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Who Is Berry0314? Controversies, UNTOLD STORY Age, Real Name, Career, Net Worth, Relationship

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A Korean Twitch star, Berry0314 streams gaming through the streaming service of Twitch. She is an online gamer. Online lady gamers are very rare to find and the existence of someone like Berry0314 excites the public.

She has a massive fan following on Twitch and she has successfully forayed into Instagram too. She is active on both platforms.

In addition to her popularity, she is also in the talks for her weirdness and misconduct on the streaming service. Berry wears cosplay and entertains her viewers and interacts with them. During these performances, she gets derailed and does some weird performances. Due to this, she was also prohibited by the app itself.Berry0314


These are however small hiccups and the star hasn’t allowed these incidents to hinder her success. She grows and evolves every day and currently is enjoying her work as time goes.

Here, is more to know about Berry0314. Her Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Career, Net Worth, and much more.

Early Life Berry0314:

Berry0314 is a username. The real name of the Twitch star is Berry. Berry’s actual date of birth is not known to us or available anywhere. However, according to various sources, her birth year is 2000 making her approximately 22 years old as of 2022.


Her zodiac sign is Cancer and her ethnicity is mixed. She follows Christianity as her religion. The birthplace of this twitch star is Korea and she is Korean i.e she holds Korean nationality.

Berry0314 Career

Berry began her career as a young girl walking into this industry. Her age would be near about 18 years. She started as a streamer on the platform Twitch.

On Twitch Tv she streamed gaming which is mainly her interest.

Gradually, she grew herself a loyal fanbase. She has a dedicated viewership. On Twitch she has more than 10k followers. The platform was mainly her claim to fame and this is where people started knowing her.

She has a reputation for her weird antics and chirpy personality.

Her venture into Instagram was also a success where the streamer has over 130k followers. You can find her at @berry_is_blooming. Here, she shares her various posts which consist of her modeling assignments pictures, pictures from a stream, Short videos, and much more.

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She also dolls up often as various characters. One of her recent post had her channel TinkerBell, a famous Disney character.

Berry0314 as TinkerBell

She was also on the cover of Maxim Korea in September 2021 edition.

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Net Worth

Apart from being a gaming streamer on the platform of Twitch Berry has ventured into Instagram and became a lifestyle and fashion influencer. Her fashion sense and style are very fashion-forward. She is often seen wearing clothes from brands like Nike and more. She was also featured on the cover of the infamous subscription magazine, Maxim Korea.

Berry0314 on Maxim

It is apparent that she earns well. Her handsome pay comes from paid posts and endorsements brands in return for promotional posts. Also, she is on the streaming service app Twitch, through subscriptions which is a steady earning.

She has also collaborated with various other streamers and famous names in the industry such as ever-beloved Jacksepticeye.

When she is not creating or posting content on the online platform the 22-year-old is a fitness instructor.

All these add up to the fact that this Twitch star earns very well through various modes. Her net worth is estimated at around a rough $1 million (USD).



The Twitch star is popular for her doll like features!

Berry adorns a beautiful and salacious body type. She is curvaceous and wears clothes accordingly. Her viewers are attracted to her cute persona and salacious body.

She poses for her Instagram in various character outfits, she has till now deceived her viewers as TinkerBell, Jasmine, and many such characters.

Berry does look similar to a doll as if someone has spewed a doll with a life.

She stands tall at 5 ft 5 inches that is 1.65 meters. Berry weighs around 52 kg which is 19 in pounds.

Her body measurements are 32-26-37 inches. Her breast size is 32 C and her waist line is 26 inches and her hips are 37 inches.

The color of her hair and also the length keep on changing every day based on the theme of her post. Sometimes she is seen with Fuschia pink hair and sometimes she turns brunette and on other days she is a blondie.

Her eye color is dark brown. She has a fair complexion. Her shoe size is 5 according to the US shoe size chart.



Who is the Twitch star dating? Is she single or not?

Berry is seeing someone is highly unlikely. She has revealed no such information to her fans or viewers.

Also, there are no sources to confirm otherwise. There is no information on her past partners too.

Her dating life has been as secretive as possible.

Being a streamer and gaming personality normally fans are quick to read between the lines and come up with their own theories. No such theory or rumour about Berry has surfaced as of now.

We don’t know anything about her s*xual preferences too. It might be that her s*xual orientation is straight.

However, we have no source to confirm the same.




As mentioned earlier, though Berry’s viewership is ever expanding she is also reputed for her weird antics. Her Twitch she generally streams and entertains wearing cosplays. Here, she also interacts with her viewers.

Berry0314 on Maxim Korea

It is in between these instances that she strays and does some weird performances. She has been banned a few times by the platform for conducting such behavior.

She is one of the celebrated and decorated stars to come out of Twitch. This Korean however has been prohibited from the app for her bad conduct.

We are not sure how she resolved these differences with the streaming app but she is back on the app for good and her fan following is stronger and bigger.

Frequently Asked Question

Who is Berry0314?

Berry0314 is a Korean gaming streamer. She is famous on Twitch.

What is her Instagram id?

Her Instagram id is @berry_is_blooming.

Is Berry in a relationship?

Berry is not seeing someone and currently is single.


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