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The Switch’s Latest Update, Version 14.1.1, Is Now Available (Version 14.x)the Patch Notes May Be Viewed Here: Nintendo

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A new update for Nintendo Switch is now available, bringing the system up to version 14.1.1. While Nintendo has made some interesting upgrades in recent weeks, this one is about as little as they get, essentially improving the system’s stability.

The business hasn’t said exactly what’s changed, but it’s safe to assume that if anything big has changed on the console, fans will find out immediately. The following are the complete patch notes from Nintendo’s official website:


14.1.1 version (Released April 18, 2022)

Improvements to the overall stability of the system to improve the user experience.

That’s pretty boring in the broad scheme of things, but maybe these tweaks help improve the console and keep things operating smoothly! Since its release more than five years ago, the Nintendo Switch has been a huge success, selling millions of units globally and generating substantial software sales.

The Switch’s success has sparked a surge in franchise interest not seen on prior systems. This year is shaping up to be even better for the platform, with highly anticipated titles like Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Splatoon 3, and Bayonetta 3 on the way. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 was supposed to be out this year, but it was reportedly postponed until early 2023.

The Nintendo Switch console gained a long-requested feature earlier this year: the ability to arrange games by folder. That feature, which allows gamers to make their home screens a little more orderly, was added after fans pleaded for it for years.

Other improvements that fans would want to see include the opportunity to download other themes in addition to the ones that are now available. Themes were major popular on the Nintendo 3DS, so fans were expected to see them on the Switch as well. For the time being, Nintendo Switch owners will have to wait!

Nintendo has just started distributing firmware version 14.1.1, so it’s time to update your Switch once more.

NVIDIA’s RTX 3090 Ti, Massive production of 16GB GDDR6X, Better Performance

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The patch notes are brief because this is a minor update. “General system stability upgrades to enhance the user’s experience,” Nintendo merely says. The Big N, as is customary, avoided getting into specifics.

The 14.1.1 update for Switch comes after the release of version 14.1.0 earlier this month. New “Platinum Points Notification Settings” were added to that one, allowing users to be notified about unclaimed points in the My Nintendo rewards program.

download from google.

Version 14.0.0, released in March, was the most recent significant firmware upgrade for Switch. Groups, Nintendo’s answer to folders, were added as a result of that one. This function allows you to organize and arrange apps on a specific portion of the Switch home menu. More information, including the version 14.0.0 patch notes, may be found here.

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