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Who is Carlie Jo? Her Lifestyle, About her Cafe, Networth, Where is now? All you need to know with 6 Pretty Interesting facts about her life.

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Carlie Jo is famous for her new business techniques and her modeling pictures on Instagram. Her restaurant is located in Washington, DC. The name of the restaurant is “Bikini Beans Expresso.” It is famous for its staff attire.

She is currently earning millions from her business and her revenues just keep increasing. Many people thought the idea of staff barely wearing any clothes, is something new but also has become a topic of concern for parents.

Her fan following on various social media platforms is increasing day by day, and people are getting curious about this beautiful model and an entrepreneur.

So keep reading as will answer your questions about her and discover more about Jo’s life.

Who is Carlie Jo? Her Lifestyle, About her Cafe, Networth, Where is it now? All you need to know with 6 Pretty Interesting facts about her life.

carlie jo

 Carlie Jo Age

Carlie Jo was born on  22 July 1992. She is 29-year-old, as of 2021.

Carlie Jo Net Worth

Carlie has become a famous businesswoman who is now earning a good amount of money from a restaurant Bikini Beans Espresso, where all the staff serving coffee is barely dressed. It got a mixed reaction from the people. Carlie also has huge followers on her social media, where she posts her sizzling photos. Her net worth is estimated to be $100k-$1 million(Approx).

Full Name

Carlie Jo Howell is the full name. But people usually call her Carlie Jo.


Carlie’s height is as follows:-

Height in cm – 165 cm

Height in m – 1.65 m

Height in feet – 5’5″

Zodiac Sign

She is Cancer.

Carlie Jo

Physical Appearance

Carlie Jo has a slim figure. She has beautiful eyes which are dark brown and her hair is blond. She shocked everyone on her social media accounts with her pictures as a model. Fans loved her pictures and clearly, they are too Hot to handle!


She was born in the United States. She did not reveal her personal life in public. Her parents, siblings, and other relatives are unknown. On her Instagram, you will see her with her friends or siblings, but she never revealed their names.


She has completed her schooling but there is no information about her further studies. She has been quiet about her personal life and never discussed it with her fans.

Carlie Jo Birthday Posts

She posted her topless pic for fans on her birthday. Her fans wished her and she also thanked them by saying, ” I am luckiest Barista in the world and so grateful for all your love and support”, she wrote on her Twitter. She also shared her pic for her fans on the website Only Fans, only for those who have paid the subscription.

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carlie jo


Carlie has 145k followers on her Instagram, she has  345 posts. Her Instagram page is “Cup of CharlieJo”  which perfectly makes sense as she is a barista. She first began posting in August 2017. She usually posts her pictures. Her bio says, ” 📍Owner of Bikini Beans Espresso in Kent, WA. ✖️Making the 🌎 a better place one👙☕️ at a time.🔗👇”

Her pictures are all sexy! She shared pictures of her in lingerie, dress, bikini. She also shares photos from her Cafe, pictures of her staff, friends, siblings. She has a dog and a cat. She calls them her “Happy Place.”

Carlie Jo

Animal Lover

Carlie is not a successful businesswoman but also an animal lover. On her Instagram, with her bikini and lingerie photos, there are also pictures of her dog Coco. She loves her dog very much and always takes her dog with her whenever she is planning for a vacation.

Her fans also react lovingly and consider Coco as a lucky dog. The fans joke about how they wish to be her dog. Also, her first Instagram post was of her kissing Coco.


There is not much known about Charlie’s past life, but this woman came with a different strategy in the business line. She has not only opened her own restaurant/ Cafe, but it has already become the talk of the town. Both for good reason and bad.

She is an American entrepreneur who rose to prominence after establishing the Bikini Beans Expresso shop in Washington, which is famous for barely dressed staff.

The staff of Bikini Beans Expresso wears an only bikinis, sometimes they just put stickers on their body. This surely is a different strategy to run their business, the cafe is not known for their food and beverages, but instead the atmosphere, filled with girls in bikinis and serving coffee is just where adults would like to go!

Carlie Jo has earned millions from her business and has also set up its branches in various other places. According to her, her business strategy is a way to empower women and make them feel good about themselves.

carlie jo


Charlie has not disclosed anything about her relationships. She has been quiet about her life and never mentioned her parents, siblings, and other relatives. She is focused on her career and moving forward with her new projects.

Carlie Jo


Carlie Jo, the owner of the Cafe “Bikini Beans Expresso” faced criticism for her dress code for the staff. Carlie used a unique way to boost their selling, which also worked.

It attracted many people and generated a lot of revenues. But the Cafe has received negative reactions from some people, mainly parents, and also the city councilor, Mike Fagan.

So the unique strategy behind the business was to make their staff wear bikinis and underwear as their dress code. Here female staff serves coffee topless with two stickers covering their nipple area and wearing underwear. Yes, it become famous and attracted people, but it was mainly men.

City Councilor, Mike Fagan, criticized the idea of ladies wearing fewer clothes and serving coffee. Fagan called this an act of exploitation of women. He said in an interview, ” It should be all about coffee and not about the body.” Also, it is about children, what will be the impact on these little kids?

A resident shares her story, she said that her children were returning home from the cinema. And her kids saw the women barely dressed. The resident then said that it’s none her of business, and it does not matter what anybody is doing. But now when these five-year-old kids ask questions about what they saw, Why they were not wearing clothes? And, Why men are there in line?

She said that she don’t want it imposed on my family. But the owner of the Cafe defended herself and stand strong in her way of doing business. She firstly said that the dress code is not exploiting women but it is empowering them. Also, she said that many families come and visit her, it’s no issue as the staff does not put off customers with children.


1. What is the net worth of Carlie Jo?

Ans. $100k-$1 Million.

2. What is the full name of Carlie Jo?

Ans. Carlie Jo Howell.

3. Is Carlie Jo married?

Ans. No.      

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