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Tallest Woman! Maci Currin ,Who Is She? All the Secrets Behind her!

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Which women don’t like long legs, they can wear those stunning boots and clothes still look so cool and sexy! well everyone wants long legs but sometimes it can be overwhelming to have the longest legs on planet earth!

Yes, you heard that right, the owner of the longest legs or a female teenager who is known to have the longest set of legs in the world and she also has a Guinness record for it, what? that is some tall girl shit right there, wow.

so today we are here to look into a teenager and her name is Maci Currin .she is has some interesting pair of legs and that is one of the longest legs on earth. So hang in there and stay till the end to find more about this teenager who is said to have the longest female legs.

Some attention striking photos of a teenager standing head and shoulders above other people have attracted so much attention since the news of her record-breaking long limbs was on the news last year.

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maci currin

Maci Currin is a Texas-born teen and an aspiring model, who is said to have turned heads through the news of winning the Guinness World Record of having the world’s longest legs. She is also a star record breaker and Instagram star, who was born on January 27, 2003, in Texas. Now Maci Currin is 17 years old girl and is famous for her pictures, videos, and other short video clips. She is also famous and is always trending for her long legs and is called the “long-legged girl”. Maci Currin has a  lean physique and she also has the longest face and body according to reports.


January 27




January 27, 2003

Popular as

World’s longest leg girl




17 Years

Zodiac sign




Maci Currin’s zodiac sign or birth sign is libra and she has American nationality.


Maci Currin

Maci Currin is said to be six feet ten inches tall and is said to be weighing about 72 Kg. Her body measurements are about 33-24-35 inches. Maci Currin has blonde hair and blue eyes.


Maci Currin has decided to continue her studies in California, she wants a unique study experience that will allow Maci Currin to travel the world and explore and have more adventures while completing her education and getting her degree. She also shared the ups and the downs from having the intense experiences she is getting from trying to get to know people from across the world from the newly acquired fame. Maci Currin disclosed that she likes to study but also her interest to become a celebrity and model and to have a good start in the entertainment industry which is normal and who doesn’t want to be a celebrity!.

Maci Currin FAMILY:

Maci Currin

She was born in the Taxes city of America. Maci Currin is known for her presence in the world’s most taller girl and won a world record prize, “Women’s tall.” As of now,  there is not much information available about Maci Currin’s family members and we know that apart from her parents she has a brother that’s it but we will get you all the other information we know. Maci Currin has not shared further much information in detail about her parents, siblings, and other family members. Maci is very sensitive about her family so she didn’t say much about anything about her family and likes to keep her family and personal life private and doesn’t want much media exposure on the same, but Maci was kind enough to reveal a bit about her life events and her daily life. We also came to know that she is religious and was born and raised as a Christian and she belongs to a Christian family and her father is a businessman.

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well, we do not know much about her personal life and as a teenager about her early relationships or boyfriend is not known maybe it’s a bit difficult since she is taller than most of the boys she comes across, that may be a problem of having long legs.

Maci Currin Net Worth:

Maci Currin is reported to have an estimated net worth of around 221 thousand US dollars. well, this net worth is said to be a result of her earnings from TV appearances and others plus her career as a fashion model and her career as an  Instagram influencer.

About long legs:

maci currin

“It’s crazy. It’s changed my whole life,” Maci Currin who is a seventeen-year-old teenager told about her winning the world record for longest female legs she lives with her family in Cedar Park, Texas.

she also stated that “It’s a little overwhelming, but I want to be able to inspire other tall people.” oh, how sweet! and inspiring wish I had long legs too!

Currin started thinking about applying for the world record when she was being measured for a custom pair of leggings of course she couldn’t fit into any normal-sized leggings. When the result of the measurements came out, it turned out the length of her legs was more than half of her body and  Maci looked up who else came close to that measurement. Currin then applied to World Records, they confirmed that she overthrew the previous record-holder who is a woman from Russia.

Currin’s legs measure about 4 feet, 5 inches each which is less than a foot difference from the average total height for an adult woman in the U.S.and that is 5 feet 3 inches, according to the research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Maci Currin’s incredible statue is said to have many practical implications in everyday life. The teen must get jeans and other pants custom-made. Maci sleeps on a twin XL mattress. She can’t fit into certain cars and has to “manspread” in others and that can be a little overwhelming for a teenager.

Maci Currin stated her problems telling us that “Regular airplane seats are terrible,” she also said, “And the desks at school are just the worst.”

She also revealed that Other children used to bully Currin over her height, but that doesn’t happen anymore as she has gained popularity for having long legs. Maci Currin  described herself as “outcasted” and “I’m not normal and I don’t fit into the groups at high school, so I’m kind of just there doing my own thing.”Maci Currin first noticed she was taller than everyone else in preschool and well Currin never had a single growth-spurt, but consistently grew 4-5 inches a year wow that’s amazing and here we are trying to grow half a centimeter, so sad!

The teen, who believes she has stopped growing, is now taller than her mother who is fie seven, a father who is six feet, and her brother who is six feet four, well her whole family is pretty tall and she happens to have got that tall gene from her family there.


who is Maci Currin?

she is an American teenager who won the world record for longest female legs.

how old is Maci Currin?

she is seventeen years old.

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