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List of hardest UG degrees In world (2022)

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Do you know which undergraduate degrees are the most difficult? You might think of some STEM Courses. Yes, you are correct; it is there in any case. And a lot of others too.

We’ll talk about the most difficult degree courses in this article. This post is not intended to scare you. It all comes down to how enthusiastic you are about what you want to learn. Go ahead and do it.



You might be curious about the factors that make a college degree the hardest. It isn’t determined by any specific metric or set of criteria. Typically, the entire amount of time spent preparing for class is used to estimate it.  Additionally, the time spent by undergraduates in degree classes doing schoolwork and reading for tests. These are some of the factors used to determine which degree is the hardest.

According to the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) report in 2016 proves that the number of hours every week of undergraduates usually spent getting ready for class.

Moreover, Other institutions, websites, and organizations may also consider a degree to be difficult based on other characteristics, such as an increase or drop in a certain degree’s GPA.

# 1. Architecture


In terms of duration of study and potential, architecture is as difficult as a medical degree.

Designing and manufacturing structures, as well as studying architecture’s history and theory, are all part of an architecture degree. Math, physics, plan measure architectural theory, and a few more courses are necessary for this degree.

Undergraduate architecture students spend 22.2 hours each week preparing for classes. As a result, this degree is regarded as one of the most difficult.

# 2. Chemical EngineeringDegree

Chemical engineering is the hardest degree since it combines the two most difficult topics, math, and chemistry. This degree also necessitates the ability to learn and think in new ways, as well as foundational skills.

Chemical engineering entails the development, transportation, and design of synthetic chemicals. Working at chemical plants is also a part of it.

Chemical engineering graduates spend 19.40 minutes preparing for their coursework.

# 3. Aero and Astronautical Engineering

The field of aeronautical and astronautical engineering focuses on the construction of aircraft and spacecraft.

Aero Engineering is primarily concerned with the creation of airplanes for use in the earth’s atmosphere. Astronautical Engineering, on the other hand, is concerned with the development of rockets for usage outside of the earth’s atmosphere.

Aero and Astronautical Engineering students prepare for class for roughly 19 hours and 15 minutes per week.

# 4. Biomedical Engineering

Students of biomedical engineering have to understand the science of medicine in more detail than most doctors.

Biomedical engineering is vast and involves using the principle of medicine and chemistry to create quality products for medication and medical care.

Students of Biomedical spend less than 19 hours each week preparing for their classes.

# 5. Cell and Molecular Biology

Cell molecular biology combines both biology and chemistry. It has an extensive syllabus, lots of lab work, challenging concepts, unfamiliar vocabulary, and lots of things to memorize.

This degree requires courses such as Chemistry, science, math, biochemistry, marine molecular ecology, ecology, and immunology.

Undergraduates dedicate around 18 hours and 40 minutes


# 6.Physics

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Most people find Physics hard is because it includes a lot of math. In physics degree, Undergraduates learn quantum physics, power, magnesium, vibrations and waves, thermodynamics, and gravity.

Physics graduates spend about 18 hours and 30 minutes each week preparing for courses.

# 7. Astronomydegree

Astronomy is one of the advanced branches of physics. It involves study of clouds ( planets, space rocks, and stars) also things related to supernovae and dark openings. Understudies in astronomy should take courses in calculus, math, software engineering, physics, astronomy, cosmology, and planet geology

Students dedicate about 18 and a half hours each week to getting prepared for their classes.

# 8. Petroleum Engineering

In petroleum engineering students become familiar with the extraction and creation of oil and gaseous petrol. This course includes properties of petroleum, energy, and environment, chemistry, repository geomechanics, calculus, geography, science, physical science, and petrophysics.

Petroleum Engineering degree spends around 18 hours and 24 minutes a week preparing and doing assignments.

# 9. Philosophy

Philosophy is an extremely difficult degree, because of the abstract of its concepts. It is a study of the nature of existence, knowledge, truth, and ethics. Likewise, deals with a lot of other things like the realm of the known universe, etc.

Students have to learn the complex ideas of the most famous philosophers in history. It is one of the challenging degrees because it questions absolutely everything.

# 10. Fine Arts

Fine arts involves a great amount of work, and this degree is difficult. It’s a challenging course. Only 14% of applicants are accepted into Oxford University’s fine arts program.

Fine arts students should devote hours to developing an artistic concept. This degree takes a significant amount of effort and imagination. Likewise, written notes and essays are included as part of the work that the student has created in Fine Arts.

# 11. Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering necessitates the use of abstract reasoning. Furthermore, it is involved with the study, design, and use of electrical, electronic, and electromagnetism-based equipment, devices, and systems.

Despite the fact that the student spent roughly 4-6 hours each week on the course, which is less than other degrees. The most significant part is the practical application and critical thinking.

This is the finest degree for you if you are a big fan of mathematics subjects like trigonometry and non-linear maths.

Finally, if you are passionate about one of the above-mentioned degrees, it may appear exciting, hard, and gratifying. Go for it.

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  1. Which is the toughest professional course in the world?

Ans. The Top Toughest Professional courses are:
1. Engineering
2. Chartered Accountancy
3. Medicine
4. Pharmacy
5. Law
6. Architecture
7. Business Studies

2. What are the toughest exams in the world?

Ans. Some of the Toughest exams are:
1. Gaokao
2. IIT JEE (Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination)
3. UPSC (Union Public Service Commission)
4. Mensa
5. GRE (Graduate Record Examinations)
6. CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Exam
7. All Souls Prize Fellowship Exam
8. Master Sommelier Diploma Exam



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