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Google home to control your smart home

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Google home in your Smart home

Routines make it easy to control multiple smart home devices with a single command. Plus they are getting better full stop at first you have to pick from prepackaging options. Firstly, you have to customize the command that activates the routine and add any element you want to- including podcasts, smart home controls, music playlists, and calendar updates. Routines are getting more advanced, as you can now train your smart lights to come on gradually leading up to your scheduled wake time.

What is Google home?

The smart speakers for the search giant were designed to compete with the Amazon Echo. The Google Home can assist while driving vehicles- Google’s voice-activated visual helper that is connected to the internet.

The Google home is always listening to its environment ,but it would not record what you are saying or respond to your commands unit you speak one of its pre program wake words like “okay Google” or “hey Google”. Exactly like “Amazon echo” it’s Pre programming is “Alexa” or Apple’s “Siri”.

What are the devices available?

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We have three current smart speakers. Google Assistant which is accessible on your Android phones, the Google nest Mini squeezes all of the smartness of an original into the smaller more affordable packages. It replaced the Google Home Mini too. Google Home Max put Google smart into the speaker design to deliver premium sounds.

All the three speakers can be exist in your Google Home app if you set up all the three devices to Google home and they all respond to the same way words and respond to your back.

How to set up Google home? 

The first basic of you need is your own Wi-Fi you’re also going to need your smartphone and your smart text of choice. Now you have to get a Googleness Mini or any Google smart speakers which are powered by that Google assistant,  the same Google Assistant you are already familiar.

To get started the first thing you need is to go and download the Google Home app which will allow you to set up manage and control your smart home products. Once installed open the Google Home app and press the plus but at the top of the page and select set up device from there and follow the screen instruction and you can find it automatically. So now you are Google device is been selected and ready to use.

And now give your device for a name that’s easy to say and move it to its designated room in your Google Home app to help voice commands roll off the tongue “Hey Google “.

If you long-press on the device you will then see the full control of each gadget. Cosmetically, these new titles also have round corners that are more in keeping with other material elements than the previous Google home design.

You will have to enter the Google Home app to get to this control but this newly redesigned home page should make it far easy for you to control your gadgets in one place without having to tap through multiple menus to find each piece of Smart home equipment. Then you will rank Google Home among the best Smartphone apps for Android and this new update should make one of your top picks even easy to use.

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