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What is Invadervie Age? Twitch Star, Career, Drama, Age, Net Worth, Boyfriends…And 7 More Stunning Fact About Her.

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Today we will be talking about a gamer that goes by the name “InvaderVie”. She is a famous Twitch streamer, who is known for Mass Effect Gameplay. She has 206,526 followers on her Twitch.

She is very active on her social media. She is a model from Toronto, a city in Ontario, Canada. She is also famous for her rants with her subscribers and viewers.

Invadervie’s fans and viewers are curious about her. They want to know more about her and questions like Invadervie Age, boyfriends, Net worth, and many other questions come to people’s minds. So don’t worry as we are here and we will promise you to give answers to your curious questions.

Keep scrolling to know more about Invadervie!

What is Invadervie Age? Twitch Star, Career, Drama, Age, Net Worth, Boyfriends…And 7 More Stunning Fact About Her. 

invadervie age

Invadervie Age

Invadervie was born on 29 April 1990. The Canadian model and streamer are 31-year-old, as of 2021.

Invadervie Net Worth

Invadervie is a famous Twitch streamer and currently has more than 200k followers. She also has been doing modeling for various brands and she also has earned from her youtube channel on which he uploads lifestyle videos, makeup videos, DIYs and she also does cosplay of various anime characters. Her net worth is estimated to be $200,000 in 2021.

invadervie age

Invadervie Height

Invadervie height is as follows:-

Height in cm – 165 cm

Height in m – 1.65m

Height in feet – 5’5″

Invadervie Family

Invadervie was born in Toronto, Canada. She has kept her private life out of reach from the public and her fans. So there is no information about her family.

Invadervie Education

She has completed her schooling, but there is no information regarding her further education.

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InvaderVie Age

Physical Appearance

She is a model from Canada and has beautiful brown eyes, and her hair is blonde. She has a slim body. She weighs about 50kg.

Zodiac Sign

What is the zodiac sign of Invadervie? Her zodiac sign is Taurus.

Invadervie Instagram

Invadervie posts her modeling picture on her Instagram page. She has 56.5k followers, 102 posts and recently she has posted about “Black Lives Matter.” The caption of her post says “#Blackout Tuesday.”

Her Instagram page is filled with her modeling photos, which are loved by her fans. She also posts her cosplay pictures, in which she wears costume-related anime or movie characters.

invadervie age

Invadervie Twitch

Invadervie is a known Twitch streamer. She started her account on February 27, 2018. She plays various types of games and streams them live. She has more than 250k followers on Twitch. She is known for her Massive Effect Gameplay. She is ranked 2389th in terms of Total Views, for her followers, she is ranked 2652nd.

The most streamed game by her is “Just Chatting”. She played this game for 11days, 14 hours, 40 minutes. The maximum number of viewers was 4261. The next most streamed game by her is ” The Elder Scrolls  V: Skyrim”, she played this game for 4days, 11 hours, 30 minutes. In total, she has played 25 games.

Invadervie Age

Invadervie Scandals

Invadervie Rant

This one incident was when Invadervie insulted her viewers and in response got so much hate. What Happened?

It was during the pandemic when everything was locked and people were glued to Netflix or Youtube. This gamer got upset with her fans and insulted her fans for not subscribing to her channel and not donating enough.

She accused them of being dishonest and irresponsible with their money. Many fans started to hate commenting about her, which impacted her fan following. Her fans started leaving and her number of followers decrease by a significant amount.

When Invadervie saw this, she immediately posted an apology video. But instead, she became a meme. But she just keeps on leaving her channel. Many other big streamers also came into this. The streamers were Pokimane and xQc. Both the streamers criticize Invadervie for her remarks and they reacted by posting their views on Twitter.

But one of the twitch streamers defended Invadervie, it was “Destiny.” Yes, the same person who Invadervie claimed to be in a ” secret relationship” said that people were judging it wrong.

He claimed that her argument was not that people weren’t subscribing to her, but those people who watch her gaming videos for hours and still not subscribing to her channel are “Bullsh*t.” He also insulted Pokimane by calling her a Pokiwhore.

After this post, Pokimane reacted to Destiny’s post by saying that he is only defended Inadervie due to her friendship with her. Then again Destiny replied with a savage reply to her post.

Korean streamer criticizes Invadervie with mocking imitation - Dexerto

Invadervie and Destiny

Invadervie in one of her live streams addressed a rumor and said to her viewers that it was true. Many fans of her believed her but after the live stream ended people started commenting about her and criticized her for spreading false rumors and destroying other people’s image. So, What did she say on her live stream?

During one of her live streams, Invadervie came across a question from a fan in the chat. The fan asked her about another Twitch streamer Destiny AKA Hasan Piker, the comment was related to Destiny’s relationship status. To which Invadervie replied that Destiny is not single and he is in a relationship with Pokimane.

Invadervie went on, she said that even though it’s none of her business, but she has proof of them. She then claimed that she saw a video of Destiny and Pokimane being together and in the video, they were being physical with each other.

After the stream ended, fans were furious to know that all that Invadervie told in her Livestream about Destiny and Pokimane was wrong, she was just bluffing. The video that Invadervie was talking about was when Destiny and Pokimane streamed together at TwitchCon, Berlin.

Then fans came together and told Invadervie that what she did was wrong and “Toxic”. She should not have said anything about the matters which are not true and also for which she does not have proper proof.

When Pokimane saw this, she responded by saying that “It is nice to see how people are coming forward even before her and shutting down all the nonsense. She also said that it is really sad to see her friend spreading false rumors about her.

Invadervie Age FAQS

1. What is Invadervie Age?

Ans. Invadervie age is 31-year-old. She was born on April 29th, 1990.

2. What is the net worth of Invadervie?

Ans. $200000.

3. Is Invadervie is on Instagram?

Ans. Yes. She is also on Twitter, Twitch.

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