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“Youtuber ProJared”: Youtuber ProJared cheats on wife Heidi O’ferrall and has accusations for making underage fans send him nudes! Click to know more!

Jared Knabenauer is a quite famous gaming YouTuber who, in his videos, makes reviews of gadgets and video games. His Youtube channel's name is...

“ProJared’s Wife”: Learn about Heidi O’Ferrall’s life, her divorce with ProJared, and more!

Anyone who watches YouTube and has been a regular viewer since 2010 knows who ProJared is. Last year, ProJared was involved in a lot...

What allegations were put up on Knabenbauer by his wife? What happened afterwards?

The well-known gaming YouTuber, Jared 'ProJared' Knabenbauer charged with forcing underage fans to send their nude photos to him. But this is not the only...

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