Bothell, Washington. She has very good business skills. Make sure to check out her beautiful clothing on her official website.

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