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Twenty-five Twenty-one Release Date Confirmed! Cast, Plot, Latest Updates

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Yi-jin and Hee-do take a step back from their intimate moment, stare at each other, and softly converse. Before walking her home, the journalist swiftly deflects from the incident to discuss the fencer’s bruise. As they stand outside Hee-house, do’s she expresses her dissatisfaction with her friend’s lack of romantic feelings by asking if this kind of love is acceptable. “I’m more concerned about whether your toe bruise has healed, and things like that,” Yi-jin says, later leaving Hee-do to wail as she turns and scurries up to her door uncontested.

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Reading about this in the present upsets Min-Chae, who questions Yi-audacity. Jin’s Then we’re transported to the past, where we see a distraught Hee-do.

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Hee-do reflects on the start of the new year, how the Y2K anxieties were quickly dismissed, and how, while she can laugh off the “millennium bug” of an expensive late fee for an unreturned book, she can’t do the same with her own personal one. When Ji-woong phones to request that the group have a party, she’s alluding to the kiss, but solemnity is quickly exchanged for a chance at youthful enthusiasm (his mother is leaving the house for a while).

As a result, the group congregates outside the school. Seung-wan, on the other hand, detects something is wrong with Hee-do, pointing out that she appears to be depressed. Fortunately, Yu-rim offers some consolation in the form of the fact that the fencer met her goal.


tvN has published a series of preview clips ahead of the premiere of episode 14 of Twenty Five Twenty One.

Twenty Five Twenty One.

In one scene, Na Hee Doo and Baek Yijin go hand in hand to greet their pals. Hee Doo is too good for Yijin, Yurim asserts, but Ji Woong disagrees, claiming that Yijin isn’t too good for Hee Doo since hyung (brother) is too attractive.


1)Streaming Information for Episode 13 of Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Viewers will be able to see Episode 13 of Twenty-Five Twenty-One on Netflix, the show’s international broadcaster. The show is also broadcast on tvN every Saturday and Sunday in South Korea.

2)The Release Date And Time For Episode 13 Of Twenty-One Twenty-Five

On March 26th, 2022, at approximately 3 p.m., Episode 13 of Twenty-One Twenty-Five will be streamed (GMT)

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