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How Old is Diego Martir?… 7 Shocking Facts About Him And Learn more about this Instagram Star

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Today we will be talking about a young sensation who gained a massive fan following on his social media platform in just one year! This young sensation is “Diego Martir.”

Fans were curious about Diego and the secret behind his quick success. Questions like How old is Diego Martir? Is he dating anyone? Also about his viral Instagram picture.

He started creating videos on tik tok in 2017, he would usually post videos of funny challenges, lip-syncing videos, making trendy videos. His great sense of humor caught the attention of the people and that’s the reason why his following skyrocketed.

Keep Scrolling! As we will discover more about Diego Martir and answer your questions about him.

How Old is Diego Martir?… 7 Shocking Facts About Him And Learn more about this Instagram Star

how old is diego martir

How Old is Diego Martir?

Diego Martir was born on December 24, 2003. He is 18-year-old in 2021. Diego created his social media account in 2017 when he was just a 14-year-old. His looks and funny personality is the reason behind his massive following. His memes on Donald Trump got millions of likes and his interaction with his fans made him more adorable and likable.

Diego Martir Height

Diego Martir height is as follows:-

Height in cm – 179 cm

Height in m- 1.79m

Height in feet- 5’8″

Diego Martir Net Worth

Diego is an emerging social media star but he quickly increased and grab the attention of the people through his wonderful sense of humor and his way of interacting with his fans that made the people to press that subscribe button. He is a good-looking fellow, handsome face with adorable curly hair, which made him a perfect model.

He earns from his sponsorships and from his youtube channel, where he has posted 4 videos until now and has 166k subscribers already. His net worth in 2021 is estimated to be USD 200000.


how old is diego martir

Diego Martir Family

Diego Martir is one of those names which is included in the youngest teen sensation who crossed a million subscribers in just one year. It happened so fast for him. Since he got famous he had mentioned nothing about his parents. He kept his parent’s identity a secret.

It is said that he was born in El Salvador. He has also revealed about his siblings. He has four sisters and one brother. His younger sister named Ainara is also a social media star with 70000 followers on her Instagram. Ainara brother’s popularity must have benefited her. You can check her account @babygirlainara.

Diego Martir Education

Diego is eighteen years old, as of 2021. He must be in his last high school year. It’s just a guess. As he has not revealed his education qualification to the public. The young teenager’s fans who are curious about his personal life, can’t be satisfied with this. But in the end, it’s the entertainer’s choice on the matter of sharing his personal life with his fans. When he feels comfortable and desires to reveal his life to fans, he will certainly do it.

how old is diego martir

Diego Martir Instagram

Diego created his account in August 2017. His first post was a shirtless pic and it shows his well-built body with abs. The shirtless pic of Diego went viral. Also about his viral Instagram picture, it was the reason for his huge fan following. Girls could not take their eyes off him. After Diego’s shirtless pic went viral and got a great response from the viewers, he started posting more of his photos.

Currently, he has 1.3 million followers, with 83 posts. His Instagram bio says-

ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘𐡏

Public Figure

I’m funny, well sometimes

He posts pictures with his friends,  funny videos, lip-syncing videos. He also loves to photoshop himself, where he would be standing with Ariana Grande, or sometimes becomes a character from the movie The Incredibles. Fans love him and his funny content.

how old is diego martir

Diego Martir Career

Diego is a famous Instagram star who became famous at such a young age. Diego tried his luck, he created his Instagram account in 2017 and posted a picture of him being shirtless. The picture went viral and received positive reviews from people, mainly girls. Well, who can ignore this handsome fellow?

Diego saw the reaction and was very surprised by the response he got from the people, he then posted couple more photos of himself, and slowly- slowly the number of followers started increasing. After building a good amount of audience he started posting funny videos, challenges, memes.

His sense of humor is also the reason why more and more people are following him. Within one year he has one million people following him. That’s crazy!

Diego is also very active on TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, and also other social media account.

how old is diego martir

Diego Martir Dating Life

Diego might be silent about his parents but has not kept all his life private. He has been open about his relationships with various famous social media stars. Fans are always curious about Diego’s status, Is he dating or not? Whom is he dating or dated in the past? So let’s look at all the girlfriends and ex-girlfriends of Diego Martir.

how old is desiree montoya

Diego Martir and Desiree Montoya

Diego started dating Desiree Montoya, who is also a social media star. The couple started in 2017 until 2018. They first started creating videos together and also created a youtube channel named, Diego and Desi, they both would interact with their fans. But then they stopped posting content that included them.

Fans were quick to realize that something is off. The fans were right, as then Diego revealed the news by posting a video “Why we broke up…” in December 2018, in the video he confirmed that the couple has separated and they both decided to remain as each other’s friends. Diego also talks about the reason they decided to separate from each other, they broke up because of constant arguments.

how old is diego martir

Diego Martir and Lauren Kettering

Diego after he broke up with Desiree, started dating Lauren Kettering who is also an Instagram star, in 2020. It seems that the couple has broken up. But the interesting thing is that Diego posted a post saying that Lauren cheated on him with some other YouTuber and he has proof for the same.

He also said that he still misses her and their relationship went downhill very fast. The couple dated for only 2 months. In his emotional post on Instagram, he also revealed that he was disappointed at how Lauren moved on so quickly.

Fans think they would be back together.

hw old is diego martir

Diego Martir Scandals

Diego is not a guy who can be seen in frequent controversies, he stays away from them. But in 2020, he and other social media celebrities got in trouble for their video. Let’s look at the controversy surrounding the young stars.

Diego and Ona

Diego is a celebrity with millions of people watching him. Usually, all Instagram star grow their followers does these “Trends” in the hope to become a  trending topic. Fans also then follow these trends done by their favorite social media personality.

Diego too decided to create a video on the viral trend called “Seizure Trend”, in this trend people first like they are having seizures and then start dancing to a song. Ona, another star joined this trend.

Both Diego and Ona got backlash and hateful comments. According to fans, the trend looked like it was mocking those people who have seizures. Some also stood up for them, but also said that in the future they should be more careful about the trends they choose to follow.

Social Media Accounts

You can check out his more content on-

Instagram – 1.3 million followers

Tik Tok – 4.4 million of fans , 257.6M Likes

Youtube Channel – diegomartir    

Twitter – diegomartir

He is also on Snapchat.


You can also check out Diego Martir’s merch on the website.

How Old is Diego Martir FAQS

1. How old is Diego Martir?

Ans. He is 18-year-old.

2. What is the net worth of Diego Instagram?

Ans. $2ook.

3. What is the zodiac sign of Diego Martir?

Ans. Capricorn.

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