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Lets Talk About Some of the New and Cool Hack and Secret Codes in an Iphone!

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If you have ever wondered what iPhone secret codes are and how to use them, then you have come to the right place to read an article! Let us first ask what exactly are iPhone secret codes? This iPhone hacks also frequently called access codes or hidden menus, are used to perform certain tasks on the phone. They are not known to everyone and hence are unique. These codes are not just limited to IOS. Android users also use USSD codes to perform specific tasks or commands.


Given below is a list of iPhone secret codes and hacks which may be helpful to you!! Keep reading to know more.



  1. *#06#

Go on your dial pad and enter the code “*#06#“. After pressing the call button, it will allow you to see the IMEI number of your phone.

credits: www.ihaveiphone.com

2. *3001#12345#*

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To activate the field test mode in your phone, enter the code ” *3001#12345#*” in your dial pad and enter the call button. This mode allows you to access much technical information regarding your network. This includes the ability to find out precisely how strong or weak your signal network is by using the passcode. While some of you may be thinking that “Bars also perform the same function and inform us about the strength of the signal, so why use this code?’ Well to know the signal strength in decibels you use this code. The decibels will let you know the definite intensity.

When you want to return to view the usual bars to see the signal strength, you just need to go back to the field test page and select the Phone on the upper left part of the screen.

field mode
credits: www.beebom.com

3.*31#mobile number

One of the iPhone secret codes gives you a way to hide your caller ID using them. You have to enter “*31#mobile number” on your dial pad and enter the number you wish to call with an anonymity label on the outgoing person’s mobile phone. After you have entered the code along with the phone number of the other person, you can press on the call button and you ID will be hidden.

One important thing to keep in mind about this is that with each country, the iPhone codes vary. For example, in North America, it is 31# or *67 and in Australia, it is 1831.  Find out the code appropriate to your country and prank call your friends today!



If you want to view the account balance on your iPhone, simply open your dial pad and enter the code “*777#“. After you press the call button it will display your available account balance.


Is not tiring to wait for your phone to charge? Well, luckily there is a way to speed up the process a little bit. Just put your phone on an airplane and it will charge faster! Neat isn’t it? All the extra battery that is used when your phone is connected to the Wi-Fi gets eliminated and hence your phone charges faster! Go try it now.



When we take a picture, we always tap on the screen so that the picture comes in focus. This is called adjusting the camera’s point of focus. But the problem that arises with this is that every time you move your camera, the focal point is lost and you restart the entire process. The good news is there is a way to avoid all the extra work. Rather than tapping the screen, just press it for 2-3 seconds until an ‘AF Locked’ box appears. After this, you can move your camera to any angle and any way you want, but the focus will not be lost.



If you are an iPhone user, you are well are of how annoying Siri can be at times. One of the things that every user gets annoyed by is her “known it all ” attitude. She constantly mispronounces people’s names. But did you know that you can change that? Indeed you can. Next time whenever Siri pronounces anything incorrectly, just tell the AI. You can respond by saying, ‘ Siri that is not how you pronounce it. The correct pronunciation is….’
Pretty simple right?
These were some of the codes and hacks which can be useful to you! Do try them out to make your iPhone user experience better and more convenient.


Is there an iPhone secret menu?

YES! iPhone has a secret/ hidden menu that consists of secret codes and hacks. These codes and hacks are defined by using numerical and special characters such as the star (*) and the hashtag (#). When you use these codes it guarantees you special access to some hidden information about your phone that is not normally accessible through the options button.

What is the use of the code *#*#4636#*#*  in iPhone?

This code is part of the secret menu and it is very useful. If you ever want to know if someone who had your phone accessed any apps from your phone despite the apps being closed from the screen, then insert the code in your dial pad and press the call button.

This will show an array of information such as battery information, The statistics of your usage, Wi-fi information, and more

3. How do you use the hack to have Personal vibration?

Yes, there is a simple way to create a customized vibration for a contact person. If you go to contacts and then select the person for whom you are making a new vibration, and then press Edit. Now you will see a Vibration option. Exploring this option lets you create a new vibration. This was you can find out who is calling you without doing the additional effort of taking the phone out of your pockets!


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