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Let’s see how “Dua Lipa”, “Camila Cabello”, “Zara Larson” and “Selena Gomez” answers The Internet. What kind of questions did they face? Click here to know in detail.

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It is of great pleasure to watch your favorite celebrity answering your questions, comments, and tweets regarding themselves. A similar instance happened when Selena Gomez, Dua Lipa, Camila Cabello, Halsey, and Zara Larsson responded to the internet, about questions asked by fans based on their tracks, followers, and every single detail associated with them. They answered a lot of questions on a wide variety. Although questions become a little complicated sometimes and uneasy to answer, let’s see how our favorite stars handle the same.

Answering the questions:

American-Cuban singer-songwriter faced the same dilemma however, she tried her best not to disappoint her fans. When confronted with a question like “will you and Shawn Mendes be my mom and Dad?” The Camila replied send me your fostering application and we will look into that. Another user asked her about the famous Amusing kiss. Would she and Shawn kiss like a fish generally? She replied with a No.

Soon after, Camila talked about her dry solitary long spell during her late teenage years stating that her CD was influenced by its very first severe connection.

Questions to “Selena” and “Dua Lupa”:

The question then shifted to all-time famous singer Selena Gomez with a follower asking her to wed him and meet him at the same instant. In the reply of which Zara Larsson comes to aid by offering him some dating pointers advising the ladies to enter the DMs, which according to her is not a one-way road.  Selena is again faced with a question about what makes her so excellent? The actress replied saying it is a bit difficult and uncomfortable for her to answer, besides, she doesn’t know about it.

Known for her ideal looks, “New Rules” singer Dua Lipa who has appeared in several events, faced a similar question about why she is a queen-looter? She responded simply by saying she is not!

A Good tweet:

Answering fans through the internet is the best way through which a star can understand her fans. Such things keep happening from time to time. It will be a wonderful thing for us to see them again responding to tweets. However, some tweets are idiotic questions that become complicated to answer. It is, therefore, necessary for fans to ask reasonable questions to celebrities.

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