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Bryce Hall tik tok age , height, weight,net worth 2021. Everything you are craving, discover here!

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What is Bryce Hall tik tok age?  Hall is a tik tok famed personality and is also a YouTube star. Let us give you guys more of a look at his life. Here we will fill you guys up with Bryce Hall tik tok age, height, weight, net worth, current relationship status, and many more interesting facts about him which you will gonna love!

Who is Bryce Hall? 

Bryce Hall tik tok age
Source: famousbirthdays.com

What is Bryce Hall tik tok age? Bryce is a popular tik tok personality who makes videos on YouTube.  The genre because of which he gained fame was comic videos.  He used to shoot videos of lip-synching and create humorous content. He is available on multiple social media platforms including Tik Tok, YouTube, and Instagram.  He posts videos on Tik Tok of dance, lip-synching, and comedy. He also features his fellow Tik Tok stars in his videos. 

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What is Bryce Hall tik tok age?

What is Bryce Hall tik tok age? Bryce Hall was born on August 14, 1999, in Ellicott City, Maryland,  United States. As for 2021, his age is 22 years. His birth sign is Leo. Leos are generally big-hearted and compassionate. They are majorly known for their generosity of time, energy,  respect, and money.  He holds American nationality and follows the Christian religion. 

Bryce Hall family

What is Bryce Hall tik tok age? Bryce’s mother’s name is Lisa Hall who is working for a private company and his father’s name is Mr. Hall who is a businessman. He has a stepbrother whose name is Bradon Hall. His parents were separated when he was just a child. He also has a pet dog named Cici. 

Bryce Hall tik tok age
Source: creatorsbio.com

Bryce Hall’s height, weight, and other  body measurements 

What is Bryce Hall tik tok age? What is his height? Bryce hall stands 5feet 8 inches tall which is 172 centimeters and 1.72 meters.  He weighs approximately 75kg. His body measurements are not specifically mentioned anywhere. His eye color is brown and his hair color is also brown. He has a lean body which attracts several female fans towards him. 

Bryce Hall relationship status 

What is Bryce Hall tik tok age? Is Bryce married? No Bryce is not married he is not even involved in any kind of romantic relationship with anyone at this particular point in time. He is living a single life. He seems to be focussing on his career and his priorities.  But we have seen him dating a famous social media face named Addison Rae in his past. But the relationship with Addison could not succeed and they broke up. He also dated Elle Danjean in his past for a short period.  

The career of Bryce Hall

What is Bryce Hall tik tok age? What does he do for his living? How has his journey been till now? Bryce had given a kick start to his career at a very young age of only 15 years. He started making videos on various social media platforms like YouNow, Musical.ly and gained a massive fan following.  But these apps were shut down soon but Bryce had already become a popular face by then. Very soon he came up with another platform YouTube.  He created an account on YouTube back in 2015 and started uploading videos there.

Bryce Hall tik tok age
Source: creatorsbio.com

He shares entertaining,  funny, challenging content on his channel. He has accumulated more than 3.64 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Another achievement of Bryce was that he was featured in a movie that was based on the social media personalities where they created unique content for the social media platforms.  The name of the movie was JAWLINE in 2019.

He has also joined the group Sway House because of his success on social media.  He shares the group with other talented social media personalities like Josh Richards and Kio Cyr. He also launched a finance podcast named CAPITAL UNIVERSITY.  He collaborates with his contemporary Tik Tok stars like Noah Beck and Griffin Johnson in his social media posts. 

The net worth of Bryce Hall 

What is Bryce Hall tik tok age? What is his net worth? It’s a bit difficult to exactly estimate his net worth. But if we look at his popularity, we can easily say that he is earning a handsome amount of money. He is a social media influencer and it is also one of his earning sources. He earns through Instagram,  Tik Tok, and YouTube. He has worked hard to be in the position in which he is today. He is a social media personality and we can reach him from multiple social media platforms. 

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On his Instagram,  he shares events of his daily life through pictures and videos. He has accumulated several more than 8 million followers on his Instagram account.  His Tik Tok account has around 20 million fans. He earns through paid partnerships as well. Here are the links you can use to reach your Tik Tok star, Bryce Hall.

YouTube- click here 

Instagram- click here 

Twitter- click here 


Back in 2020, Hall accused a member of the Hype House of stealing money from fellow members and spending it in an irrelevant manner.  Another controversy was when he tweeted about STRAIGHT TIK TOK. The LGBTQ community got offended against it. Though Bryce deleted that tweet within a few minutes. 

Bryce Hall tik tok age
Source: famousbirthdays.com

Some lesser-known facts about the young star

  • He is an avid pet lover and he also has a dog in his family named CICI. 
  • He loves working out and is a fitness freak.  
  • He loves traveling, playing sports specifically basketball, and making various types of content in the form of videos. 

Frequently asked questions about Bryce

1. What is Bryce Hall tik tok age?

Bryce was born on August 14, 1999. So as for 2021, he is 22 years old. 

2. Is Bryce married?

No Bryce is neither married nor he is in any romantic relationship with anyone. He is living a single life right now and focusing on his career. 

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