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Low stress jobs that exist and pay well even without a degree in USA!

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Ahh isn’t it a dream to have a well-paying job without actually getting a degree? Yes! everyone wants this, don’t they? Now you may be unsure about this and wondering if it’s a scam or not. Luckily there do exit jobs which keep your bank account fed and give you time to relax with yourself, friends and family.

High-pressure jobs can cause so many issues to your body and it’s not for everyone to handle. So we are here to provide a list of not only low stress jobs but also jobs you can get without a degree!

Now, you can’t read this article assuming you can just go in this sector and get a job. You still have to prove yourself by getting low stress jobs. You may not need a formal education to get the job but you still need to compensate for the lack of formal education with natural talents and other skills. Till the time you are showing up and delivering what is expected out of you, you will be loved by your employer. Consistently doing great work is important in all jobs including ones in which you don’t need a degree.

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Some of these may require some certificate which will take months and not years!




    Low stress jobsBeing a travel agent is less stressful, apart from being less stressful, it’s a pretty fun job. All you need is a high school diploma and it pays quite well! For this job, you need to have good computer skills ( be tech-savvy) and efficient communication skills. This role encompasses the planning of trips for the customers. This includes informing and providing the mode of transportation and accommodations, travel dates, and other miscellaneous information such as tour packages. The average income is around $46,600.

  2. Web Developer

This job entails a person designing websites for clients. These clients may be provided by the companies or firm one is working for or you can also be a freelance web developer. Most companies also require a high school degree. If one is self-employed, all that matters is your portfolio.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics roughly calculates the average annual salary of web developers to be around $ 77,200 per year. The top web developers earn even higher than this.


Low stress jobs

If you are a person who has a hand in drawing or painting then you can consider this as a very viable career path. As a fine artist, you can be working as either a professional painter, sculptor, digital illustrator, graphic designer, and much more. In this, the artists manufacture original, novel pieces of art using any medium that they wish to use to express their creativity and emotions. These are not only relatively less stressful but they also pay well. As your work experience and portfolio increase, your income climbs simultaneously. You can get these jobs with a design degree but it’s not at all necessary. If you can show your talents, you can get a job. The average annual salary for fine artists is approximately $63,000.


Massage therapists provide services of massage by using techniques to manipulate tissues, muscles, and joints in one’s body. In the United States of America, it is considered to be the second most popular healthcare profession. This job is one of the quickest certifications you can get that can lead to a job that pays above $75k per year. Not only does this job entail a person to provide relaxation to the clients, but it also gives the therapist a sense of calm and serenity as well. The workplace environment is very relaxing, with scented candles, and is conducted in spas or fitness centers.

The work schedule is very flexible and you can be employed as a freelancer as well. Loyalty is key in this job because if you have confidence with clients, you will continue to earn from your set of clients.

The average annual income for massage therapists is $47,350 and the highest earners can receive as much as $79,150 per year.



Low stress jobs

The job of a photographer is to capture pictures and videos and present a story or message through them.  It is a fun, low-stress job that can pay very well without a degree. You need to have the talent to see the beauty in things and the ability to capture the beauty in small things. This is another area to showcase and exhibit your creativity. To get clients and work with a team, you will need to have good communication and adequate skills pitching your ideas to your clients

To take beautiful and aesthetic pictures, you don’t need any formal education. You just need to know about certain things such as lighting, contrast, composition, timing, etc. You can start this career path by just practicing as a photographer in family weddings, friends’ parties, bar mitzvahs, or maybe your high school dance(if your principal allows).

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  1. Are they any stress-free jobs that pay well without a formal degree?

While there are very limited jobs that will be stress-free, high paying, and unrequited of formal education, there are many jobs you can take up by taking advantage of the skills you possess. These skills result from your favorite hobby such as drawing, photography, playing musical instruments, etc.


2. What are some fun and high-paying jobs?

Some jobs can be fun and pay pretty well without spending money on a bachelor’s degree. For example, you can use your skills in writing to be a novelist or if you have any performing skills, you can be a cruise ship entertainer. If you can sing or play instruments you can be a wedding band group.

3. How is it possible to get jobs without a degree?

There is a very simple reason why such jobs are available. Nowadays everyone is running and working hard to get a degree so that they can choose and go to a career path that matches their degree. This means there is a lack of labor force in certain sectors leaving vacant jobs that no one wishes to do. People often feel these are either insulting or not worth it. People get a sense of accomplishment when they get jobs after hardship ( degrees take time, money, and handwork). Some of these jobs pay well because since there is less supply, they need you more than you need them.


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