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Britannia Season 2 is here already Where Are You?? PLOT, RELEASE DATE and EVERYTHING you want to know!

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Here’s everything we know about Britannia season 2!

Many people were left confused when Britannia season 2 suddenly stopped in between the season and were worried that the show might have been canceled. But what happened to the show? Keep reading to find out!

The mysterious historical drama TV series named Britannia was the first creation that was co-produced by Sky and Amazon Prime Video. The series was created by Jez Butterworth and Tom Butterworth.

Britannia Season 2

At the beginning of Britannia season 1, it can be seen that it was set in AD 43. It revolves around a parallel reality in which Julius Caesar fails to conquer Britain and shows the life of four different characters.

The first one is Aulus Plautius who is a savvy warrior and is determined to win against Julius Caesar. Second is Young Cait from the Cantii tribe who wanders the forest after Romans destroyed her tribe. She sticks to Divis who seems to have supernatural powers of his own which are visions, hypnosis, and divination. And the last one is princess Kerra who is the daughter of Cantii King Pellenor and cares deeply for her people.

What happens when these people come face-to-face and clash together? You will only get to know if you watch this impeccable series!

After the first season was a huge hit, the creators have decided to move things very quickly and are continuously renewing the show for the next seasons (not that we are complaining!).

When was Britannia Season 2 released?

Britannia Season 2

The show began its journey on 18th January 2018 and the first season came to an end on 15th March 2018 when Aulus revealed the true colors of the Roman Empire. Since then fans have been waiting for Britannia season 2 and the creators didn’t disappoint!

All of the 10 episodes of Britannia season 2 were released on 7th November 2019. The creators were planning to film the third season as well but due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, shooting had to be paused for everyone’s safety in 2020.

Season 2 picks up the story after a leap of 2 years. In the beginning, we see a dead man awakening who seems to know a spell that could end everything. Later we can see some tension between Cait and Divis and maybe some romance?

We can assure you that this series has a lot of drama, filled with action, romance, humor, and in the end it might make you cry. In short, it checks off the boxes and will leave you stunned in the end by the story as well as its visuals!

There is no news of Britannia season 3 yet but we do know that Amazon is not part of the franchise now. Amazon neither produced the second of Britannia nor screened on its platform. The reasons have not been disclosed yet.

But it is confirmed that Epix will be replacing Amazon Prime Video and co-produce the third series with Sky. Therefore, you’ll find all the episodes of Britannia season 2 on Epix only.

Behind the scenes of Britannia Season 2

Britannia Season 2

As the show is based on British tragedies, most of the filming of the series took place in different parts of England like Ashridge, Chobham, Pembrokeshire, and many more!

The series received over 76% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and overall was received very well by the critics. The cast of Britannia includes – David Morrissey as Aulus Plautius Kelly Reilly as Kerra, Nikolaj Lie Kaas as Divis, Hugo Speer as Lucius, and many more talented actors who will be continuing in the upcoming seasons as well!

If you have already watched Britannia Season 2 then you can maybe watch the following similar series while you are waiting for season 3 of Britannia –

  1. Game of Thrones (if you haven’t already!)
  2. Barbarians Rising
  3. The Last Kingdom
  4. Roman Empire
  5. Frontier
  6. Knightfall

All the series above are available on Netflix so you can go add them to your watchlist now!

Have you watched Britannia season 2? What are your expectations from season 3? We would love to hear your opinions so let us know in the comment section down below!

Frequently Asked Questions about Britannia Season 2

Did Britannia season 2 get Cancelled?

The show was renewed for a third series in January 2020. … It would also air the first series beginning August 2, 2020, and the second series beginning October 4, 2020. Filming of the third series was shut down in March 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic and resumed in September 2020.


Can I buy Britannia Season 2?

Season 2 of Britannia, a historical fantasy with some irreverent British humor, begins tonight, Oct. 4, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Epix. You can also stream the series, the brainchild of award-winning writer-director Jez Butterworth, on Philo. … You can watch it as an add-on to your Philo subscription for an additional $6/month.


Why is Britannia season 2 not on Amazon Prime?

It’s not entirely clear why Amazon decided to walk away from the project, but it’s most likely to do with viewer retention. Historical dramas are extremely expensive to run due to the costumes and sets. Britannia would have been no different, set during the Roman invasion of Britannia.


Is Kelly Reilly in Britannia Season 2?

Britannia season 2 cast
Stars David Morrissey, Kelly Reilly, Zoë Wanamaker, and Mackenzie Crook will all be returning for the sophomore run, and the scripts are once again written by Butterworth and his brothers, Tom and John-Henry.


Where was Britannia season 2 filmed?

In season 2, Britannia’s filming locations were mostly in England so that the makers could shoot on several landscapes. The Regni tents were set up on the Broadhaven South beach in Pembrokeshire. The other camps were set in Hertfordshire, Ashridge, and Chobham Common in Surrey.


For more info:

What are you waiting for? Watch the trailer of Britannia season 2 here!

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