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Minecraft Game : Fixing Its Glitches, Making It More User-friendly

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Anubhav Kumar
Anubhav Kumar
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Minecraft Game Glitches – ways to solve its issues

Minecraft is becoming a first-person context game, that allows the multiplayer to go freely in a giant three-dimensional surrounding. During the game, players excavate the scenery for minerals. Utilize those minerals to make structures and cast the scenery. However, will Minecraft be accustomed to craft communities and minds? In this regard, we want to highlight the big potential of Minecraft for promoting social, collaboration, it’s potential as an educational tool, and to set up R&D to promote technology growth.

Now,  players can access the new launcher which makes these games run more smoothly. Users can get Java edition and Minecraft Dungeons, both on the same platform from where they are playing Minecraft. But sadly, several Minecraft audiences have come up with their errors and issues with the launcher, where the game is unable to start or clashes during the game. Here’s everything you’ll do to mend the issues.

Minecraft gameWays to resolve in Minecraft game:-

Way 1: Again restarting the computer

Switching ON the computer again might work in many technical glitches. It is to again reinstate your computer. And this might be the required solution to resolve your issues. User can shut down their Minecraft. Reinstate their computer, and then resume their Minecraft. That may work well.

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Way 2: Updating the Minecraft game patches


The crashing of the game might be due to the presence of bugs in the app. That is the reason, Mojang always keeps publishing patches to improve the app and fix bugs. You should be setting ways to set up the patches and keep the game upgraded. It helps to solve the issue of bug fixing that is causing the issue in the game. And if someone is using the mods, they can try to bring out the mods, delete them. And again install the upgraded version of Minecraft on your computer.

Way 3: Upgrading the graphics card driver

Minecraft game

An old version of the graphics driver might cause Minecraft to crash on your computer. So it is advised to always upgrade the graphics card driver to the latest version to solve the crashing.

There are two options to upgrade your graphics card driver: 1. by manually and 2. by automatically

To Manually upgrade the graphics card driver – Users can go to their graphics card manufacturer’s website. Search for a suitable graphics card driver, and download it on their computer. This process consumes some time and technical knowledge is required.

Automatically upgrade the graphics card driver – If users are not acknowledged with drivers, they can simply opt for automatically with Driver Easy.
Driver Easy will identify the driver’s state inside the computer environment, and download the suitable drivers for your system. Interestingly, using Driver Easy doesn’t require scuffling. To picturise the Operating System. This can be done without any error from the user. This saves their time and effort.

Way 4: Never tries to speed up your CPU

Forcefully applying to fasten the CPU and graphics memory. To run at a speed than its normal speed rate causes the game to get stuck in between. Every gaming processor comes with a default speed rate. Changing its speed rate causes the game to crash or stuck in between. So, never overclock the CPU.

Way 5: Assemble the suitable settings

Authorizing VBOs for Minecraft becomes the reason for crushing the app. So always inspect the following instructions to turn off VBOs. There are two ways to disable VBOs for Minecraft:
1. By Minecraft app
2. By Minecraft file

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Option 1: Disable VBOs inside Minecraft app setting

While launching the Minecraft, go to setting and click on disable VBOs:
1) click on Setting in-app.
2) click on Video Settings.
3) After that, check settings about VBOs at the base of the menu, then disable VBOs.
4) Finally restart the PC and reinstate the game.

Option 2: Disabling VBOs in the Minecraft file:-

In case, Minecraft crashes while starting the game and the user can’t launch Minecraft. At that moment user can disable VBOs in the Minecraft options.txt file.
1) pin to Windows logo key and R at the same time to start the Run box.
2) Then type %APPDATA%\.minecraft in the Run box, and click OK. Then select the .minecraft folder.
3) In the .minecraft folder, search for the options .txt file, then click to open options.txt.
4) Change the user into false from the true value.
5) Finally save that file. Restart your system, and then reinstate the game again.

Way 6: Allowing Minecraft to run as an administrator

Minecraft may not be efficient to make use of all the resources because of limited access to all features. So, it is necessary to allow to run Minecraft as an administrator. To check that, this can resolve the issue while playing the game.
1) Go to the main directory where Minecraft is installed. And find the main game executable.
2) Click the executable file and then click on Properties.
3) Select the Compatibility box and look over the box next to allow Minecraft to run as an administrator. Select Apply and then OK.

Requirements of Minecraft game

It might be astonishing however, Minecraft can run on very minimum hardware requirements. Minecraft is launched in 2011 and then developed its software for the bug-free app. Already the devs keep upgrading the game with new attributes, which makes touching the nominal or suggested settings mark a necessary step.

Minimum requirements require are:-                                                                         CPU: Intel CORE i3 3210 or AMD A8 7600 APU
GPU: For integrated graphics card – Intel HD Graphics 4000 or AMD Radeon R5 series.               For dedicated graphics card – NVIDIA GeForce 400 Series or AMD Radeon HD 7000              series.
RAM: Minimum 4 GB of DDR3 RAM
OS: 64-Bit Windows 7.
Connection: Active Ethernet or WIFI Connection.
If user hardware description does not match up to the above list then, sadly they will be unable to run Minecraft on the current system.


There are numerous issues on the Minecraft platform that shows, the growing number of users.  This platform requires more research and development in this field. The teams have recognized these issues with the new Minecraft launcher, and are upgrading their software as per user demands. The best suggestion is to prevent using VPNs when you play Minecraft. Regularly keep your game upgraded, and try to stay tuned into the game.

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