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What is Sienna Mae Age?…Do you want to know about Sienna Mae Gomez, Assault Allegations, her Net Worth, her dating life and 4 Shocking facts that you won’t believe.

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This 17-year-old Tik Tok star has over 15 million followers on Tik Tok, she posts videos related to body positive dance, self-love. She has over 2.1 million views on Instagram. She also got a Youtube Channel, on which she has 378k followers.

In September 2020, Tik Tok named 12 Latinx Trailblazers, Sienna was also included in that list. Fans loved her for positive messages.

Many fans love her and want to know more about Sienna Mae Age, her life, her journey, and more.

So, scroll down, as we will answer your questions and discover more shocking facts about Sienna Mae’s life.

What is Sienna Mae Age?… Do you want to know about Sienna Mae Gomez, Assault Allegations, her Net Worth, her dating life, and 4 Shocking facts that you won’t believe?

sienna mae age

Sienna Mae Gomez Age

Sienna Mae was born on January 16, 2004. She is 17-year-old, as of 2021. She started her online career in 2016, she created her Instagram account then she joined tik took in 2020.

Sienna Mae Full Name

Her full name is Sienna Mae Gomez.

Sienna Mae Height

Sienna Mae height is as follows:-

Height in cm – 162 cm

Height in m – 1.62 m

Height in feet – 5’2″

Sienna Mae Net Worth

Sienna Mae’s net worth is estimated to be USD 900,000. She has earned from all her social media accounts like Instagram, Tik Tok. She also had brand deals, endorsement deals, promotional content, she makes a lot of money by doing this.

sienna mae age

Sienna Mae Family

Sienna Mae is born to Ramon M Gomez and Dina Gomez, in Laguna Niguel, California. Her father is of Mexican descent, and her mother Dina is of Russian Descent. She has three siblings and Mae is the youngest in the house. Her Brother Jacub is a professional photographer, her other brother Caden and Micaela.

Her parents also created their accounts on Instagram by the names @siennamaedad and @siennamaemom. This was after Mae become famous and went viral. Mae’s parents’ Instagram ID name is similar to Mae’s ID(@siennamae).

Sienna Mae Education

Sienna Mae is in High School. She has been a childhood friend with the famous social media star, James and Jack Wright. They all attended the same school.

Sienna Mae Merch

Sienna Mae has her clothing line. She named it “Confidence is Cute.” There are all kinds of wear- everyday wear, swimsuits, hoodies, and many more. If you are a fan of Sienna then check out the website of “ConfidentisCute

Sienna Mae Ethnicity

Sienna Mae is an American but she belongs to mixed ethnicity. Her parents are of Mexican descent and Russian descent.

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sienna mae age

Sienna Mae Career

Sienna Mae Gomez created her Instagram account in 2016. She started posting pictures, but initially, she does not gain that many followers. Then in 2020, she joined Tik Tok and posted her first video which include Sienna dancing. Her first video blow up and went viral. She also becomes a member of the Tik Tok content creator house in LA “The Hype House.”

It was because Sienna danced and showed her belly which was not slim and up to society’s standards. Her videos promoted Self-love, Say no High Standards of Body Image. Her first video got 17.5 million views on Tik Tok.

Then she started posting her dancing videos, which led to an increase in her popularity and had 15 million followers on Tik Tok.

Also, her popularity was boosted when she started posting videos on her youtube channel with her childhood friend and also a famous social media star Jack Wright.

Fans of both the star increased and started demanding more content that include both. So they started collaborating. On her youtube videos, she has posted Q&A Videos, many other types of videos. Her youtube channel has 378k followers as of 2021.

sienna mae age

Sienna Mae Dating

Sienna Mae is currently single. She is a new emerging star and still, now there has been no information regarding her past relationship. But she dated Jack Wright, who is also a member of “The Hype House.”

Jack is also a childhood friend of Mae, they both attended the same High School, in Arizona. Later when Mae went viral for her body-positive videos, they both started collaborating.

She posted a video on her youtube channel titled, “AM I DATING JACK WRIGHT!?! SIENNA MAE GOMEZ AND JACK WRIGHT Q&A!!!” on 24 October 2020. She posted the video as many fans in the comment were suspecting Mae and Jack to be a couple and it was said that they were most wanted to happen couples. But they both agreed that they were in a relationship.

Many fans supported and loved their favorite couples until it took a bad turn. They both maybe after a few months ended their relationship. They did not announce it in public, but they stopped collapsing and stopped doing other activities as a couple for their fans. And now, after Jack’s accusation of sexual assault against Mae, it is confirmed that their relationship is ended and fans were shocked and were in disbelief that behind their smiling face they were hiding something this Big!

sienna mae age

Sienna Mae Scandal

Assault Allegations( Sienna Mae and Jack Assault)

Yes, it is more shocking to know that the couple who was loved by their fans and received support from their fans, their couple relationship has now become a Victim-Abuser relationship. But the topic is very serious since Jack Wright’s boyfriend of Mae has said that 17-year-old Sienna was sexually assaulting him and also verbally abusing him.

This came into light when on May 30, 2021, Mason Rizzo, who is a friend of Jack Wright, tweeted-

“She also has a history of verbally abusing people in high school and LA. She prioritizes the growth of her platform rather than the positive message, she represents herself as a follower should be an excuse to get away with abusive behavior. You guys should know the truth about her.”

Mason did not directly mention Sienna, he also talked about how she told Jack to “Kill Yourself.”


Then Sienna defended herself, she denied very accusations and said that she did not assault him, it was someone else. The fan was very furious at this time, they started bashing, hating her. Her comment box was full of hate comments.

sienna mae age

Jack after Sienna’s video, responded to her by saying that anyone who has abusive behavior should be treated and He wished Sienna, his childhood friend to get better.

But because Sienna was denying every time she spoke, Jack’s friends decided to give everyone proof. They shared a video on Tik Tok, the video included Sienna and Jack with other friends, Jack was looking unconscious in the video and Sienna jump on him and started kissing him. She was not only kissing him but also she was touching him inappropriately. The video was then banned and all the posts were deleted by Tik Tok.


Sienna also lost her 600,000 followers in two days. Then Sienna took a break for one month and then she again became active. She posted a video in which she was dancing on the Sam Smith son “Young.”

Many were surprised as they thought after her scandal she would release an apology video and address the situation, but instead, she was dancing. Her video received many hate comments.

Sienna Mae Age FAQS

1. What is Sienna Mae Age?

Ans. Sienna Mae was born on 16 January 2004. She is 17-year-old.

2. Is Sienna dating Jack Wright?

Ans. No.

3. Why was Sienna Mae Cancelled?

Ans. Sienna Mae was canceled due to her scandal of Sexual assault and verbal abuse.

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