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How to lock a Discord channel… A simple guide

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Social media plays a vital role in today’s generation of people. It mainly helps people communicate with people who don’t even know before that. Social media helps in communication with people. One of the social media is Discord. Discord helps people to communicate with their friends and communication. It is a free video chat, voice chat, and text chat app. Most of the people in the US use the Discord app for their communication. It makes communication more easy and simple. This makes people close to each other even at long distances. Read more to know how to lock the discord channel.

lock a discord channel

Discord app – An introduction

As we said, Discord is a voice, video, and text chat app which is completely free. It is used for communication in a very good manner. Discord also has a lot of chat rooms. So, people can choose their chat room according to their needs and wish. It also has private chat. By this, people can share media and other files with people privately.

Discord app

In the chat room, Discord provides a lot of topics and its channels. So, people can collaborate with other people so easily by making any calls. Its low latency voice and video make us feel like people were inside our room. Also, people can communicate with others while playing games on PC.

Discord channel

Discord allows people to create channels. This channel is separated into two types. One is Text channels and the other is Voice channels.

In the Text channel, users can post messages, share files, photos, videos, and all media so that all people can see them. By this Text channel, people can communicate only by their texts.

In the Voice channel, users can communicate with others by both voice and video chat. It doesn’t need to make any calls. You can directly enter into voice calls with others by tapping voice chat. This makes us feel like all people were with us.

Locking a channel

If you want to prevent people from texting or add any massages and media in channels, then you will lock that channel. By making the channel locked, people no longer text or add any messages or send any media or files. It is a great idea that you think that the channel has plenty of information needed and there is no need to add any more. But after locking a channel, users can see the information or messages in it at any time.

permission setting

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Lock a Discord channel on PC

Here is a simple and easy guide to lock a channel in discord. If you don’t already have a Discord app, then install it here. If you already download Discord, then go and search in the Start menu on the window. Now, Open the Discord app. If not found in this, then go and check on the application folder on PC. Sign in on the app, unless you have not signed in yet.

Setting management

  • Click the channel server you want to clock. Servers are represented by a round icon on the left side of the app.
  • On placing Curser on the top of the channel you want to lock, a setting icon will appear
  • By tapping the setting icon, a list of options are appear. On that, ‘Permission option’ also appear as the second option on the left side.
  • Click the Permission, another list of options as ‘Advanced setting’ will be shown. At that, you can see the ‘@everyone’ option under “ROLLES/MEMBERS”. This means that every member in the channel can see and send text or messages in the channel.
  • After tapping ‘@everyone’, another set of options in the name of “General channel permission” was open.
  • Make sure of green tick mark in the ‘View channel’ option. So, that people can know your channel.
  • Disable the other three options such as ‘Manage channel, manage permission and Manage webhooks’ by tapping the red X mark. So that other members of the channel can’t manage the above settings of the channel and the channel becomes locked.

lock a discord app

  • Also, disable the ‘Manage messages’ option by clicking the red X mark.
  • Permit to ‘Read message history’ make sure other members read the contents already on the channel.
  • Disable the other permissions such as ‘Send text-to-speech messages’ and ‘Use slash command’ to lock completely.
  • Save the changes done in the setting. This fully locks the Discord channel and block the messages sent by other users in the channel.
  • There is also an option to make some members allow to send any text or message on the channel.

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Lock a Discord channel on Android

Locking a Discord channel on your mobile is also as same as locking a Discord channel on a PC.

  • Open the Discord app.
  • Touch the server you want to lock the channel.
  • Tap the three dots option which is at the top right of the go-to server setting.
  • Select the channel you want to lock.
  • After this, some setting options are shown.
  • On that, tap the Permissions option.
  • Next, click ‘@everyone’.
  • After that ‘Channel setting’ will appear.
  • At that, other than ‘View channel’, disable all the options.
  • Save the changes by tapping the ‘blue disk ion’ on the bottom corner.
  • With these changes, you can make the selected channel lock.

Private channel

A private channel is nothing but you can chat only with people you want. This channel is not shown to all people. Sometimes we need to talk with people privately. Not all matters are discussed with everyone. So, you can chat privately with people by making the channel private.

private channel


Discord is one of the best apps to communicate with people. It can be used in Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and any android mobile. Discord has around 300 million users. It has approximately 14million daily active users. It is mostly used the app for communication.

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lock a discord channel


1. Can we lock the Discord channel?

By making proper settings, you can lock a Discord channel.

2. Does Discord used for studies?

Yes, Discord also has a separate channel for studies.

3. Using the discord app safe?

Using Discord the app with appropriate privacy settings is safe to use.

4. Does Discord show my location?

No, Discord doesn’t show your location to others.

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