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Azja Pryor: Who is she and where is she after getting divorced from Chris Tucker? Discover her education, career, net worth 2021 and much more!

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Azja Pryor is majorly famous for being the ex-wife of Chris Tucker who is the RUSH HOUR franchise star. Apart from being Chris’s wife, she is an American health coach and had also been a casting director.  Who is Azja Pryor? What is her height,  weight,  age, net worth,  relationship status? Know it all here! We have the most reliable and verified information about the ones you would like to know. So let’s get you filled with all you are craving for. 

Azja Pryor
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Who is Azja Pryor?

Azja Pryor is an American health coach and a former casting director but has been famous as the ex-wife of Chris Tucker. Azja Pryor and Chris were separated and then she moved to LA and started a new life there. Chris has been a famous American actor and comedian. He had gained the fame best out of the movie titled RUSH HOUR.  The couple had a long relationship but due to some uncertainties, they were separated.  Her decision of moving to LA to start a new life was proved to be effective for her. 

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Azja Pryor was born on August 28, 1978, in Berkeley,  California,  United States.  Azja is very much into her family which includes her parents, a brother, and a sister. Her mother’s name is Deborah B. Pryor but we have not gotten any leads about her father’s name. Her brother’s name is also anonymous yet but her sister’s name is known and that is Vivica. 

Azja’s education profile

Azja Pryor has always been mediocre in studies, she was neither brilliant nor dull in her school.  She joined Hamilton Senior High School for her elementary education. She used to be an open-hearted girl who used to enjoy studies as a part of her life and not as a burden. Later she took admission to Los Angeles Community College for her higher education.  

Married life of Azja Pryor 

Azja Pryor
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Azja Pryor has tasted sweet as well as bitter in her marriage.  She married her long-time boyfriend Chris Tucker back in 1997. Chris is a famous American actor and comedian as well. Both of them shared a really good bond. The couple was blessed with a  baby boy in September 1998 to whom they named Destin Christopher.  But after that what happened between the couple that they had to get divorced? The couple did not disclose any reliable reason for the separation.  

Later on, Azja was seen dating a famous actor named Christopher Brian Bridges and their relationship also could not reach a satisfactory level and they broke up. Azja then got into another relationship with Cherif A Ndiaye and married him. Azja is still in a marriage with Cherif A Ndiaye. Cherif is a fitness coach and the relationship and compatibility between the two seem adorable. Azja gave birth to a girl child that she named Iman Joelle in April 2017. 

Azja Pryor
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Azja’s son Destin is recently going towards making a career in acting just like his father. Though he is yet not very open about coming in front of the camera and limelight. Azja is living her life with her husband,  children, and two stepchildren.  

Azja’s career

Azja grabbed the eyes of people when she married Chris Tucker back in 1997. Before marrying Chris, she had multiple professions. She is a health coach and a nutritionist. Apart from this, she was also a casting director.  Many details about her past life are not very clear but now she is a CBSW Babywearing Educator.  She handles multiple social media accounts including Instagram with more than 12.5k followers; Facebook with more than 5.4k followers and Twitter where she only has near about 500 followers. The number of followers on Twitter is quite low because she has been inactive from the account for a long time. 

Azja Pryor net worth

The time when Azja was involved in the film industry as a casting director was her golden period following earning. Though she is still earning her rate of earning has slowed down with time.  Her nearest estimated net worth is around $500,000. She has stopped working as a casting director due to some unrevealed reasons which have given her a loss in her earning but now she is earning through her health coaching profession and by being a CBWS Babywearing Educator.  Apart from all these, she also earns through paid promotions on her social media accounts as we have witnessed her doing so. Moreover, her son has become an American actor and is a famous Internet celebrity.  

Azja’s age

What is Azja’s age? Azja was born on September 18, 1978, in Berkeley,  California,  United States.  As for 2021, she is 43 years old. 

Where is Azja now? 

Azja Pryor
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Initially, Azja got fame as the wife of Chris Tucker.  But after she got divorced and got separated from him, she went to LA and started a new life. She came into another relationship with a famous American actor but could have a successful relationship.  Then she married Cherif A Ndiaye and is living a peaceful and loving life with him. She is living with two kids of Cherif from his former wife and has a girl child with Cherif. Her son Destin is a grown-up man now and is around 22 years old. He has opted for acting as his career and is leading in that direction just like his father. 

Azja recently is living a healthy life and is working as a health coach. She loves traveling and we can see her spending her time traveling with her husband and daughter. 

Frequently asked questions about Azja Pryor 

1. To whom is Azja Pryor married now?

Azja is married to Cherif A Ndiaye now and is having a daughter with him named Iman Joelle. 

2. Who is Chris Tucker married to now?

After getting a divorce from Azja, Chris has dated many girls but none of them could become his wife. The girls Chris dated include Vanessa Mendoza, Nia Long, and Gelila Acres. Recently Chris is dating India Arie for a long time.

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