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Who is Sodakite?…All Info about her Lifestyle, Net Worth, Lovelife, Where is now? 7 Amazing facts about this Twitch Star that will Blow your mind.

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Today we will be talking about a Twitch gamer who is famous for her live streaming and broadcasts. She started her career as a Twitch gamer in 2014.

She is the most famous Twitch gamer. She is first started as a YouTuber and used to upload vlogs on youtube channels in 2009. This was before she found out about Twitch. Then she became a Twitch gamer.

Her online social media accounts go by the name “Sodakite.” She is also very active on Instagram, Twitter. Fans are very curious about this beautiful gamer and want to more about her and her personal life.

So, keep scrolling! As we will discover more about Sodakite and answer your questions about her.

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She was born on November 5, 1993. She is 29-year-old. She became a twitch gamer when she was 21-year-old and previously, she is also a YouTuber, who started her channel at 16year-old.

Net Worth

Sodakite has been a twitch gamer for 7 years, and a YouTuber. She earns money from her social media accounts. Her youtube channel has 9.3k subscribers and has 65 videos. She is very active on her youtube videos. She uploads various types of videos on her channel. Her estimated net worth is $200k.


Sodakite’s height is as follows:-

Height in cm –  164 cm

Height in m – 1.64 m

Height in feet- 5’4″

Physical Appearance

Sodakite is a beautiful girl. She makes everyone fall in love with her. Due to her bubbly personality, many fans have told her that she looks like a teenager, even though she is 29-year-old. Sometimes fans could not believe her beautiful photograph she looks like a 16-year-old girl.

She has beautiful blue eyes and has blonde hair. Her freckles enhance her beauty and she looks stunning in her photos.

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Who is Sodakite? Wiki, age, boyfriend, net worth, family, height - Biography Tribune


Sodakite was born in Arkanas. She has been quiet about her life and has not revealed her matters to the public. There is not much information about her parents, siblings, and relatives.

Fans are very curious about this Twitch gamer. She provides entertaining content to her followers and has more than 100,000 followers on her Twitch, but people don’t know much about her.


There is no information about Sodakite’s education. She has not revealed her education qualification.

Sodakite Accent

Sodakite is from the South Central region of the US, a city named Arkansas. People living in Arkansans speak with a Southern Dialect accent. Many fans have asked Sodakite about her accent and have commented on it.

When she saw that it has become a constant topic of discussion among her fans and the number of comments she is getting regarding her accent. She decided to answer the fans of her questions.

She wrote on her Twitter account, ” I get asked about my accent a lot by new RP viewers, so here’s a little background on wHy sHe sOuNdS liKe tHaT.”

With this message, she also shared a video titled, ” What’s up with SodaKite’s accent?

The video explains why she has an accent like that, many fans replied by saying that her accent is cute as her.


Sodakite Instagram

Along with living streaming, Sodakite is also very active on her Instagram. She regularly posts her pictures and interacts with her fans. She has 21k followers and has posted 3832 posts until now. Her Instagram bio says-



Twitch Partner & Podcaster
Ellie on NoPixel
📍Austin, Texas


She also posts her pictures with her dog, also with her friends, she does not include her family members and has not shared her personal life with her online fans. According to her, she was a shy kid in her college.

You can see pictures of her attending Akon, Skydiving, food, she has shared her college pictures and funny pictures and videos of her doing silly things. The Fans always reacts to her post and the majority of the people found her adorable, and beautiful.


Sodakite Twitch

Sodakite has 153,523 followers on her twitch in 2021. She has played a total of 65 games on Twitch. The most played game by her is Grand Theft Auto V, she has this game for 15 days, 21 hours, 30 minutes.

She also played games like Just Chatting, Gas Station Simulator, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil Village, Life is Strange: True Colors, Dead Space, and many more other games. You can check her twitch stats here for more information.


Sodakite Copypasta

From her Twitter conversation, it looks like Sodie first commented “I guess I’m just old”, in response, one of her fans named Mike The Bard replied, ” Can you all not, okay thanks.”

Sadie then commented on his comment by saying, ” I swear it’s copypasta LOL, neither of you hecks is old.”

To this comment of her, many fans laughed and also made a meme on her.


Sodakite started her career as a YouTuber, in 2009.  She used to post vlogs on her youtube channel with the same name “Sodakite.”The youtube channel has 9.3k subscribers and she has uploaded 65 videos. Her channel is growing and she has been posting and uploading videos.

Then in 2014, she discovered Twitch. After then she started playing games and started doing live streams. She also plays Ellie on NoPixel.Her twitch channel has more than 100k followers and is increasing day by day. She is also very active on her social media accounts. Fans love her accent and her bubbly personality.


Dating Life

She has not revealed her relationship to her fans and has kept all personal matters private. There is no information regarding her past relationships and her current boyfriend.

Fans have been curious about her personal life and want to know more about her but after all these years being a online celebrity fans barely know her.


1. What is the age of Sodakite?

Ans. She was born on November 5, 1993. She is 29-year-old.

2. Is Sodakite is single?

Ans. Yes. She is a quiet person and has not revealed her relationship to the public.

3. What is the Net worth of Sodakite?

Ans. Her fans are increasing as the years go by and her following on her other social media accounts is becoming larger day by day. Her net worth is estimated to be $200k as of 2021.

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