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Moxley murder case 1975: Is Michael accused again? Know all the details about trials and recent developments in the case

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Moxley murder case: America has records of crime specifically in its sixties and seventies. There are many crime stories one can easily encounter to. Many producers and directors have given these cases a shape of a movie or a documentary and we can spot some novels as well. One such case was of Martha Moxley who was murdered.

The case had been very violent and precisely saying, it was inhumane. Though the culprit of the case was captured and was punished,  the case was yet not dismissed and it has taken people’s attention again as there is a new lead in the case.

Moxley murder
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Let us take you to the reality of the Moxley murder case and we would bring out the facts related to the murder mystery. Here we will cover all the aspects of the case possible. We will clear out the leads that got the case again in the limelight.  Let us get to the case straight.  

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Martha Moxley murder case

Who was Martha Moxley? Martha was a teenage girl of age 15 years and was a High School student. She was born on August 16, 1960. She held American nationality. She was living a life just like a normal teenage girl.  She lived in the neighborhood of Belle Haven. She was loving with her family in Greenwich,  Connecticut.  She was engaged in her daily routine just like any other girl of her age, she was enjoying her adolescence and was also living a free life. But all this could stay till the day she was murdered brutally. 

What happened to Martha? It was the night of October 30, 1975, when Martha and her friends were planning a prank on the neighbors. This was a regular activity of teenagers at that time. They planned that Martha would be the companion of Thomas Shakel whi was the elder brother of Michael Skakel, her classmate. As per the plan, all the friends gathered on the poolside in the backyard.  Everything was just according to the plan and no one could spot anything unusual. 

The next day was a shock to Martha’s family when her body was found lying in their backyard.  She was mercilessly beaten and assaulted (not sexually). Post Morten reported that the cause of her death was a golf club that was spotted near her body in the backyard.  It was found broken. She was stabbed and beaten multiple times. 

Moxley murder
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Investigations in the Martha Moxley murder case 

Who was the murderer of Martha Moxley? The primary suspect of the case was Thomas Shakel as he was the one with whom Martha was the companion the previous evening.  Another suspect for the murder was Shakel Brother’s tutor. But the police could not arrest anyone as there was not enough evidence against anyone. 

The case itself gained much attention from 9f people as the Shakel brothers were nephews to the Kennedy family (former president’s family). Precisely saying Shakel brothers were nephews of Ethel Skakel Kennedy who was the widow of U.S Senator Robert F. Kennedy. The media and news got all of it covered.  People were scared as their silent neighborhood was attacked and the prey was a teenage girl and the accused was also a teenager. 

The police got the accused on trial and within the initial trials, Michael confessed his crime and was punished to imprisonment for 20 years. But he did not spend much time in jail as he was bailed out. The judge in 2013 stated that the accused was represented by the lawyers properly in the court.

The case had been pending for decades.  Much developments were not there in the case, a small development took place in the nineties when there were some suspects of rape and assault. But due to lack of evidence they were released by the court. This was clear as at the time of death there was not even a hint of sexual assault instead of finding the body in a gruesome manner. 

After another couple of years, one more trial was placed which also could not come up with anything and in 2020, the Supreme Court had declared that there would be no trials further for this case. 

Is Michael a real accused of this case?

Has Michael killed Martha? The case was shut in 2020 when Supreme Court finally announced no further trials in the Martha Moxley murder case.  But it was hiked again when Martha’s childhood friends Burns and Holland agreed to cast an interview for a news channel. They came up with their perspective on the case. Another lead in the case was Martha’s diary which had a description of the events one month before the crime took place. 

What was there in the diary of Martha Moxley? Martha has mentioned some inappropriate behavior of the accused Michael Shakel and it was confirmed by her childhood friends.  The Shake brothers had an attitude of not following the rules. Their personal life was also not stable as her mother passed away because of cancer and their father was hardly there for them as he was always traveling. 

There was a development in the case when the older brother came and confessed his lies. He was the last person who saw Martha alive. The development came over a decade after the case was closed. Another round of investigation and trial was taken into consideration.  The investigators have failed so far to reach any conclusions as the Shakel brothers had changed their narratives over and over by the time. 

Moxley murder
Source: en.m.wikipedia.org

Facts about the Martha Moxley case 

  • Robert F. Kennedy had written a controversial article in The Atlantic Monthly and titled it as A MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE. He wrote in his article that an innocent man is being put behind the bars and the media is inflaming the case. He also pointed towards the tutor and wrote that there was more evidence that was pointing towards him. 
  • Shakeel was imprisoned at the MacDougall Walker Correctional Institution in Suffield, Connecticut.  

Frequently asked questions 

1. Would there be more trials for Michael Shakel?

In 2020, Supreme Court had stopped any further trials for Michael Skakel.  

2. When did the Martha Moxley murder case take place?

Moxley murder took place on October 30, 1975.

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