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PSU Tier – Complete overview & Guide

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If you talk about chapter gaming, all your computer requires is the unsung hero, the power supply in the old generation, and in this era, you need something more powerful. In any PC build, the Power Supply Unit plays the most crucial role that speeds the CPUs, hard drives, and others. In this case, PSU Tier may not provide a high frame rate but still, it is the most essential in terms of making your computer give so much to look into.

PSU Tier

Once we hear out the features and the specialty of any PSU, we would think of getting one to our PC, but most of us are stuck on which one to buy. Hence, this article will help you find the best PSU tier list 2022. Here, we are going to discuss all the information and major and minor details about PSU Tier and particularly about the best PSU topping the market in 2022. 

PSU Tier 1

Here we go for those who find budget-friendly yet powerful Tier lists. The units in Tier 1 are lower in price still provide extremely powerful performance with great reliability. This is one of the best tier lists when it comes to approaching better performance with expensive components of powerhouse equipment.

PSU Tier

Another special feature that Tier 1 holds is its size, it gives more space that enables the user to move in other internal components with power requirements. Adding on to this most requiring feature, it is the best low-price Tier with wise performance that one could afford when they are on a significant budget to buy PCU.

PSU Tier 2

The Tier 2 PSUs are more affordable compared to other Tiers. It has extreme quality in functioning and also with all the updated features. Those champion gamers who are long in service must try this Tier as it is made for them. With its price range, those veteran builders who are looking for a budget-friendly yet supreme quality PSU can give this a try for a wonderful experience.

Power supply

As it is a perfect fit for those experienced gamers, the new bees who are buying PSU for the first time should think twice before giving it a try as it may not be the perfect one they are looking for. It might cause trouble when it comes to performance for the fresher hence finding the best fit would work for them.

PSU Tier 3

Tier 3 PSUs are reliable power in price and powerful performance. This is also one of the listed powers that provide excellent services at the budgeted price. Two things one might look for while buying PSU with their PC are excellent performance without any bucks or cliché when in over usage with affordable cost. Hence the Tier 3 list below fulfills all these requirements from the user.

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PSU Tier

Tier 4

PSU Tier 4 is defined as an average grade in terms of price and also in performance. PC that is urging to have a PSU would be recommended to get PSU Tier 4 as it has no particular or special features to be provided yet an acceptable performance would be received with an average price that one could afford. This model is one of the most convenient Tiers that show bearable approaches. But it is not fit for those who expect performance excellence.

Tier 5

When you buy PSU Tier 5, your PC’s CPU or GPU must be expensive with supreme quality. As this Tier holds the budget-friendly option, its performance is down the expectation. Also, it might trouble the PC if the components such as the CPU are less expensive.

PSU Tier

Despite the cost and the performance are not under expectation, any gaming champion who is addicted to gaming can get all the benefits that are being provided by the Tier.

PSU Tier 6

The PSU Tier 6 approaches the most basic and unessential function. And that is where it defines the total function of the Tier. We have to tactically handle this tier as it works under the budget. It works in good quality. But at the same time it may not give the expected result, hence purchasing of this tier has to have Clear budget knowledge. And also the rating knowledge. Mostly this tier holds below 80 ratings and barely reaches on or above 80 ratings.

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PSU Tier 7

The PSU Tier 7 has the lowest functionality of all the Tiers in the market. So it doesn’t deserve to be sold in the market at all. The cost of the Tier is too much to be sold for as it has no beneficial usage that deserves this cost and is likely to be demanded to reduce the cost of the tier in the market as it asks more than it deserves. No one would recommend this Tier to their PC. Because it is a waste of money and a spoiler to their PC.

Need of high power supply

The power supply is one of the important things to check before buying a PSU. Gaming will be exciting if you have a High-end Graphics card. That graphics card is being defined by the power supply to your PC. Your gaming experience will be enhanced to an exciting quality if you prefer the best power supply. This will keep your graphics card at the high end. If the user failed to find the best power supply that is required to keep the gaming experience. Also the life of the PC. This might lead the PC to lose its strength, speed, and frame rate. 

Power supply

So, let’s discuss what is the required power supply when it comes to gaming. Many modern gaming systems with a 6 or 8 core CPU and a mid-range to high-end graphics card should get by with a 650W-850W power supply, with 750W being a long-time sweet spot for gamers. More powerful hardware requires higher wattages, especially if you plan on overlocking.



By concluding the discussion on the PSU Tier list and its details. Efficiency, stability, safety, and component used factors are the major components that one must know before choosing a PSU. So it will help the user to get the elegant performance and no trouble to PC. They should also be cautious about ratings. You should go for the ratings like 80+, gold, titanium, Silver though few are not rated with any of this yet provide good performance.



  1. How is PSU rated?

Based on the efficiency, PCUs are rated.

2. Is EVGA a good power supply?

Yes, EVGA is a good power supply.


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