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How Old Is Charlie D’amelio, Networth, Love Life and Exclusive News!

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So let’s find out today about the question of how old is Charlie? well, let’s find that out and more today about the celebrity influencer and dancer Charlie and how old is Charlie, her family, her friends, net worth, and every new update and news on her.


so fasten your belts and stay till the end of this article to learn more about Charlie D’Amelio and why is gaining more popularity lately!

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Charli Grace D’Amelio is an American social media celebrity, influencer, and dancer. Charlie was a competitive dancer for over ten years before starting her social media career in late  2019.

she started by posting content on the video-sharing platform TikTok, she began posting dance videos to trending songs on the platform. Charlie quickly gained a large and big following and fans and she became one of the most-followed creators on the platform.

D’Amelio made her film debut as a voice-over star in the 2020 animated film StarDog and TurboCat and she also starred in another docuseries ” The D’Amelio Show “in 2021. she also has other areas of interest and made her mark in the entertainment industry by widening her hold and that included her book, podcast,  nail polish collection, mattress, and makeup line.

Charlie D’Amelio is the first person to amass a huge following both 50 million and 100 million on TikTok and she was the second-highest paid  TikToker personality in 2019 according to Forbes. She is also known to be called TikTok’s biggest influencer.


Date of Birth:May 1, 2004 (17 years old)
Place of Birth:Norwalk, Connecticut, U.S.
Profession:Social media personality


Charli Grace D’Amelio was born in Norwalk, Connecticut, on May first, 2004,


the daughter of photographer and former model Heidi D’Amelio, business owner, and former Republican  Senate candidate Marc D’Amelio.


Charlie D'Amelio
Amelio sisters

Charlie also has an older sister named Dixie, who is also a social media personality and singer.

She is known to have started to begin dancing at an early age of three and loved dancing around every time, and she is also a trained competitive dancer and is said to have had an experience of dancing for over 10 years before she started her TikTok career in 2019.


Charlie as a high school student used to the private King School in Stamford, Connecticut,  but later she began attending school virtually because of the pandemic and following her TikTok success.


So the most awaited question today that is how old is Charlie THE TikTok star and influencer born in 2004 is  17 years old, as of 2021.

And that explains how old is Charlie and she is just a teenager and earns more than you and me, wow! incredible


well hope you guys now know how old is Charlie d’Amelio and now let’s look into her career, Charlie began posting on TikTok in May 2019 with lip-syncing videos. Since then, Charlie’s content has mainly consisted of videos dancing to trending songs. In October 2019, she gained more exposure for her videos performing a dance called the “Renegade” to the K Camp song “Lottery“. After getting backlashes about copying others’ dance moves Charlie later began regularly crediting the creators of the dances she performed. She also joined the  TikTok content creating house “The Hype House” in November 2019 along with her sister, Dixie D’Amelio.

In March 2020, she and her sister partnered with UNICEF for an anti-bullying campaign. That same month, she partnered with Procter & Gamble to create the #DistanceDance challenge campaign on TikTok to encourage social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic,  she was nominated for a Streamy Award for Social Good Campaign during a covid pandemic.

She also became the most-followed TikTok influencer, displacing American social media personality Loren Gray.

Charlie D’Amelio starred as Tinker in June last year for the animated children’s film StarDog and TurboCat, marking her first role in a feature film as a voice-over for a character. That same month, she and her sister partnered with Morphe Cosmetics to launch Morphe 2, a makeup line with their collaboration. The Amelio sisters  Charli and Dixie also launched a nail polish collection called “Coastal Craze ” with Orosa Beauty in August 2020.

Dunkin’ Donuts created a limited-time menu drink dedicated to Charlie D’Amelio and based on her “go-to” order called “The Charlie”.She also made an appearance in pop stars Jennifer Lopez and Maluma’s music video for their singles “Pa’ Ti + Lonely“.

D’Amelio earned a Guinness World Record for being the most followed TikToker later last year. D’Amelio starred in the music video for the Bebe Rexha single, “Baby I’m Jealous”, in October 2020. Charlie was nominated for three awards, which included the Creator of the Year, at the 10th Streamy Awards.

Personal life:

Charlie D'Amelio

D’Amelio has disclosed that she suffers from an eating disorder and anxiety disorder. She has also been open  about her experiences with body shaming In an anti-bullying campaign for UNICEF, she said, “Some of the most hurtful comments that I read about myself online are about my body shape, my body type, which hits close to home because I struggled a lot with body image, body dysmorphia, and a bad eating disorder.”

D’Amelio has expressed her dilemma on her rise to popularity. In an interview, she said, “I consider myself a normal teenager that a lot of people watch, for some reason. It doesn’t make sense in my head, but I’m working on understanding it.


Charli D’Amelio has an estimated net worth of $12 million. After first posting her dance videos on social media in early 2019, she became TikTok’s most-followed creator and influencer. As a result of her fame, D’Amelio has got numerous sponsorships and has gone on to create a podcast, a makeup line, and a nail polish collection, and the making of a book.

well hope you guys enjoyed reading this article about Charlie and how old is Charlie and everything about her, so since you enjoyed finding out about how old is Charlie, stay tuned for more articles coming your way.


who is Charlie D’Amelio’s sister?

Dixie D’Amelio

What is Charli Damelios’s height?

Feet – 5 feet 7 inches

Charlie d’Amelio’s tiktok following?

As per the data collected in September 2021, Charli d’Amelio was the most-followed content creator and influencer on the TikTok platform worldwide. The dancer had over 123.5 million followers on the social media platform.
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