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Platinum End season 2 Release date: Maybe a piece of bad news to the platinum End fans

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About Platinum End season 2

Platinum End season 2 is one of the most awaited seasons. It may be a chance for The Platinum End season 2 released in 2022 but some manga artists think that there will be no second season.  Whereas the first season of Platinum End was released in 2021 and consists of 24 episodes. It attracted audiences just above the average and the rating was 6.6 out of10 n IMPD, the web series is available on the websites Crunchyroll released an English dub of the anime series.

The storyline of Platinum End season 2

Platinum End discovering one another’s identities is a crucial part. Platinum End follows the story of Mirai Kakehashi, who lost her parents and lived with his abusive aunt and uncle. The abused Miral has lived through hell and can’t take it anymore after dealing with his abusive aunt and uncle. He decided to put an end to his life but before anything happens guardian angel Nasse shows up and saves him. Nasse told him she has the power to get justice. Then Miral deserves justice from his aunt and uncle who were responsible for his parents’ death. The guardian angel Nasse revealed to Miral that God retires in 999 days as one of the great ones got chosen to be the replacement and other angels would kill to be the next god Miral was left with no choice with the garden angel and get the position by not killing anyone.

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Even the most intense action scenes in Platinum End. Are driven by the thought process and dialogue instead of the action more often than not. There’s a lot of text, characters thinking about their next move and pitting their plan against someone else who’s been plotting something else. Platinum End always feels psychological, even if it’s as simple as a standoff between potential gods. The end of the platinum end has none of that and is simply reduced to philosophical ambiguity. Platinum end attempted to live up to a legacy too great to follow up, or perhaps because asking: what if A god of the new world was chosen?

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Unfortunately, there may be no second season of Platinum End because the anime adaptation is slated to completely adapt the original manga series. This was first reported by the anime and manga news Twitter page. Manga more in June 2021 who stated that the television series would adapt the whole story of the platinum and manga began serialization in February 2016 and released its final 14th volume in February 2021 which is expected to be adopted by the launch of episode 24 in March 2022. While there is always the possibility that a single MD the production company behind platinum end could continue the series with an original storyline this is exceptionally rare in the anime industry. This adds to the view that the manga had a solid conclusion meaning there is controversy about needing an anime original ending and no open ending that could hint at a second season. Overall, the platinum end anime adaptation has generally received well by fans domestically in Japan and internationally, but the series has some rather disappointing ratings on various user-based websites. The Vast majority of user reviews behind rather underwhelming airing on the side of wasted potential

Frequently asked Question

Is Platinum End getting a Season 2?

Unfortunately, there will not be a season 2 of Platinum End because the anime adaptation is slated to completely adapt the original manga series by Tsugumi Ohba.

Does Mirai become God?

In the end, Mirai Kakehashi does not become God. Fans of Mirai can rest assured, though, that it’s not bad news for him. After the new god has been selected, the remaining god candidates that are alive return to normal lives, with the world’s memory of the content removed.
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