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Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Season 2 Release date! Confirmed? Update & Details

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Cardcaptor sakura clear card season 2, fans are waiting for the release of Cardcaptor sakura clear card season 2. However, madhouse hasn’t announced the release yet. Fans are waiting for the series since the release of season 1. It’s been a long since the release of season 1 and fans are confused on whether the series will renew or it’s cancelled. However we all want the Cardcaptor sakura clear card season 2 to be released as soon as possible, season 1 was awesome and we expect the same with Cardcaptor sakura clear card season 2 if it comes.

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Cardcaptor sakura clear card is a Japanese shōjo manga series written by Manga group clamp. The manga is published by Kodansha. It’s a blend of romance and magic. The anime adaption of the manga by madhouse was aired from January to June 2018, having a total of 22 episodes. The anime television series is directed by Morio Asaka and is written by Nanase Okawa.

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The series starts from where the sealed card movie ends. Sakura Kinomoto started her new high school with her best friends and boyfriend Syaoran. Sakura had some mysterious dream about a cloaked figure, after the dream, all of the Sakura cards turned blank which she finds very strange and she wants to know whatever happened to them. It’s a mystery why the card turned blank and she wants to find out how the hell happened to them. With the cards turning blank she lost all of her magical powers. She is accompanied by her friends, Guardians, and protector in her quest of finding what is wrong with the cards. They Discovered some new blank cards with the help of the Magical dream key.

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Previously on season 1 

Episode 1 starts with Sakura’s first day in her new school after which she had a strange dream about a cloaked figure, later she finds that her Sakura cards are blank and she has lost her magical powers. After discussing her problems with Yue, Syaoran and Tomoyo she has another dream about a key that remains in her hands after she wakes. On the way to her school, on the next day, she is attacked by strong winds which she overcomes by the use of that key and turning it into a card.

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After that in episode 2- Shakira, Tomoyo and kero are at Sakura’s house and are trapped in some space. Tomoyo tries to burst it with one of his needles. And that day sakura has another dream in which a cloaked figure tries to steal her magical key.

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In episode 3, there’s heavy rainfall throughout the day and Sakura finds a card named aqua after which she finds a card named reflect. And she again tried to stop that cloaked figure from stealing her key.

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In the next episode, we see a newcomer in school and his name is Akiho Shinomoto. Akiho Shinomoto become friends with Sakura.Charact quickly. later she finds out another card named action. later Yue tells her that he cannot feel any magic from the new cards.

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Sakura and her friend meet for flower viewing, she is dragged by an unidentified power and she ends up in the middle of some forest near a big tree and here she finds another card gravitation.

Cardcaptor sakura clear card season 2
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In the next episode, episode 6- sakura had another dream of that cloaked figure and she is sitting on a clock. Later she and her friends catch up during luck break to hear Akiho and Tomoyo sing together. Sakura hears some strange noise after song and she finds another card “record”.

In 7 episodes Sakura and her friends are at Tomoyo’s house for the testing of new card records, and here she finds another card ” Flight”.

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Sakura Kinomoto: she is a student of junior high school named Tomoeda middle school. She is studying in 7th grade and is very kind and generous, also overly optimistic. She is a young and Cheerful girl.

Syaoran li: he is Sakura’s new boyfriend and she considers him a very strong guy. He goes to the same school as Sakura.

Cereberus: he gave the name Cardcaptor to Sakura in the original series. His magics are all about fire, earth, light, and the sun.

Tomoyo Daidouji: she is the second cousin of Sakura. She designs all of Sakura’s battle clothes and films all their magical and non-magical things and eventually becomes her assistant.

Touya Kinomoto: he is Sakura’s older brother and is 19 years old. He has some magical powers, using he can communicate with those who belong to the spiritual world. He can even enter the spiritual world using his spirit. He can also feel the things of the spiritual world that remains undetected to any normal human being. He had been in a relationship with an 8th-grade teacher however they end the relationship later. He is still learning and gaining more magical powers and his best friend is Yukito.

Aiko Shinomoto: he has travelled over the world which is a guardian and caretaker. He is new to the school and became friends with SakuraSakura and Tomoyo.

Yuna D Kaito: he is considered to be one of the top magicians by Eriol. He has more of a brother-like relation with Akiho. Seems to be having vast magical powers and people consider him very powerful. he is the main antagonist of the series.

Yukito Tsukishiro: the classmate and longest best friend of sakura’s older brother.

Yue: he is also the Guardian of the clown cards along with Cerberus. His magic is about the moon, water, air and dark.

Rika Sasaki: she is a good friend and ex classmate of Sakura, tomoya and Syaoran. From middle school, she has been transferred somewhere else but she returns and meets with sakura to give him the book Alice in wonderland.

Cardcaptor sakura clear card season 2
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Is the series available on Netflix?

Cardcaptor sakura is available on Netflix and it’s both seasons are available but unfortunately, Cardcaptor sakura clear card isn’t available on Netflix.

where to watch-

It’s available on Amazon Prime and Crunchyroll as well.

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