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Who is Pokelawls? What is Pokelawls height, weight, age, net worth and 15 quick facts about him!

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Who is Pokelawls? What is Pokelawls height? Pokelawls is a Canadian Twitch streamer and a professional Overwatch player. Let’s give you all the information regarding the player: What is Pokelawls height,  weight,  age, net worth, love life, and many facts which are not so known by his fans. Continue reading to get updated with the most reliable and verified details.

Who is Pokelawls?

Pokelawls height

Pokelawls is a Canadian Twitch streamer and he is one of the most famous streamers on Twitch and has millions of views. His real name is not known to anyone as he has decided not to reveal it to anyone. He is very secretive. He is popular as his username is POKELAWLS.  He also owns an official  YouTube channel with more than 248k subscribers. He has amazed thousands of his fans on his Twitch account and other platforms as well.

He has also collaborated with other famous streamers to become a world-famous game streamer. He rose to prominence as a League of Legends and subsequently an Overwatch player but then he expanded into a multiple platform streamer.

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What is Pokelawls ‘s age?

How old are Pokelawls? What is his age? Pokelawls was born on September 22, 1992, in Toronto, Canada. As for 2021, he is 29 years old.  His birth sign is Virgo. Virgos are also called human lie detectors and they are incurable perfectionists. They are quick thinkers yet they are frequently tensed and stressed. He holds American nationality and belongs to mixed ethnicity. He follows Christianity.  Continue reading to know about Pokelawls height.

Pokelawls height, weight, and body measurements

What is Pokelawls height? How much does he weigh? Pokelawls stands on a height of 5ft 7 inches which is 1.68 in meters or 168 centimeters. His weight is around 57 kgs or 127 lbs. His eyes and hair are black. He wears a shoe of size 7.5 US. He is a fitness freak and loves working out. His body measurements are approximately 44-32-38.

Pokelawls career

Pokelawls height

How had Pokelawls started? He created his YouTube account on April 10, 2006. He created his YouTube channel in 2006 but did not post anything. He started posting in 2016. He became famous for his Overwatch streams. Then he started streaming on Twitch back in 2013, he mainly streamed Overwatch.  He also dabbled into IRL streaming.  In 2013, his streaming took a height when he started streaming Overwatch.  His following increased with time and now by 2018 he has accumulated more than 200,000 followers there. With the ending of 2018, his following spread up, and he gained around 750k followers. Pokelawls streams had included a variety of different popular streamers as well.

Pokelawls net worth

How much is the net worth of Pokelawls? The major and primary source of Pokelawls is his social media career. His nearest estimated net worth is around USD 50k.

Pokelawls education profile

Is Pokelawls educated? Is he still studying? He finished his High School education as a studious student and after that, he has joined Bachelor degree in United States state University for his graduation.

Social media platforms of Pokelawls

Where can we reach Pokelawls? He has been active on multiple social media platforms including Facebook,  Instagram YouTube, and Twitter.  He has gained thousands of fans on all of his social media accounts.  He is loved by his fans and they enjoy watching his daily life events. He has an official YouTube channel where he posts his videos and vlogs.

The love life of Pokelawls

Pokelawls height

Is Pokelawls dating someone or is he married? Twitch streamer Pokelawls has not shared much about his personal life and is not very interested in sharing. He is at the moment dating a stunning girl named Gigi.  His past relationships are also not very open to his fans and he does not reveal much of his personal life.  He is dating Gigi who had played Fortnite along with him. He has been dating Gigi since 2019. She is also a Twitch streamer.  They collaborate regularly and appear on each others’ Twitter feeds and streams.

Not so known facts about Pokelawls

  • Pokelawls has never revealed his real identity and has chosen to be silent on this particular matter.
  • Pokelawls is an animal lover.
  • He is active on multiple social media platforms.
  • Pokelawls’s family consists of his mother and two sisters.
  • He features his mother in his videos as well.
  • Pokelawls height is around 5ft 7 inches.
  • He has an official YouTube channel where he posts his videos and vlogs.
  • He has merchandise where he deals with t-shirts and hoodies for his fans. This merchandise contributes to his net worth.
  • He sells his t-shirt at the minimum rate of $25.
  • He adores his family a lot and loves spending time with them.
  • He is also a part of the team TSM and he streams regularly. He even tries to stream every day.
  • He has appeared on the list of the most popular Twitch star.
  • And was also ranked in the edit list of celebrities those are born in Canada.
  • His favorite color is Yellow.
  • His nationality is Canadian.

Frequently asked questions about Pokelawls

1. What is Pokelawls height?

Pokelawls stands at a height of 5ft 7 inches.

2. What is Pokelawls religion?

Pokelawls follows the Christian religion.

3. Is Pokelawls dating anyone?

Yes, Pokelawls is dating Gigi who is a fellow Twitch streamer. He is dating her since 2019.

4. Is Pokelawls married?

No, he is not married. He is in a romantic relationship with Gigi since 2019.

5. When was Pokelawls born?

His birthday falls on September 22, 1992.

6. What are the income sources of Pokelawls?

Pokelawls is a gamer and a Twitch streamer, so his primary income is through this only. But apart from this he also runs merchandise where he sells t-shirts and hoodies for his fans. It also contributes to his net worth.

7. Is Pokelawls available on any social media platforms?

He has an official YouTube channel where he posts his videos and vlogs.

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