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Who is Crystal Hayslett? Lifestyle, Net Worth, Age, Real Name and 10 more shocking facts about this breakout star.

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Today we will be talking about Crystal Hayslett, an American actress, who is best known for her role of “Fatima” on the hit tv series “Sistas”. It was aired on the Bet tv channel. And it is comedy series.

She is also a costume designer, executive director, and executive producer. She is surely multi-talented. Crystal is also a singer and her voice is beautiful.

Crystal love for fashion was always there, she got her first chance as a production assistant in 2012. The movie’s director is the same person who made Sistas, ‘Tyler Perry.’

Many fans of her want to know more about this beautiful actress. They want to know behind the scenes and learn more about her personal life.

So, keep scrolling as we will discover more about Crystal Hayslett.

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crystal hayslett

Crystal Hayslett Age

She is between 30-40 years old. There is no confirmed news about it.

Crystal Hayslett has been in the film industry for a very long time. She had worked hard to achieve what she wants. She has not revealed her private life to her fans. Crystal’s fans were curious about her life as she rarely discussed it.

Full Name

Her real name is Crystal Renee Hayslett.

Crystal Hayslett Net Worth

She is earning from her acting, music, and also as a costume designer. Crystal Hayslett’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million. She has become more popular after her role as Fatima. She is a breakout star who from a costume designer to acting in series and films.

Crystal Hayslett

Crystal Hayslett Movies and TV Shows

Known For. Sistas(2019-2021)

Young Dylan Costume Designer (2020)

Acrimony’s Costume Designer(2018) and many more…

Crystal Hayslett Height

Crystal Haylett height is as follows-

Height in cm- NA

Height in m – NA

Height in feet – NA

Crystal Hayslett Education

She completed her education at a local school. She then attended the University Of Tennessee. There studied Mass Communication/ Public Relations. After graduating, Crystal moved to Washington, Dc.


Crystal Hayslett is born in Tennessee, United States. She has been quiet about her family and her relatives for all those years. She started working in 2012, and she is still in the industry and became a successful person.

Crystal Fans has been curious about her and wants to know more about her. She has been quiet and stayed low.

crystal hayslett

Crystal Hayslett Singing

Crystal is certainly a creative person and is very skillful. She is not only an actress, but she is also an executive producer, fashion designer, and also singer. Yes, she also sings. Crystal is very fond of music and she also started pursuing her passion recently, almost seven months ago.

Her debut single is titled ” I F*CKIN LOVE YOU”, the video of the song has 15k views, in 2021. The official video is uploaded on Crystal ‘ youtube channel. She also performs on stage and sings songs for her fans.

She is just started her career as a singer and her fan are very eager to travel with her, in her journey of music.

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Crystal Hayslett Instagram

She has a huge fan following and after her role of Fatima, her popularity has skyrocketed. She has 292k followers, she has 412 posts. Her Instagram bio says-

  “Actor & Producer | Fatima on @sistasonbet | Former TV/Film Costume Designer
If had faith & made it happen were a person 🙏🏽✨
mgmt: [email protected]

She interacts with her fans through her social media, since she has not revealed that much about her private life, fans are generally curious to know about her and her relationships. Her Instagram is filled with Crystal’s beautiful photos. She shows her perfect body and sexy outfits. Many fans love her fashion style and aren’t surprised as she is a very talented designer.

She also posts short makeup tutorials on her Instagram, Food, Workout videos, she also updates her fans about her new projects and stuns fans with her glamorous magazine pictures.

Although fans are not getting what they want, they want to know her personally, but since she has not shared much about her relationships and past life, fans are left with unanswered questions. But fans of Crystal do understand and respect privacy.

Crystal Hayslett

Crystal Hayslett Husband

Crystal is unmarried. Even though on her camera you have seen her with many men in the hit drama series “Sistas” but, Does she has someone special in her life?

It is not much about her relationship status. She has not revealed her personal information in the public. Her parents, siblings, boyfriends are unknown.

crystal hayslett

Crystal Hayslett Career


Crystal completed her schooling and then graduated from the University of Tennessee, but from the very beginning, she knew that she loves fashion. After graduating she took initiative and went with her heart. She then started working in the costume department of Tyler Perry Studios, after two years she became the studio’s costume designer and personal stylist.


Tyler Perry, who is the writer and producer of the Sistas. After getting impressed with Crystal offered her an opportunity of a lifetime. He offered her the role of Fatima in his comedy-drama series Sistas that appeared on BET. Before this role, Crystal had worked in a short film, she also made her appearance in BET’s The Game and Stomp the Yard 2. The role of Fatima was Crystal’s first regular role.

This role was a turning point for her, from costume designer to acting, she made her transition and people loved her character and started rooting for her. This is why people called it a Breakout Star.


Her debut single is titled ” I F*CKIN LOVE YOU”, the video of the song has 15k views, in 2021. The official video is uploaded on Crystal ‘ youtube channel. She also performs on stage and sings songs for her fans.

Who is Crystal Hayslett? Lifestyle, Net Worth, Age, Real Name, and 10 more shocking facts about this breakout star.


1. What is the age of Crystal Hayslett?

Ans. Crystal has not revealed her accurate birthday date. Her age is between 30-40. She has been quiet about her personal life.

2. What is the net worth of Crystal Hayslett?

Ans. She has been become a popular actress after she played the role of Fatima. Her net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

3. What is Fatima’s real name on sistas?

Ans. Crystal Renee Hayslett.

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