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Painter of the Night Chapter 99 Release Date, Cast, Storyline : All Updates

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Yoon Seungho is intrigued when he hears about Baek Na-paintings, yum’s. When Seungho finds him, he claims not to be the painter, so he slashes his aide with a katana sword for allegedly lying. Because he can’t tell who’s telling the truth now that he’s passed out, Seungho has Na-kyum brought to his house. When asked if he is the painter, Na-kyum carefully denies it, but Seungho begs him to stay and produce more art depicting him in intimate situations with others. Seungho observes that he has both eyes and all ten fingers, so he doesn’t understand why Na-kyum can’t paint, but he could certainly offer him a legitimate reason.

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Na-kyum is a talented young painter who specializes in creating sensual images of males. He has decided to stop painting, despite having released a few volumes under a pseudonym. Then Seungho, a young nobleman, enters his life. Na-kyum is forced to work as Seungho’s personal painter, a hell-raiser notorious for his ravenous desire. The evenings that lie ahead for Na-kyum, on the other hand, are beyond his wildest dreams…

Dukjae’s murder mystery has yet to be solved. Everyone believes Lord Seungho is the murderer, and Painter of the Night Chapter 99 will reveal any evidence.

After learning that Dukjae was murdered and that others are accusing Seungho of the crime, Baek Na Kyum is greatly concerned.

Na Kyum is devastated by the death of one of his close friends, and he is even more shaken now that his current love partner is being implicated in the death. Is it likely that Na Kyun and Seungho will be able to return anytime soon?

Heena also informed Na Kyun that Seungho had been hiding all of the letters she had written him and that Seungho had most likely prevented them from reaching him. There are several mysteries.

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RELESING DATE Painter Of The Night Chapter 99

To get answers to all of these questions, we’ll have to wait for the raw scans to be released. Painter of the Night 99 raw scans will be available around March 31, 2022.

The series was originally published by Lehzin, and the manhwa is even available in English.

CHARACTERS OF Painter Of The Night Chapter 99

Yoon Seungho ,Baek Na-kyum, Lee Jihwa, Yoon Seung-won, Deok-jae, Meumyeong,Heena.


1)Release Date of Chapter 99

Painter the Night 99 raw scans will be available around March 31, 2022.

2) Who are the main characters in the painter of the night?

Yoon Seungho ,Baek Na-kyum, Lee Jihwa

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